GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan raised $1.3 million in first quarter

GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan says that he raised $1.3 million in the first quarter of 2014, leaving him with just under $2 million cash on hand. Sen. Mark Begich says that he raised $1.05 million during the same period, and has $2.8 million cash on hand.

The official reports are due to the FEC on April 15.

In the last two quarters, Sullivan has outraised Begich by about $700,000. The campaign said that it has “quadrupled our small donors to over 1,000 this quarter.” The campaign hasn’t said how many of those donors are Alaskans. In the last fundraising report, Sullivan’s campaign didn’t list the names of donors who gave less than $200.

Sullivan has been crisscrossing the state and the country raising money, helped in no small part through his family connections, his D.C. establishment credentials, and the fact that the RNC appears to have anointed him the candidate.

“Our growing momentum highlights the increased frustration with the fact that Mark Begich is a rubberstamp for President Obama’s liberal agenda, supporting his policies 97 percent of the time,” Sullivan said in a statement first given to Politico.

Neither Joe Miller nor Mead Treadwell, the other two Republicans running in the race, have released their numbers. Neither are expected to do nearly as well as Sullivan. In the last quarter, Treadwell only raised about $228,000. He had $95,000 in cash on hand, but he also had debts of $141,000. Miller only raised $30,490 in the last quarter.

Remember, though, Miller hasn’t officially kicked off his campaign, and he will use Sullivan’s money-raising prowess against him, which will likely have some effect among his tea party following. Already, Miller is saying that Sullivan “is just another big government crony capitalist,” and that his campaign is funded by “international finance,” and those who advocate “corporate welfare.”

According to Miller, those donors include former Chairman of the Board of the New York Federal Reserve, the CEO of Rockefeller and Company, the former President of the World Bank, and “numerous Goldman Sachs executives.”

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11 thoughts on “GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan raised $1.3 million in first quarter

  1. SQ

    The fact that Treadwell hasn’t released his numbers shouts one thing : He has had ANOTHER miserable quarter and has failed to raise any amount of money worthwhile. He needs to think about what he’s doing besides helpoiing to insure thay Begich wins. Treadwell is a huge disappoointment to many of us.
    Dan Sullivan is the only hope of taking Begich out.

  2. tony

    Has anyone heard what Treadwell has raised ? His campaign seems riddled with problems. Unless he raises close to a million this reportable quarter, which seems highly unlikely, given his poor performance to date, he should think about droppiong out of the race. Also, curious to know if he could still consider running for the job he is currently in.

  3. Jon

    The Katie John case was filed long before he was AG. Dan did fight federal control of navigable waters in Alaska – under the statehood act Alaska was entitled to title to navigable waters. The Feds disagreed. The battle was over control over navigable waters – it wasn’t about Katie John.

    Moreover, as AG Dan is required to uphold and enforce the Alaska Constitution as interpreted by the Alaska Supreme Court. Your problem isn’t with Dan, it’s really with how the AK Supreme Court has interpreted the constitution re equal access to wildlife and fish – which for the record I think was wrongly decided.

  4. Mae

    Oh, so as attorney general L48 Dan didn’t file to fight the Katie John case. Hummm. The public record on this must be wrong then?

    Look L48 Dan did file that brief. And now I get to remind the world that this cretin was, is and will never forget he once lead the charge for the state and against The Katie John case.

    Did you know Fran Ulmer voted against subsistence in the 1992 state legislative session?

    L48 Dan probably doesn’t want his actions on this too known in rural alaska. The more he “covers” it up or ignores it, the more power his opposition has.
    I mean seriously, what idiot leads the charge for the state and against rural people needing food in times of shortage? AND expects it not to be forgotten?

  5. doug

    This is going to be a heck of a race between Begich and Sullivan. In many ways, I feel sorry for Treadwell as he is starting to look pathetic. No money. Can’t raise money. Campaign manager quits and goes to another race out of state. His communications guy then quits and leaves the state too. Right now, the Treadwell campaiign has one worker who is acting as the prress secretary. Got to wonder how much longer he’ll stick around. Either he’s unemployable and doesn’t have options or really likes Mead and is willing to go down with a sinking ship.

  6. Mae

    L48 Dan believes in times of wildlife shortage, that rural Alaskans don’t count.
    L48 Dan is against subsistence.

  7. Art

    The endlessly inflammatory rhetoric is not helpful to the process. Begich and Treadwell supporters have fanned these flames but Sullivan has not. Lt Col Dan Sullivan is just a remarkable guy with a family and a record that makes it pretty hard for anyone to make attacks stick. How about we toss the trash and elect the class.

  8. Kevin

    At the end of the day, Miller’s probably right. Dan’s a crook. He can’t buy Alaska with Alaskan support so let’s look toward mommy and daddy. We’ve done well in our state running ourselves, the last thing I want is the creature spawned in the beltway ruling over litigiously when he doesn’t even know the plight of us Alaskans.

  9. 357

    Sullivan is clearging as the only Republican who will have the capacity to successfully challengge Begich.
    The fact that Treadwell is till in the race suggests that he has little political acumen or has decided to be Beich’s Best Fried (BBF). Treadwell is a phoney dunce – – he talks about his conservative values; yet, he is doing more to help Begich than his most liberal supporters. I have lost all respect for Treadwell. To me, Begich and Treadwell have many of the same characteristics.

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