Eyewitness comes forward on ‘Palin brawl’

Eric Thompson was having fun with friends and his wife at a party in South Anchorage on Saturday night. Thompson, who is 56 years old, was the designated driver for the evening, so he wasn’t drinking. But that was okay with him. He was among friends. It was a birthday party for twins Matt and Marc McKenna, who own McKenna Bros Paving, for whom he works as a project supervisor. Marc is an Iron Dog snow machine racer. Other snow machine racers were said to have been there also.

The party was at Korey Klingenmeyer’s house, who is the office manger at McKenna Bros. According to Thompson, Klingenmeyer is a very large, muscular guy, “super easy going, and super friendly.”

Most of the party was outside. A live band was playing. People were dancing. Thompson noticed two girls wearing sunglasses walking with an unusual amount of confidence around the yard. He only noticed them because of the sunglasses. That was odd, because it was at night. His wife told him it was Bristol and Willow Palin. “Does she think she’s Marilyn Monroe?” he said to his wife about Bristol.

Todd and Sarah were there also. Todd races in the Iron Dog. According to another witness, Palin wore platform high-tops with the American flag emblazoned on them. Track Palin was there and so was Bristol’s son, Tripp.

They had all pulled up earlier in the evening in a stretch Hummer limo. It was also Todd’s 50th birthday.

He, along with the McKenna brothers and Klingenmeyer’s son, who was also celebrating a birthday, were brought in front of the band. Everyone sang Happy Birthday.

It wasn’t long after that things started going horribly wrong, according to Thompson and a handful of others interviewed for this story. Screams erupted. Profanities spewed. Fists flew. The Anchorage Police Department was called. The APD released a statement on Thursday, confirming that multiple people were involved in the fight. “However, at the time of the incident, none of the involved parties wanted to press charges and no arrests were made. However, the case is still an active investigation and is being reviewed by APD and the Municipal Prosecutors Office. Alcohol was believed to have been a factor in the incident. Some of the Palin family members were in attendance at the party,” the statement said.

As I had reported a few days ago, multiple accounts say that it started when Track confronted Willow’s former boyfriend, Conner Cleary, who was there with his father Steve and his mother Melissa. Thompson didn’t see this part, but other witnesses, who didn’t want to be named, say that Conner and Track fought on the front yard. Steve tried to break it up. Todd jumped into the mix and began to choke Steve.

After that ended, Conner, Steve, and Melissa Cleary huddled together close to Thompson, who spotted Bristol and Willow from a distance, walking straight towards them with purpose.

“They were on a b-line, coming straight at Melissa,” Thompson said.

The owner of the house, Klingenmeyer, was trying to head them off at the pass. He approached them and told them to leave. Bristol, according to Thompson and other witnesses, planted her feet, “stood straight up, brought her arm back and cold-cocked him right in the face,” Thompson said.

And then she did it again, about six more times, before he pushed her away, and she fell, and Todd appeared.

“I was thoroughly amazed at the restraint Korey showed. He’s a total gentlemen,” Thompson said.

Another melee. This time Sarah got involved and began to scream profanities at everyone. One source, who didn’t want to be named, said that she was “nearly crawling on top of people,” trying to get into the scrum.

As these things go, that also broke up, and the Palins were asked again to leave. They piled into the Hummer, but not until Track stood out in front of the house, inexplicably with his shirt off, his middle finger raised at those who were also leaving.

Then the cops came, and took statements from about 10 people, including Thompson. It’s unclear who called them. Thompson thought it was the Palins.

“It was a really nice, mellow party,” Thompson said. “Then it turned into the Jerry Springer show.”

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154 thoughts on “Eyewitness comes forward on ‘Palin brawl’

  1. Amy

    To the many people at work and around town who have asked if the above comments is mine: NO. It’s AMY CARROLL with the same name.
    Amy Carroll (from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Juneau Alaska)

  2. Rusty

    In fact we are better off. Show me a part of the economy that is not growing. Have you noticed the stock market? Housing up. Unemployment down. Jobs: 10 million and growing. Gas prices at the pump at the lowest in since 2004. Would you prefer we be under the Bush Doctrine (ask Sarah Palin about that?)? Fact is the right has no arguments on the real issues. Obamacare is a success and even the GOP is admitting they will not be able to rescind the Affordable Care Act. Maybe you could try “facts” to back your position.

