GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sullivan’s new heart-wrenching ad

Here’s GOP U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s new heart-wrenching 60 second ad. It features Wayne Woods of Palmer, whose son Shane died in Iraq in 2006 while serving in the Army.  In a release, Sullivan’s campaign said that Woods approached Sullivan about making the ad “because I know he is the right man for the job, and this is the time when we need him most,” Woods is quoted in the release as saying. 

Woods and Sullivan met shortly after Sullivan announced his candidacy and Woods has been a big supporter since. He attended a Veterans rally for Sullivan in March and told me then that he supported Sullivan because Sullivan shares his son’s values. It’s a line that he also uses in the ad.


24 thoughts on “GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sullivan’s new heart-wrenching ad

  1. Milton Friedman

    No, it’s an accusation. You are accusing a decorated senior marine corps officer of exploiting the death of a service member and his own uniform for political gain. You have said it twice now. It is an accusation based on your feelings and no testable evidence. You are a despicable human being and have no honor. Making such outrageous claims, without any evidence, shows a lack of character, judgement and empathy. You have no place in politics or in a leadership role. Go away.

  2. Stockholder

    If one used just a little bit of critical thinking… one would not endorse Sullivan. The neocon Bush administration- which Sullivan was a part of- pushed for a war against Iraq. Recall that Iraq had done nothing to the United States. Recall too, that Iraq did NOT have any WMDs.

    Now, lets do the body count for a war that the neocons caused. Over 4,000 Americans dead. By some estimates over one million dead men, women, and children in Iraq.

    This guy’s kid would NOT have been killed in Iraq if the bloody fools in the Bush administration- which Sullivan was a part of- had done their job. The Bush administration, along with the fools in Congress did not even bother to read the critical intelligence reports that were prepared- such as the National Intelligence Estimate prepared exclusively for Congress. Only eight members of Congress even bothered to read it. Eight! One would think before going to war one would at least complete the due diligence. Lives being at stake and all that.

    As a veteran I am appalled by the actions of the US government that needlessly caused so much death and destruction.

    I will never, ever, ever support Sullivan. I hope he loses. The only reason we even hear this much about this loser is because of the millions of special interest dollars pouring into Alaska from LOWER 48 interests.

    That Alaskans could even be thinking about supporting a guy who has been a part of TWO failed administrations (Bush and Parnell), who has only lived here four years, and gets his money from the Lower 48… its just sick.

  3. Anonymous

    I am embarrased by and feel that Mark Fish has stepped over the bounds of decency. No wonder he has no support and his candidacy is being looked at as a joke by the public. He is doing a great disservice to the party he claims to be trying to build.
    Another thing Mark, a parent NEVER stops feeling for the loss of a child. Never.

  4. Milton Friedman

    That is quite the accusation. Leaves a lot to judgement without evidence. I am a little taken back by it actually. I thought you were a better man than that. Then again, I guess I judged without evidence as well. Based on this evidence, I guess you are not the better man.

  5. Rhetoric Nerd

    Have always loved Dan and still do. DAN SULLIVAN for US SENATE! Amazing and creative and touching commercial. I applaud for creativity and the pathos used.

  6. Mark Fish

    It was Dan Sullivan’s choice to air this ad. Mr Woods is obviously still grieving the loss of his son and looking for ways of honoring his sacrifice. Even if Mr Woods approached Sullivan, It’s my opinion Dan Sullivan exploited that grief for personal gain. Just as he exploits the uniform he wears as a reservist. It not that I or other Senate candidates cannot do the same but so far others had the sense and decency not to. As a side note I do not think it is wise to try add meaning to the sacrifices of the dead by sending more soldiers needlessly to their death.

  7. Garand Fellow

    This is a great ad. It does speak to character rather than to an issue. I am sure that the coming debates this fall between Sullivan and Begich will allow us to hear both men articulate the issues.

    Mark Begich has a 6 year record yet I cannot say I know where he stands on most issues. He voted for ObamaCare but you won’t see him admitting that in an ad. He did vote against the Obama-Reid run at taking guns away from law-abiding Americans but if you participate in one of his constituent meetings and ask a staffer if you can thank him for that vote in front of everyone you will be told no, presumably because those meetings are attended by the liberal base which believes he sacrificed his roots in that one gun vote. Admittedly, he was anti-gun rights when he was mayor, and therefore his vote against Obama must have disappointed some rabid Democrats.

