Treadwell and Sullivan trade barbs over ‘Stand Your Ground’

GOP Senate candidate Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell continued the attack against fellow Republican candidate Dan Sullivan over Sullivan’s support on ‘Stand Your Ground’ legislation. Sullivan has said that he supported the legislation, and helped pass it while he was the state’s attorney general. Treadwell, and the other candidate in the campaign, Joe Miller, as well as Sen. Mark Begich’s allies, and one political fact-checking organization, have all questioned Sullivan’s support for ‘Stand Your Ground.’

Treadwell, who said it was important to be honest, went so far as to issue a challenge: “Produce one piece of credible, time-stamped evidence that proves you fought to pass Stand your Ground during your tenure as Attorney General, and I’ll put up one of your campaign signs in my yard,” Treadwell wrote in a release on Wednesday.

Sullivan’s campaign spokesman Mike Anderson fired back: “In 2010 as Attorney General, Dan’s office worked with the bill’s sponsors to craft the current law which eventually passed in 2013. Rep. Mark Neuman confirmed this in writing and the record on this issue is very clear. It’s clearly Mead’s prerogative if he insists on calling Rep. Mark Neuman a liar, but it’ll mean he will have to wait until August 20th to put one of Dan’s signs in his yard.”

Let’s summarize: A bill was introduced by Rep. Mark Neuman in the 2009-10 legislative session when Sullivan was the attorney general. The bill broadened the state’s self -defense laws by saying that someone who is in danger doesn’t have a “duty to retreat” from a place that they have a legal right to be in. Shortly after it was introduced, an assistant AG wrote a letter--which was leaked to the media, including to this reporter, without Sullivan’s knowledge or consent—claiming that the bill was dangerous.

It had Sullivan’s name on it, which is where the accusations that he doesn’t support ‘stand your ground’ have originated. Assistant Attorney General John Skidmore signed the letter, which is standard practice in the Department.

Skidmore confirmed that as far as he knew, Sullivan was unaware of the letter, and that suggest otherwise was “unfair” and “taking liberties with the facts.”

Neuman said that he worked with the Department of Law in 2010 to amend the bill to address some of the concerns in it.  Sullivan was attorney general until December 2010, when he then became Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources. Neuman didn’t work directly with Sullivan, but he assumed that Sullivan was kept abreast of the discussions, he told this reporter. In another interview, he was more firm about Sullivan’s position on the issue and the help that he provided.

The heart of the issue is whether or not Sullivan, a Marine, is soft on Second Amendment rights.

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Correction: The piece said that Ben Sparks was Sullivan’s campaign spokesperson. He’s the manager. Mike Anderson is the spokesperson. I regret that error.


26 thoughts on “Treadwell and Sullivan trade barbs over ‘Stand Your Ground’

  1. Milton Friedman

    Never questioned that Mead is a smart man. This response from him is rather silly though and not well though out.

    I assume that you are someone who holds to the doctrine of intellectual superiority based upon collegiate pedigree? How very elitist of you.

    If an educational litmus test was required in order to have an opinion and/or offer a point of view, this would be a very quiet election season.

  2. jackson

    So are the only people with honor and integrity in this country those who have served in the armed forces? If so, then there are very very very few out there. Have you served in the military sir?

  3. cole

    Begich was rated 0% by Gun Owners of America for key votes on Gun Rights, so I’m confident that he does not support stand your ground. He is flat out lying about being pro-gun, and his voting record proves that.

  4. Nora

    Thank you for once again not answering the accusation. Your tenacity is commendable.

    You quoted an article that backs my point, as I said, so thank you.

  5. Milton Friedman

    Well, it seems my previous post was somewhat prophetic.

    “I half expect Mead and his supporters will start asking Dan if he has stopped beating his wife yet? Go ahead Mead supporters; you will probably need to look up that reference up as well.”

  6. Milton Friedman

    I am not sure what is rhetorical about quoting an article. Perhaps you do not know what the term rhetoric means? Slinging unsubstantiated mud and calling people names is not a successful means for proving an argument. Your rant seems more desperate flailing at a faulty keyboard than a well thought out and logical response. Perhaps you should take a break from the internet until you have had a chance to calm yourself.

