Will Obama’s statement haunt Begich?

Just as they did with the Morning Joe clip this morning, the Republicans have been sending out the video below with glee, the words of which, coming straight from President Obama’s mouth during a speech he gave on the economy at Northwestern University on Thursday, will likely very soon come back out of the television screen, with a very serious someone telling you to vote for GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan. Here’s what Obama said: “I am not on the ballot this fall.  Michelle’s pretty happy about that.  But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot.  Every single one of them.”

Here’s the video clip, taken from the larger speech, that’s being sent around:

Who knows how much impact this will have on the Senate race here and in other red states where Obama’s approval ratings are in the tank. One thing’s for sure, the president did Sen. Mark Begich no favors at a time when he needs things to be going his way.

Why did Obama say it?  The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza thinks that Obama was trying to fire up his base, but made a serious miscalculation:

The Obama political team is working under the assumption that if you dislike President Obama, nothing he says or does is going to change that reality. So, why not show the Democratic base that this election is worth fighting for? I think that underestimates the impact of an unpopular president (on video no less!) bluntly insisting that an election in 33 days is indeed a referendum on his policies. Republicans couldn’t have written a better script than that.


14 thoughts on “Will Obama’s statement haunt Begich?

  1. joeblow

    Arkansas, Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia, Louisiana and Iowa, possibly Colorado, likely Alaska.

  2. Sadly agree

    I am a supporter of Begich but I agree, that ad was absolutely deplorable and he should’ve fired the campaign staff responsible for suggesting it. He also should have had the clarity to see the ad for what it was worth before it came out.

    All he had to do was go after Sullivan’s record on domestic violence… the actual statistics!!! For all his “spearheading” Sullivan, Parnell & Co did not do one damn thing to improve domestic violence/sexual assault statistics in this state. Oh wait, they made a parade. Instead of focusing on this very real criticism, they chose to go the absolute definition of smearing. Even when called out, Begich didn’t axe any personnel.

    If he does fall short in this race, this will be the cause.

  3. Judy Thompson

    I wonder what happened to the person who suggested the Active Ad that started this constant negative news cycle you allude to. Before the ad, Begich was by all accounts running a stellar campaign. Since, he has had to spend all of his time on the defensive and that is not a viable place for any politician.

  4. DB

    Begich will take this country deeper and deeper into a financial hole. Just as he did as Mayor of Anchorage. The public employee unions bought him and he paid them back with lucrative 5 year contracts. The property taxpayers of Anchorage are still paying for his largesse. He contributed to the housing problem in Anchorage through higher property taxes which inflated rents for low income people. That’s how it works: politicians create problems (high property taxes and unaffordable housing) then try to solve the problem with an entitlement program (other’s wealth). It really is a transfer of wealth which steals dignity and self-worth from those who can least afford it.

  5. DB

    OK, let’s cut to the chase. A vote for Begich is a vote for Eric Holder for Supreme Court Justice. If the Democrats hold on to the Senate, then Obama will be with us for a very long time when he nominates Holder as Supreme Court Justice. Look ahead, do not be short-sighted.

    You want more and more federal interference in your daily lives, vote the Begich-Holder ticket. For you gun rights advocates, Holder is coming as US Supreme Court Justice.

  6. joeblow

    What no one has mentioned is that regardless of what happens in Alaska, the Republicans are almost certainly going to take control of the Senate. Sabato, Cook and the rest now forecast the R’s to take at least 51 seats, as many as 53 or even 54?

    Given Begich’s pretty thin record over the last 6 years, what is he likely to accomplish when he’s in the minority? Things get slightly better for the Dems in 2016 but if/when Hillary implodes, the Ds could be trying to take back the Senate and hold the White House …. with Biden as the standard bearer.

    Begich has done little but take credit for other’s work.

  7. Samuel Abney

    The choice we have is between a proven deliverer for Alaska who has caring for the state in his blood like few people have ever had and a climber opportunist prone to dismantle civil rights and liberties and will without a doubt sell out to whoever whenever. Sullivan is Frank Murkowski at his worst made over. Begich is a tried, disciplined innovative statesman who is a tremendous credit to our state.

  8. Garand Fellow

    But President Barack Hussein Obama is exactly correct. The US Senate race is the only and last chance Alaskans have to voice their opinion on Obama’s leadership, legislation, policies, court appointments, and personnel decisions. If we like the Obama-Reid show then we vote for 6 more years of Senator Begich. If not we vote for Afghan Dan Sullivan, the US Marine. Rarely in life, and especially in politics is a decision as clear cut as this one.

    Thank you to both Amanda Coyne and President Obama for underscoring this for us. May Amanda Coyne and Amandacoyne.com be with us for a long, long time, and President Obama and Harry Reid not as much.

  9. Alaskan for democracy

    No, Begich can’t – and won’t – win because of his alignment and support of Obama. And Obama’s words here are perfect! First of all, he is right. The election IS a referendum on his horrible policies and second, it is the only message that voters need to remember on election day. Right from the horse’s mouth.

  10. Robert Bowman

    This Obama gaffe will result in havoc for red state Democrats. This wasn’t a strategic statement; rather, it came out in a manner that allows the Republicans to spin it back at Democrats in a negative manner. Too bad for Mr. Begich. Seems like he can’t get out of this bad news cycle.

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