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EPA chief McCarthy apologizes after saying Alaska moose meat gift ‘could gag a maggot’

From the Wall Street Journal, on EPA chief Gina McCarthy’s comments while in Alaska meeting with Bristol Bay tribal groups about Pebble:

She has been surprised by the government’s ethics bureaucracy and its gift guidelines, remarking how officials chased her down for a dinky North Pole pin someone gave her at an event (“I threw the f—ing thing away,” she told them), and for a jar of moose meat that “could gag a maggot” she accepted from a little girl during a hearing in Alaska.

McCarthy offered an apology to the Alaskan delegation of the National Congress of American Indians at a conference in Washington, D.C., who appeared to grudgingly accept it.

GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s campaign used the comments to bash Begich. “After 5 years in the Senate, Senator Begich’s inability to educate his democratic colleagues in Washington about the uniqueness of Alaska continues to be on full display,” Sullivan spokesman Mike Anderson said.

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