  3. brian

    Don’t know why Bristol Palin, or for that matter any siblings named Kardashian, Hilton or Osborn, matter at all. They are all non-special children of wealthy parents. None of them have any brains or talent. Why does the media devote so much time to them?

  4. Undergraduate

    Oh, right. Instead we have the most incompetent, dangerous, psychopathic “president” and his profligate family ever to infest the White House. America is in shambles, getting worse, and the braindead Ubamazoids continue to “believe.” Why we’re way better off, aren’t we?

  5. Anonymous

    “walking with a unusual amount of confidence”.. Wth??! Oh yeah, that witness sounds completely unbiased and impartial. It’s obvious from everything he said that he didn’t like the Palins already, which I’m sure colored his accounting of the incident. But whatever, people who dislike the Palins will believe it was all their fault and people who like them will believe they did nothing wrong. Although most reasonable people will admit that the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

  6. kansas93

    Thank you God, thank you for not putting this classless clan into the White House. Divine protection. I can’t even imagine the shame this family would have brought any American intelligent enough to feel embarrassment.

  7. Nilan25

    Trog started the whole thing. Then Brisket the fat one(visibly drunk according to witnesses) started wailing away on the host which I surmise was a distraction so Brie could start lifting wallets and rifiling purses. Brisket’s son Polevault was sleeping the whole time in the Hummer (trashy) limo. That is when Money Boo Boo went all ” Do you know who I am?”.

  8. Saundra

    Talking about “fair”, oh she will get a real fair deal on the fair and balanced Fix News…LOL LOL!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Again, stay home on election day if this is all your mind inquries about. You are the troll looking for gossip. Grow up.

  10. aloha43

    “I also don’t see the Palin’s side represented here. How is that fair?”

    WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE PALIN’S SIDE OF THINGS?? When she is guilty, she says NOTHING. Which is what is happening here. She only tried to lie by saying she was “traveling” when the brawl happened.

    If you don’t want to read what is said here then WHY are you here.

    Inquiring minds want to know. Your mind is closed.

    Go away troll. (Or Sarah….LOL)

  11. Anonymous

    You posted 4 blog posts on this non-story, including your “Loose Lips” blog post on it. There are 123 replies to this post. By contrast, there is only one post loosely about ISIS and there are only 4 replies on the critically important, far more interesting subject of our Congressional delegation and candidates’ responses to Obama’s non-policy ISIS speech. What does that say about this writer’s priorities? What does it say about the mentality of the readers here?

    The alleged ‘brawl’ reported mostly in sketchy details by all but one un-named source, is not only biased reporting, but it it is also not journalism. It’s tabloid trash. I also don’t see the Palin’s side represented here. How is that fair?

    Please do us all a favor and stay home on election day. If this is what brings you all out in droves, instead of educating yourselves about world events and who is the best candidate to work to protect us from this evil, then you have no business voting. Voting is a right. But, it’s also a privilege and something not to be taken lightly.

    Wake up, people. There are innocent Americans and allies being taken hostage and beheaded. Obama is golfing and you all are ranting about Palin’s family. Wake up!

  12. Bristle

    That thing about Track removing his shirt-any episode of the Jerry Springer Show can explain that move. Every time a piece of white trash attacks someone they rip their shirt off first.

  13. Anonymous


    At least I speak and write English properly. You should have had a comma after shadenfreude to separate the two thoughts. 😉

  14. Anonymous


    I’m sorry I had one too many ‘u’s. My German is a little rusty. How many languages do you speak? It’s likely only one. You proved my point with YOUR shadenfreude. Vultures, all of you. How many of you are without faults or sins? Throw the first stone. Oh wait, you’re already stoned her. The last time I checked, Jesus is the only one without sin.