  7. Nora

    Oh my gawd.

    I won’t stop calling you dumb until behavior improves. Reasons like that, WHAT YOU JUST WROTE, are why Neuman isn’t a liar.

    DANIEL S. SULLIVAN is a liar, as easy to conclude from this article, or even from our threads. That’s what we’re talking about.

    You can try detracting from the conversation by throwing up paragraphs of rhetoric, but it doesn’t make Dan any less of an immoral Liar who would do whatever he could to win the Senate seat he’s wanted since he was 12 years old when he found out he wouldn’t inherit his families company.

  8. Milton Friedman

    From Amanda’s previous article:

    “Neuman, contacted on Wednesday, said that he worked with the Department of Law in 2010 to amend the bill to address some of the concerns in it. Sullivan was attorney general until December 2010, when he then became Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources. Neuman didn’t work directly with Sullivan, but he assumed that Sullivan was kept abreast of the discussions.”

    “In any case, Neuman said that the department’s opposition was justified, and eventually they got to a place where he got the department’s support”

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to do better research before calling others dumb .

    Also, just because I support a candidate doesn’t make me a hired gun. Believe what you like of course as I have no control over it, but assuming that to be true is quite ignorant and lacks logic. See post below concerning logic for more information. It might help you and other Mead fans.

  9. Garand Fellow

    This discussion and controversy suggests that despite what must be huge, expensive efforts no one can dig up any dirt on Dan Sullivan. If the issue truly is chain of command then in our system the AG works for the governor and everyone should be asking Governor Parnell these questions instead of asking Dan Sullivan. The fact is that Governor Parnell and Dan Sullivan support gun rights, including stand your ground.

    I have known Mead Treadwell for just over 20 years. So far as I know he never once worried about the Second Amendment or gun rights until this campaign. Since the Newtown school shootings I have believed that Mead missed an incredible opportunity to point out to the entire nation why gun control never works (since Mead attended that very school and is from CT, and of course the dogmatic, punitive gun control in CT had no impact on these school shootings except making it less likely someone could stop the shooter).

    Is there anyone that honestly doesn’t understand that this entire story merely portrays the way the legislative process always works (when it works well)? Would anyone prefer an alternative process in which Rep. Neuman introduces legislation and it cannot be modified during the legislative process? Is there a true gun rights advocate anywhere who is unhappy with our stand your ground law (which resulted from this process)? And finally, what does Mark Begich think about stand you ground; would he support a national stand your ground law, and why has he not introduced that legislation?

  10. Nora

    I was being facetious. Come on, really?

    “We’re not worthy, We’re not worthy!” – Wayne’s World.

    Here’s what we are worthy of though, here’s are some quotes from Neuman’s letter…because you’re dumb:
    “In this particular case, Attorney General Sullivan’s staff expressed concerns”
    “The legislation moved forward from that point with the support of the Administration and the Attorney General’s Office

    I don’t think anyone disbelieves Mark Neuman, because he’s not a liar. He picked his words very well. He only ever references the office of the Attorney General, making him an honest person, because he doesn’t say Dan had anything to do with it. Notice his subtlety?

    Mead called Dan a liar. Not Neuman. Stop being a tool. I know you won’t be convinced, because, well hey, who can convince a hired gun? You’re spreading mistruth, and that means you’re nearly as bad as your boss. But hey, birds of a feather run for office together.

  11. Milton Friedman

    When you refuse to believe the account of Rep. Neuman, and continue with the accusation, you are basically calling the man a liar.

  12. Milton Friedman

    I always thought Mead to be a fairly intelligent fellow. It’s a shame he has never heard the terms “evidence of absence”, “proving a negative” or “logical fallacy”. I half expect Mead and his supporters will start asking Dan if he has stopped beating his wife yet? Go ahead Mead supporters; you will probably need to look up that reference up as well.

  13. jerad

    Glad it tickles your funny bone. It almost seems like you’re trying to do an ad hominem? Let me know when you have something of substance.
    Did you even read any of it or do you ignore truth that doesn’t fit your approved “narrative” or version of events?
    The research is done by a friend of mine, a real scholar and gentleman, Matt Johnson. He has served in the legislature as a legislative aide and is quite familiar with this process. If any one has curiosity to know the truth, it isn’t that hard to find.
    Like an earlier commentator stated, “‘Neuman said’, is not a credible argument.”

