GOP Senate candidate Sullivan will now debate fisheries in Kodiak

After facing criticism, including by this writer, for skipping out on one of the most important debates of the election season, GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s campaign released the following statement today, saying that he will now face Sen. Mark Begich in  the Kodiak debate on fisheries on Oct. 1:

With the limited time between the primary and the general election, Dan has an aggressive travel schedule and was initially going to be in Bethel on a multi-day swing through southwest Alaska during the Kodiak debate. Dan recognizes the importance of Alaska’s fisheries, and our campaign has rescheduled our southwest swing to ensure that Dan could make the debate. Dan looks forward to a healthy exchange of ideas with Mark Begich on the future of Alaska’s fisheries, and is excited to attend the debate in Kodiak.

Rep. Don Young and Democratic challenger Forrest Dunbar will also debate fisheries on the same night, after the Senate debate.



6 thoughts on “GOP Senate candidate Sullivan will now debate fisheries in Kodiak

  1. Mae

    I seem to be getting under a few folks skin… Hey, I can’t help it if L48 Dan is soooo lower 48-ish.

    As for L48 Dan finally stepping up to plate and debating Alaskan issues, in a Alaskan town… Bout time.

    I’m just wondering who stuck the branding iron to his Ohioan arse and told him to quit avoiding Alaskan issues? Maybe his Ohio company, the one that sells farmed Atlantic salmon, told him to check out the fishing scene in Kodiak? Who knows? What changed in L48 Dan’s mind and he decided to attend the debate. He heard Kodiak fish was better than farmed Atlantic salmon? Who knows…

  2. Lynn Willis

    This senatorial campaign should not be about Obama’s issues only. Commercial vs. sport; resident vs. non-resident; U.S. vs. foreign fleet; population sustainment, harvest management including bycatch and other issues demonstrates that Fisheries is a big deal in Alaska; therefore, Sullivan should not have had to be prodded to attend, if for no other reason, than to learn even more about these issues.

  3. Peanut Gallery

    I can’t decide if Mae is a paid Begich staffer, or a liberal internet troll who owns 9 cats and sits at home hitting refresh on Amanda’s blog to “copy and paste” the same anti-Sullivan propaganda on every post. I suspect the latter.

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