  15. John

    “it’s a tight world here dude. If you posted a video, you might as well move out of town.” LMAO Well, you’d certainly be equipped to do it with the MILLIONS of dollars you would make selling the video. Jeez, they supposedly paid a million for that Bieber racist rant video, and nobody over 20 years old even cares what he does. A video of this would be the lead on every single national news network for DAYS after it was released. NOBODY would refuse to show it for fear of having to move. LOL

  16. John

    I am SO glad you specified their injuries. Now that we know they are things that can’t magically heal at home in a few days time, all we have to do to confirm all of this is go to the Anchorage hospital where they were treated and interview the hospital staff about their treatment. Of course Bristol’s hand will be in a cast or splint for the next month or so, so that will be easy to see the next time she is out in public, and the broken teeth and noses on the guys should be very obvious too. So we should all know the next time any of them are photographed if any of this is true, or if it is all BS. You would think if the former governor of the state was in a huge drunken fight with dozens of people and several dozen witnesses, maybe one of the local TV stations would have sent a reporter to the scene of the crime WHEN IT HAPPENED, since it would have taken the police hours to take all those witness statements and get ambulances for all the injured…

  17. Garand Fellow

    Years have gone since the Palins called me. But I am empathetic. Last month was tough and therefore I don’t blame them for wanting to deck a few people. Sarah Palin was on the wrong side of Ballot Measure 1. Now Bill Walker has tossed Craig over the side.

    So if they did call I would console them. At current oil prices SB21 is bringing more state income than ACES would have, so Alaskans chose correctly. If Walker and Mallott won there would be no role for Mallott but Craig would be F&G commissioner and predator control would be stepped up from Barrow to Klawock. More likely, Walker and Mallott will both lose and implode as a team, and Sarah’s Lt. Gov. will remain governor. In 2 years Obama will be looking to be a television host and author, and he will find Sarah beat him to the punch. The Palin star remains high in the sky.

  18. Anonymous

    How is this newsworthy? Why did you write about it? It’s shocking that you had 103 replies, more than I’ve ever seen on here. Shaudenfreude at its worst.

  19. LIZ

    One doesn’t need to have knowledge about your town to know that none of you except for Eric Thompson has enough to guts to stand up and tell the truth, and that all of the rest of you ALLOW the Palins and their henchmen to push you all around and threaten you. It IS a two way street. Time for you to get mad as hell and push back.

  20. Jim

    Only if she wore two bags over her head. Talk about erection killer. Ain’t nothing couger-ish about this stupid hag.

  21. Amy Carroll

    I don’t think the “Right” is panicking. At least in Alaska we are not. Governor Palin couldn’t get elected dogcatcher in Alaska. Her reputation has been soured for a long time.

    Instead of coming home after the 2008 election, knuckling down and getting back to the work of governing the state, she came home and verbally brawled with Levi Johnston and anyone else who criticized her justly or unjustly. Nothing was beneath her notice. Then she wrote her book and quit her job to cash in on her then popularity and fame, thereby making a lot of money. Then she decided to prostitute herself and her family on a variety of reality television shows.

    Governor Palin could have followed the path of Reagan and studied and commented on important political and social issues. If she wanted to be on television she could have taken the Huckabee route and created a program in which she devoted herself to discussing social and political matters of importance to conservatives. Instead she and her family have behaved like cretins. The conservatives in Alaska have known this for a while, so Amanda Coyne’s story certainly doesn’t surprise me or any Republican I know. I definitely don’t feel panic.

  22. Joanne

    it’s a tight world here dude. If you posted a video, you might as well move out of town. But, someone might be daring enough to post it. It only shows your lack of knowledge about this town that you posted that.

  23. Blobby

    That was exactly my thinking- “pics or it didnt happen”.

    There are cell phones everywhere these days (how many Fergeson videos do we have) and yet no one has anything of all of this remarkable brawl that must have gone on for awhile. Doesnt that strike you as odd?

    And where are the pictures of all these supposed injuries? You claim that Todd was tending a bloody nose, yet no one bother to snap a pic in the subsequent days?

  24. Naked Mabel

    Nice to see you on CNN this morning, and surprising as well. Too bad it was for this. Our politics have have been interesting and historic with the merger.

  25. crystalwolf

    The RIGHT is in panic mode b/c their “christian” angel has be rudely knocked off her pedestal (be her own Hillbilly family and herself) and they are trying to spin this any way they can. Especially in light that the Palin mafia had a guy fired for reporting this to news “Do you know who we are” was a message to Alaskans as much a the Turkey massacre was: STFU or else. Well thankfully EVERYONE even FOX news is reporting this and can’t wait for the video to show. The Cat is out of the bag!
    Reports included that Bristol has a broken hand, and warrior body Trackmark got his A$$ kicked twice with FOUR broken ribs along with one of “Two tone’s” veneers got knock out not to mention Shiners for all of them except sarah.
    Invoking Obama’s name or anything else will get you nothing but LOL’s EVERYONE is one this Story!!!

