HUD secretary Casto to make ‘major announcement’ in Anchorage on Monday

From a press release from Sen. Mark Begich’s office about Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julián Castro’s Monday visit to Anchorage:

U.S. Senator Mark Begich will host a visit from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julián Castro in Anchorage on Monday for a series of community events.  Sen. Begich and Secretary Castro will visit a local development project in Mountain View and will meet with community leaders to discuss efforts to end homelessness. Secretary Castro will make a major announcement during Monday’s press conference.

Any guesses about what the “major announcement” will be?


10 thoughts on “HUD secretary Casto to make ‘major announcement’ in Anchorage on Monday

  1. ANC DEM

    The Democrat will be voting against Begich regardless of the announcement. His record of destruction is reprehensible. He failed to stand up to the east coast liberals when their policies were bad for Alaska. Most disgusting, Begich sold out the Democratic party and brought in Walker to head the ticket. This disgusts me more than words can describe. I’m writing in Hollis French for everything.

  2. Garand Fellow

    The announcement will be that the smashing success of President Barack Hussein Obama would not have been possible without Alaska’s junior senator. What is the prize in this contest (by the way)?

  3. DB

    You guys and girls are all wrong! HUD Secretary will announce “Free Housing for Everybody!”. YEAAAA.

  4. Bill G..

    Now they’re wasting tax payer dollars to promote Begich’s election. Disgusting and unforgiveable.
    For those of you filing taxes on October 15th, please remember you are helping to pay for this clown from the Obama circus to fly to Alaska to promote Harry Reid’s lap dog Mark Begich.
    The only question I have is, how low will they go?

  5. Anonymous

    Don’t know the details, but the subtext will be: “we don’t want to lose our boy wonder in the Senate and we’re prepared to spend as much tax payer money as we need to, to keep him.”

  6. CPG49

    Maybe we’re going to find out that he traded his vote on ObamaCare for the Chipolte Restaurant!!!!!

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