Local pro-Sullivan super-PAC goes on air

The super-PAC Alaska’s Energy/America’s Values, supporting GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan, is going on air on Wednesday with the following ad. Anchorage-based ad man and political operative Art Hackney, who runs the super-PAC, said that the ad will begin to run 10 times a day on Fox, and is the beginning of a series of ads leading up to the GOP primary on August, 19. This one features Athena Fulton, who Hackney says is a born and raised Alaskan, a single mom and a Sullivan supporter.


12 thoughts on “Local pro-Sullivan super-PAC goes on air

  1. Nicole

    Nice ad. The spokesperson is passionate and very believeable. This is my favorite commercial so far this election cycle. It is amazing how much her words echo my feelings.

  2. Rick

    Who are these clowns talking about carpetbahhers? They sound like moronic robots. Most all of our statewide leaders were born somewhere else. Begich’s father was elected to public office within four years of arriving in Alaska. Come on people, let’s encourage a real and meaningful discussion of the issues. For the most part, I think the civility and integrity of the GOP primary would be significantly better if Treadwell wasn’t in the race. He lies constantly. Claims that he was respopnsible for everything. I’m waiting for the claim that he fathered Ted Stevens next. This guy makes my skin crawl. Republicans, namely Treadwell, are doing more to help Begich’s election than anyone. The tv ad is good and represents a view of a real Alaskan. I like it. Good job Hackney.

  3. Craig

    If I am married to a Croatian and lived there for six years does that make me a Croat? NO.

    How does having a native wife make Dan an Alaskan? It is completely nonsensical.

  4. scott

    Ha! Sullivan is a carpetbagger; I can’t take him seriously. He takes no position on issues that matter most to Alaskans.

    Ohio doesn’t need three senators. Get out of my state, Dan!

  5. Mateo

    Local SuperPAC? You mean the one funded by Sullivan’s Ohio family and run by Karl Rove associate Art Hackney? Nice spin!

  6. Steve Brostko

    This nails the way many people are thinking about the race. Nice work, Art Hackney. I hope all the pro Sullivan PACs continue running ads like this for the next 4 weeks and drown out Miller and Treawell.

  7. Norah

    I thought Sullivan reminded me of Uncle Ted too. The last forum Sullivan was in showed the same true grit. He can beat the slime ball who took Stevens out of office–once and for all.

  8. Randy

    This ad nails it. Hackney can do pretty good work. This ad is indicative of his ability to nail a message.

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