  26. Ziggy

    Quite an interest forum. Corral the crazies to their own special corner of the internets. Like the designation of “gender” … are they certain they are male? Spending most of your time polishing a gun instead of your 1″ micro-phallus must count for something I suppose.

  27. Phylis

    The Palins’s are the ones with hooded sheets. Hee-Haw, lifestyles of the Wasilla hillbillys. Isn’t Wasilla the meth capital of Alaska? Passing around the pipe in the back of the Hummer to celebrate Todd’s 50th? Nice of Todd to celebrate it with Track, Truck, Tuck-Tuck, et al., instead of a working girl. Sarah must be simply unbearable as more of the menopause symptoms surface, like loss of facultities. She must be simply unbearable now. Thank Allah she was rejected from the national stage. We all dodged that bullet.

  28. Anonymous

    You’re a really special type of person. You have an irrational hatred for people that you’ve never met who live thousands of miles from you simply because you don’t agree with their politics. You’re the new puritans, nobody is allowed to disagree with your twisted worldview or you’ll mess with their lives.

  29. steve

    i think the point of this comment is that it is a GROSS exaggeration of what may or may not have happened!! If it happened the way this Coyne person reports it, then there would ABSOLUTELY BE VIDEO OR PHOTOS of the incident.

    I heard from a guy, who heard it from someone who did not want to be named, that she heard from the family dog that Sarah Palin was wearing some killer shoes!!

  30. John Adjemian

    Boy to people hate the Palin s.I however would allow sarah to seduce me as long as she uttered only incoherent sounds.

  31. Anonymous

    All Y’all hold hands talk trash and sing kumbaya. I’ll take the Palin bunch at my back while y’all scramble around looking for your heads……….

  32. jwest

    I’m seriously considering moving to Alaska.

    With the technology I have (the ability to take photos and video with my cell phone), it appears I would be considered a god or perhaps an alien from an advanced civilization.

    I also possess the business acumen to know how much I could sell pictures of Sarah Palin and family piling out of a Hummer limo with sunglasses and platform shoes, let alone video of Todd choking someone or Sarah shouting “Do you know who I am?”.

    It’s understandable that there aren’t any pictures of this incident. How could anyone get the Palins to hold a pose while the flash powder was loaded and the lens cap removed for the exposure? Sure, if this had happened in the lower 48 almost everyone at the party would have recorded all of it, but in backwoods Alaska, capturing images in a little box is still considered witchcraft.

  33. Anon

    Wow. You Americans dodged a bullet with this one! What a “there was a time” of a woman, your own real life Beverly Hillbillies. smh

    Wow. You Indians have stopped any number of bullets since the Brits left. From Nehru to Modi, India remains in the bottom half of the GDP per capita standings, despite a really intelligent population, and major infrastructure investments by the Brits during the time of the Raj. Maybe you could import someone like Palin. You could hardly do worse.

  34. Fintan Oflaois

    When the septuagenerian cancer survivor John McCain’t ran for prez, he wanted the hillbilly Sarah Palin to be his running mate, thereby running the risk of her being only one heartbeat away from having her finger on the nuclear button. America and the world dodged a bullet when Obama won. Phew!

    The trashy Palin family really demonstrate the wisdom of the saying “Put a beggar on horseback”.

  35. Katy

    OMG! I’m surprised Sarah Palin didn’t wear those ‘high tops’ while she was campaigning! Their hidious, haha!! Just like her!
    Guess the Palin family showed their true colors (no pun intended, haha)! To think this woman could have possibly become our V.P. at one time is frightening! I firmly believe the Repubs thought they had an “ace in the hole” when they announced that Sarah Palin would be John McCain’s running mate. Too bad it all backfired on them – THANK GOD!!
    Sarah Palin hasn’t been out of the news media since. She’s one of the biggest attention whores I’ve ever seen. It’s sickening, and should be embarrassing for the GOP. She’s an idiot, and her entire family seems to follow suit on that.
    Sarah, please, for the love of God, STAY HOME IN ALASKA, WE DON’T NEED YOU DOWN HERE IN THE LOWER 48 PIMPIN’ YOURSELF OUT! I’m SICK of hearing your name every time you show up somewhere on some media report!! Get over it, YOU LOST!