    There are two people in the race that tell you where they stand; Dan Sullivan and Joe Miller. Dan Sullivan can and very likely will beat Mark Begich. Joe Miller cannot win, and that is largely because of decisions he made after he did win an election.

  8. Randy W

    Mark Fish. – can you read ? Do you read ? If so, I would encourage you to go back and read the post and then watch the commercial. Mr. Woods approached Sullivan about doing the ad. The reality : you are exploiting the ad. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are an embarrassment to the Libertarian Party. You want to see who is low enough to exploit the situation, all you have to do is look in the mirror.

  9. Mark Fish

    I think it is disgusting thank Sullivan is willing to exploit a dead soldier and his father’s grief for political advantage. Anyone who is willing to do this would also be willing to sacrifice even more soldiers for political advantage. This ad proves Dan Sullivan is a dangerous man.

  10. Jen

    I started out thinking that I would support Mead. Then, ever since Dan got in the race my interest in Treadwell faded. I never liked the innuendo and the rumors that his campaign were spreading about Joe and Dan both. Then this ad hit. I must have watched it here 4 or 5 times. It grabbed my heart. I will be voting for Dan Sullivan. Thank you Mr. Woods for bringing clarity to my position. My condolences to you and your family for your loss.

  11. Harry

    Great. Fabulous. Sincere. Passionate. Wonderful. Giving. Caring. The best political ad I’ve ever seen.

  12. Donna

    Bravo Wilford, it didn’t take long for Treadwell’s whisper campaign to kick into gear on this ad…

    I think this is great; it’s genuine and unifying. Definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the other ads we’re seeing.

  13. Kurt

    I find Wilford’s comments to be insensitive and reprehensible. I am voting for Joe Miller; nonetheless, I respect Mr. Woods’ sacrifice and message.
    Mr. Wilford might want to reevaluate who he is supporting – – Treadwell or Begich – – because neither of them had the courage to serve their nation or are fighters in any stretch if the imagination. If you don’t know where the candidates are on the issues, I suggest you start paying attention or contact their campaigns. I really think you smell of insincerity and are not a person of a good moral fabric.

  14. Milton Friedman

    By the way, in what universe is what I said an attack? Overly sensitive of you Wilford. Lighten up.

  15. Milton Friedman

    They are the traits of a leader. That is the purpose of this particular ad. I think leadership is an issue, but there are others that talk specifically about issues that might interest you instead. Or, all of the candidates have web sites that will give information on where they stand on issues as well. I wouldn’t rely solely on a sixty second clip to make an informed decision and if you are truly looking for information I would go the web route.

  16. Wilford

    Those are great character values. However honor, commitment, sacrifice or patriotism are not issues – those are traits. I asked if he had stances on issues. Maybe you should stop attacking somebody who wants to learn more.

  17. Sara

    Wildord or whoever you are – you are a disgusting individual. You stick with the Treadwell campaign. You represent the same low moral values and cowardice that resonates with your candidate through and through.
    Mr. Woods, I appreciate the scrifice that your family has made for the security of our nation. Words can never provide a replacement for your loss. I will be joining you and voting for Dan Sullivan. Up to now, I was undecided between Joe Miller and Dan Sullivan. I found your message convincing and compelling. My vote will be intended to honor your son and family. May God bless you.

  18. Milton Friedman

    Maybe you should watch the ad again. It is entitled “values” and speaks to things like honor, commitment, sacrifice and patriotism. Things that people who have served and sacrificed are all too familiar with. It is meant to show Dan as someone who shares these values and will not waiver in his commitment to them and to our nation.

  19. Wilford

    What is this ad even saying? In 2006 this Alaskan gave his life for his country, and Dan’s just like him. Yep, really cuts at the heart of the issues (Sarcasm). Is Dan going to take a stance on any issue?

    By the way, did you know that Dan Sullivan is a fighter?

  20. Ben Rowell

    This ad cuts out all the crap we see with other ads and gets down to what this election is really about.

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