GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan hits the airwaves

GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan is on the air with two ads this week, his first televised broadcast ads of the campaign. The first, below, highlights Sullivan’s experience in the military, as DNR commissioner and attorney general. The second, narrated by his wife Julie, highlights a more personal side of the candidate. See that one here.

In the meantime, the pro-Begich super-PAC, Put Alaska First, disclosed on Friday that it was spending another $72,613 to extend its most recent ad questioning Sullivan’s Alaska residency. The ad is working, according to Jim Lottsfeldt, who runs the super-PAC. “If we’re doing it, it’s because it’s a good idea,” he said. This brings Put Alaska’s First total spend to date at $758,994.


4 thoughts on “GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan hits the airwaves

  1. Valdez Free

    Impressed with his military service. There are two candidates in the race with military service – – Joe Miller and Dan Sullivan. Still not sure which of the two will get my vote.

  2. OPENG

    These are two good ads. Sullivan’s wife is pretty darn attractive. I did notice that in the ad where she’s featured, the audio and video are sliightly off. It’s a little disconcerting and probably needs fixed.


    It’s about time that Sullivan hits the airwaves. His campaign organization and their implementation of a campaign has been anything but well run. The campaign was clearly suffering from a candidate who has no electoral experience and a campaign manager with equal , if not less, acumen. Lately, however, the campaign is starting to come alive, albeit in little steps. I’m told credit goes to a new political operative that was brought in to pick up the pieces and get things organized. Rumors suggest that the RNC demanded that he get an operative that knew what to do instead of the incompetent campaoign manager that was running thongs and is still such at least in title. From observing, I believe that Sullivan is taking too much of a laid back approach. Time will tell

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