  36. Liz I.

    Children? Children? LOL! Track Palin is 25. Bristol Palin is 23. Willow Palin is 20. They are adults. The only Palin “child” involved was Tripp, allegedly 5. He was, by all accounts neglected, abused and traumatized (again) that evening. Calling out his mother’s behavior will, it is hoped, finally get him into a stable home.

  37. Terry Ott

    And then, to underscore your point, there was Spiro Agnew, and John Edwards, and Al Gore, and Dan Quayle, et al. We are so fortunate as a nation that VPs Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Gerald Ford were the ones to answer that call to the Presidency when it came to them. One day our luck may run out. God forbid


    Bristol is too violent and dangerous to be in custody of Tripp. We all must call. We could very well be saving Tripp’s life. Dont think about it – EVERYONE MUST CALL NOW. SAVE TRIPP’S LIFE NOW!!!! Plus if she was on drugs or does them, CPS would love to know. DRUG TEST BITCHSTOL.

  39. Pete

    Correction, I hate to tell you but It really doesn’t look like the left is in panic mode again based on this news story. However, based on your comment, it looks like you are a Sarah Palin sycophant falsely accusing random people of attempting to smear Sarah Palin because you simply can’t handle the truth about your hero!

    You must be desperate to continue living in your mythological Palin fantasy world/alternate reality to create such an elaborate conspiracy theory. At the time of your posting neither Steven Colbert, Bill Maher, or John Stuart have mentioned this story about Sarah Palin and her family. Accusing them of being” bent on destroying her” and “back in War mode” is something only a crazy person would dream up. Thankfully most people are sane and they recognize the difference between fact and fiction. Unfortunately you are insane and you’ll always be in the minority, living in denial, creating conspiracy theories, and paying $9.95/month to watch the Sarah Palin Channel. Because nothing says propaganda like creating a “news” channel featuring content provided by Sarah Palin, from the view point of Sarah Palin. She’s fighting for Freedum at any cost! Specifically the cost of $9.95/ month for anyone foolish enough to buy her BS.

  40. Marty

    Announcing Her Highness, the Ignorant Saragant and her court of dumbies, jokers and idiots.
    I hear it was a flashback that made Todd snap. Had someting to do when she was a tv sports reporter and was attracted to basketball layers. Maybe that explains the high tops.

  41. F U MCCain

    Did you skip the part where Todd Palin tried to choke a man who was trying to STOP Track from fighting?
    Did you skip the part where Sarah was “climbing over people” to get IN a fight?

    …Did you also skip the part where it said Tripp was there? Instead of staying home with her son OR leaving him with a babysitter Bristol brought him to a party where SHE ASSAULTED another person?

    And her brother assaulted a person?

    And her father assaulted a person?

    And her mother TRIED her best to assault someone, anyone!

  42. Max

    I guess the old standard of not using the children of those we dislike to score points against them has been relegated to the dust bin of history.

  43. Amy

    You could tell from his interview that Eric Thompson is just a straight up guy telling the truth. I can’t believe he was fired. It’s SO wrong. Amanda, can you be sure to report that he was fired? That will add fuel to the fire for this story—-keep it alive. Also, we could start an online campaign to give money to Mr. Thompson. I’m not sure how to do that. Anybody out there know how? I would gladly contribute. This too would make news and keep this story in the spotlight. Maybe people would finally see this woman (Sarah) for what she is- —-a grifter.

  44. Gadid Gal

    No surprise that Track started the brawl. His violent temper is well known – that is a fact that can easily be checked by looking at his hockey playing history in AK high school. He was extremely talented, but so inclined to lose his temper and viciously attack other players that he was thrown off several teams. Track had a choice to go to a juvenile detention center or into the military. He chose the latter, thereby becoming another prop for $creech to use as a grift tool. Bris-dull’s cold cocking will go over big at the Tripp custody hearings going on this week. What a pack of losers. Not one of them has a job.