  14. John Smith

    You just referenced both Joe Miller and Shannyn Moore in the same post as proof that Dan Sullivan lacks credibility.

    You should just think about that for a little while.

  15. Jane in Fairbanks

    Enough already. Why is Treadwell and Begich so intent on constantly attacking Dan Sullivan? I would suggest because his candidacy offers more than these two put together. It’s starting to be difficult to differentiate between Treadwell and Begich.
    Let’s diiscuss the issues. That would be something new and actually interesting. I am still an undecided voter and intend to make up my mind based on real information as opposed to negative attacks, gimmicks and innuendo.

  16. jerad

    Look at the public record. It seems that Neuman is doing historical revisionism.
    Sullivan’s claims aren’t credible.

    How can he continue to have “passed it” and then claim to not know the several times his staff opposed the bill on the public record? See link above.

    A quote that says it better than I.
    “As a Marine, Dan Sullivan is a chain-of-command guy. As attorney general, he made sure the troops under him — directors, assistants and others — toed his line. In fact, just last March, in front of a tea party audience, Dan bragged that he was responsible for “everything” done by the Department of Law while he was AG. That’s what makes Sullivan’s lie about Stand Your Ground so blatant.”

  17. Where's the Beef?

    1. I saw that release yesterday on the Alaska Politics and Elections Facebook page, so they probably didn’t sent it today.
    2. Amanda you said; “The heart of the issue is whether or not Sullivan, a Marine, is soft on Second Amendment rights.” I read the release, and he didn’t attack him on being soft on the issue, he’s attacking the lie.
    3. He did it again! He’s dancing around the issue!

    ‘Neuman said’, is not a credible argument.

  18. Mary Beth

    #sleaze with Mead
    The list goes on. Ask the staffers in his office and the camnpaign that left why. You’ll hear things you’d never expect. Re ‘Stand Your Ground’ – Sullivan has a stronger record of supporting the second amendment than you’ll ever have.

  19. Longtime Alaskan

    Dan Fagan always puts into words what I wish I would come up wtth. He’s right when he suggests you shouldn’t say Marines are soft on anything.
    Sullivan, unlike Treadwell, had the courage and desire to serve his country. Treadwell never did. Now he’s criticizing Sullivan. This guy is low.

  20. Unhappy with RINOs

    I can hardly express in words my disgruntlement with Mead Treadwell. He was in the race early and was able to get more than a modicum of support for his campaiign. Financially he is one of the most unsuccessful challengers in the nation. He hired a national fundraiser and had almost 20 events in the Lower 48 during 2013 (often times while treaveling on state expense I’m told). The results, however, were horrible. He wasn’t able to attract any meaningful support. Now he trahes and criticizes Dan Sullivan for being successful at raising money outside. He tried and failed so now he’s critical of another Republican just because he is successful. I would suggest that Nead Treadwell is Begich’s biggest booster. Come on Mead, echoing Mark Begich’s attacks on Sullivan makes you look like a stooge. Enough with the attacjks on Stand your Ground. It is a weak attack and we all know that Sullivan kas more guns than you do and certainly knows how to use them more than you do. For a guy who claims to have accomplished so much, I would thoink you would want to elaborate on your successes instead of slinging mud as you do all the time. This challenge is idiotic – – time-stamped? Can you produce time-stamped documents for any of your so-called successes? Mead, you have so little to offer that Gov. Parnell told you to stay out of policy matters. You have not been successful in developoing a meaningful level of support or respect during the campaign. Iin the very cabinet in which you serve, those folks aren’t supporting you even. Most everyone of those cabinet members that you serve with have opted to support Dan Sullivan over you. Why do you think that is? I would submit it is because they know both candidates and their character. Compared to Dan Sullivan, you come up pretty short on this standard. I suspect that is why the Treadwell campaign spends so much time with negative attacks, fraudulent negative whisper campaigns and the like. Treadwell isn’t fit for public office. He has the moral priniples of a goat.

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