In Homer, Treadwell calls Roe V. Wade ‘mistake,’ tries to out-conservative Miller

I’m waiting to get some audio from the GOP Senate debate on Wednesday night in Homer. Until then, here’s some tweets from Mead Treadwell, who I heard spent a lot of time trying to out-conservative Joe Miller. Among other things, Treadwell called for the elimination of the ‘fraudulent” IRS and of the income tax, vowed not to support an immigration bill while Obama is in office, and supported congressional term limits, a position that probably doesn’t sit well with Rep. Don Young, who is the longest serving Republican in the House, and would likely have the late Ted Stevens shaking his fist. As Treadwell repeatedly reminds us, he has been in Alaska for 40 years, and until he ran for lieutenant governor in 2010, his reputation was one of a moderate, wonkish Republican who seemed most interested in international organizations and treaties. Now, he’s a pro-life, “stand with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee” conservative firebrand.


7 thoughts on “In Homer, Treadwell calls Roe V. Wade ‘mistake,’ tries to out-conservative Miller

  1. FRG

    Question for Mr Treadwell –
    Your comments about your skills, leadership, acumen, etc doesn’t seem to jve with reality. If you have so much to offer, why did Governor Parnell in the first year after the election send you a letter telling you to stay out of his administration’s business? Also, members of the cabinet that you are a member of evidently fail to recognize your leadership skills too as most of them are suporting Dan Sullivan instead of you. In fact, I saw that most of them have contributed to Sullivan and none of them to you. Seems like most of your claims of success are in your mind alone. Sad, but true.

  2. Barb

    The Homer debate winner?
    Drum roll please……………….
    First place: Joe Miller
    Second place: Dan Sullivan
    Third place: Mead Tredwell.

  3. Fan of the North

    Treadwell is an opportunist. His commentary in Homer regarding term limits may be poliitically popular but bad for a small state like Alaska. I bet Ted Stevens in churning in his grave over that comment from Treadwell. Rather than commmiting to stand with Ted Cruz, I would prefer a commitment that he’d stand up for Alaska.

  4. Janice

    Joe Miller had a great line about Treadwell’s lack of philosophical commitment saying something along the line of Treadwell changes his positions more often than the weather changes in Homer. More and more, I’m learning that Treadwell is either pathological or will say anything to get a vote. Either way, I find him morally reprehensible.

  5. Malcolm McKenzie

    Dan Sullivan was not the winner, he was unprepared, uninformed and spend most of his time quiet in the corner. If anything Treadwell and Miller gave him the timeout he deserved. Miller was eloquent as always but after Mead’s strong closing argument I would declare him the winner.

  6. Anonymous

    I attended the debate last night. The clear winner of the debate was Dan Sullivan, Mead Treadwell coming in second and Joe Miller third. Sullivan looked relaxed and has gotten much better on the stump. Treadwell punched Miller good a couple of times; however, he looked old and at times angry or confused. Miller who usually shines at such forums seemed to have an off night.

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