  45. Moudsie

    quick go turn on the radio and TV and get your next comments from Rush and/or Faux News–the left is scared? Silly girl–of the Palin tramp and her gang of thugs–I don’t think so–Breeding shows–and they have no class whatsoever.

  46. Leif Fearn

    There are so many villains in that comment that one has to wonder about all those voters who put them in office and about so many who look at that family and laugh. No one hates Sarah Palin. No one hates the local zoo’s bonobos, either. And “conservative?” Good gracious! There hasn’t been an authentic and practicing conservative on the national scene since Barry Goldwater. Conservatism rests on 300 years of philosophically, politically, and economically complex thought. My guess is that Sarah Palin’s never even heard of the shoulders on which conservatism stands.

  47. faboofour

    “Alaskan’s” what? What is this “Alaskan” supposed to be owning? That sentence doesn’t even make sense!

    Anyway, yeah, right: “LIEburls don’ got nutten bett’r t’do but spread LIES ’bout pour mizzen Palin, out uv a clea-ah blue sky, guess cuz she ain’t been in the newz lately.”

    Got “newz fer yer”, genius: nobody in the lower 48 even cares about what happens in Alaska unless “miz Palin” and her clan of inbreds do something stupid. Then we laugh and laugh, not just at her but at the knuckle-draggers who “defend” her with paranoid craziness like this while we down here send our tax dollars up there because you can’t survive without federal assistance (http://247wallst.com/investing/2010/08/31/the-states-where-america-spends-the-most-and-the-least-per-person/)–which we don’t mind since we believe it’s our duty to take care of the mentally disabled.

  48. Procyon

    What is it about the phrases “multiple accounts” and “eyewitness” that confuses you? If any response to this post seems “spit flecked” it is yours. It seems that as the greater public learns the truth about this family of fakes that you will have to confront your own illusions about them also… And that scares you.

  49. John Smith

    Well Amanda, now I know what you mean when you said chasing a story on Sarah is “a rabbit hole every time”.

    For those who are coming onto this site and seeing this reporting for the first time, I would like to clarify something for you (particularly those of you from the lower 48). It is actually possible to be a conservative and also be critical of Sarah Palin. I know, I know; you believe that if anyone criticizes her then that person is automatically a liberal democrat or a progressive socialist. Simply not true. In fact, her favorability rating in this state (a very red state as you know) is only 36%, while her 55% view her negatively. We know her better than you do and we have earned the right to be critical. Many of us do not see her as a conservative, but as a fiscal liberal and socially conservative. Please, do not assume that just because many of us are critical we are out to get her and part of some conspiracy. She has been out of office a long time and anything that comes up about her (such as this) is of her own doing and no one else’s. Oh, and by the way, if you knew the Iron Dog cadre of people, you would not assume that it was their doing either.

  50. brbr2424

    As a fighter, you seem to be familiar with the apparent term of art “cold-cocked”. Most people are not familiar with that term. Just because the witness didn’t use that phrase correctly as it is understood in the boxing world doesn’t mean he didn’t witness Bristol punching the guy. His description was very helpful in understanding the situation. I took it to mean she walked up to him cold and unprovoked, punched him, as opposed to throwing punches in a fight that was ongoing.

  51. chiefkurtz

    ‘Cold cocked’ does not mean knocked unconscious. Cold cocked means to strike in a manner that was unprovoked and unexpected.

  52. Brenda Alterio

    You said it Samir Patel, you said it! To think how low the republicans would go just to keep a black man from becoming our President. SMH indeed!

  53. Steve J.


    What is it like to hate people so much that you lie about everything related to them and their family?

    As soon as they are convicted in a court of LAW I’ll believe your hate filled spit flecked nonsense.

    The BEST thing about the Palins is how they drive you dain bread libtards more INSANE!

    BTW morons, most Alaskan’s would think smacking down somebody who messed with OUR sister is a GOOD thing!

    Hit that nogoodnik sumbeeyach a couple more times sister!


    GOOD stuff!

  54. Julie

    Come on! Didn’t even one person at that party have a cell phone to record the ‘festivities’? Or will it come out at a later time?

  55. crystalwolf

    Umm last I heard she still was in office. In fact its Perry who may be impeached of course trolls get there storys a bit mixed up. If you recall Perry abused his power, wow, woW! It just came to me like Troopergate! And now a man got fired for speaking out about a PUBLIC incident that been reported worldwide and reported to popo?
    hmmm who could of wanted him fired? Oh yes Todd the PIMP palin that’s who.

  56. Susan

    The left had nothing to do with it, probably weren’t even invited. And to be harassed because she is “over the target” would mean anybody even cared what she is saying. Just so you understand: the left didn’t make this up, didn’t invent it and all it would take would be an outright denial, which we are not seeing, to stop it.

  57. Canuck

    Has she’s fallen so low that now she’s looking for brawling credentials with the Duck Dynasty crowd to grift off them? Making her way to the bottom!

  58. crystalwolf

    Her book is excellent!!! Very excellent book that didn’t get enough press when it was released…read it.
    LMAO at the trolls here “the Left is in panic mode” spin,spin spin for their queen teabag…lol NO the LEFT is in PARTY mode b/c the whole country is seeing just what a jackass Sarah is not to mention the pimping Hillbilly family!
    Now if AK kicks them out…where will they go?

    I hear Putin needs a another pair of jeans…maybe HE will take her!

  59. JethroBodine

    Though you, Ms. Amanda, continue to be that bright, beautiful salmonberry adding color to the alpine slopes. Thank you for your work.

  60. Anonymous

    Bristol, according to Thompson and other witnesses, planted her feet, “stood straight up, brought her arm back and cold-cocked him right in the face,” Thompson said.

    And then she did it again, about six more times, before he pushed her away, and she fell, and Todd appeared.

    ‘cold cocked’ means to knock unconscious…. if she punched him 7 times in the face (an assertion as a fighter I find laughable) he was not ‘cold cocked’, unless the ‘witness’ meant to say she sat on his chest after he was down to deliver the other 6 blows….. if this turns out to be BS, which seems likely, can we expect as hasty a retraction?

  61. harry

    Looks like the left is in panic mode again.Maybe they will get another one of their running dogs to rent the house next door ,and watch her with spy glasses like they did before.Or send another army of Obama’s legal dupes to search thru her rubbish .They might even get one of Eric Holders stooges to hack into and publish all her private e-mail ,like they did before.Why not ? The sniveling littel creep,son of a liberal congressman,got off with a slap.
    Propaganda mavens like Steven Colbert ,Bill Maher,John Stuart and a host of others bent on silencing her,are back in war mode.
    She must be over the target to be taking so much flack.And she must be hampering the
    Obama ,Reid,Palosi ,Holder regime’s drive to capture the moron vote ,like they did before. I know they are out there,I can see them from my house !

  62. JethroBodine

    darn they are a blight on the hillbilly code — don’t they know how to act in proper society? Just who learned these Pailn$ their manners? And so we know, in the universe of Palin$ it’s very unpatriotic to walk on the American flag but perfectly fine for $ara to strut like a catwalk queen in the American flag — her hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    Now it’s reported she’s apologized to America over the 2008 POTUS loss. Not sure WTF she’s spewing about (which is normal) but she’s boldly ignorant thinking she ever had a chance, thinking America gives 2-spits, and thinking that their loss wasn’t a DIRECT result of her being on the ticket.

    $ara continues to be one of the most arrogant ignorant idiots to blot our conscious being.

  63. Everybodhi

    Why did Track start the fight?
    Did abstinence as birth control fail again and is there another out of wedlock pregnancy in the Palin clan?

  64. claire

    This reminds me of the time Todd and Bristol (or was it Willow) harassed and intimidated that teacher in Homer because she was in her own yard with a banner that read “Worst Governor Ever.”

    When a public figure can’t take criticism from constituents and sics her thugs on them, that’s when you know the person has no business holding office. Servant’s heart? Not even close.


  65. corrcolleen@gmail.com

    Ask your governor why he refused to participate in the health care exchange and medicaid expansion programs thus severely limiting Alaska’s choices and competition among insurance companies.

  66. AJD

    Yes, Amanda, thank you so much for all your time and effort spent recently to expose the Palin’s. I have been following this lazy, grifting, hate-filled family ever since the 2008 Presidential campaign brought Sarah Palin to the limelight. Let’s hope the main stream media reporting continues and also includes (1) Sarah’s fake pregnancy with Trig…which is one of the biggest political hoaxes ever and (2) Todd Palin’s occupations as the shadow governor behind his wife and pimp. Suggested reading–“Boys Will Be Boys” by Shailey M. Tripp with Vickie Bottoms.

  67. Lynn Willis

    This is a fascinating process to watch. Palin article has now spread to the national press. Her shirttail has been caught in the gears of the press machine; however, did she intend that to happen?

  68. texasace00

    I’m glad this story broke for another reason; I found Amanda and will read her book. You have another fan now Amanda, keep up the great work!

  69. texasace00

    Rosemary is a fine DA, and one of a handful of Texas prosecutors who had a DUI and paid their dues. Perry is like Palin in a wig but worse, you insult a fine public servant that just made a mistake, like all humans do. Palin family are grifters and crooks

  70. crystalwolf

    Shots fired?
    Are you on crack? You have to be, “great merikan family”! White trash! Klan! Or you are one of them, is that YOU trackmark?
    STFU troll!
    your queen is toast. wait for the video.

  71. Anonymous4

    Eric is a decent and good man. He’s truthful and the kind of guy that you can depend on. Just saying.

  72. Ciskoe

    Another liberal smear of this Great American Family. The proof? Nowhere in the police report do we see the words “shots fired”.

  73. Pammie

    Great work.. now get to work exposing how she was never pregnant with that last child. I have seen photos of her before the delivery and she WAS NEVER PREGNANT. What a FRAUD!! thanks, Pam

  74. Hedgewytch

    Klingenmeyer is a really nice guy. So nice that I doubt he’ll press charges – but I wish he would.

  75. A. Nonymoose

    With all due respect, I don’t think the Kardashians deserve to be slagged by being connected/compared to the Palins. Most of them (Kardashians) graduated from high school, have jobs and can speak the English language.

  76. Liz I

    Thank you, Amanda. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to expose the true nature of the Palin collective.

  77. Mae

    Moral of the story, don’t date a Palin girl.
    Leave them alone, for it is God’s will.

    “I tell you folks, these people are a joke.”
    (Actual bumper sticker seem about Wasilla)

    And those shoes? Good grief someone tell the quitter they are tacky and just plain old gross.

  78. Palin is a fraud

    Palin: Quitter. Liar. Hypocrite. Ignoramus. Grifter. Incompetent. Fraud.

    Sarah Palin is the biggest hoax in American political history.

  79. Desertmer

    I think these stories are important to report and thoroughly investigate when they involve a person that is or was attempting to hold office – particularly higher office. Why? Because everyone of voting age ought to be forced to pay attention to the quality of character of the people they may elect to represent them. We should know every gory detail of their foibles and issues. How they respond in many situations. The fact that this ignorant and poor impulse control family got so close to the Presidency is truly frightening.
    AKeep up the good work Ms Coyne . This clan may yet have some kind of aspirations to importance and we need to be kept fully aware so people do not allow their re-ascendancy to anything resembling power or influence.

  80. Stephen Luft

    Thank you, Amanda, for continuing with this story. Doing the legwork and uncovering the true details for this story is excellent journalism experience. This is an excellent chance to showcase your skills to national media pros who are paying close attention to this work. A good choice to give this story priority, both for your career and readers.

    Dog bites man is not news, but man bites dog is! A former GOP VP candidate behaving like this is so unusual, disgusting, etc. that is HUGE news. Take it an run with it. So us what you got!

    This fraud [Palin, her mythology] needs to be exposed so that the USA is never but under the risk of somebody like her being elected to high office.

  81. Jerry

    Sarah’s disrespect for America & Old Glory is intolerable, as represented by her magazine cover shoot & her choice of shoes. She & her family are a disgrace to America.

  82. Lynn Willis

    Is there another kind of Gold in Alaska? I would assume this was photographed and the sale of those photos/videos is going to create a wealthy Alaskan.

  83. CIP

    You’ve done incredible work, Amanda, thank you for exposing what many of us have known for years and thought would never come to light!

  84. Samir Patel

    Wow. You Americans dodged a bullet with this one! What a “there was a time” of a woman, your own real life Beverly Hillbillies. smh

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