Miller raises $129,000 in second quarter. Treadwell’s disclosure still not available

According to disclosures filed with the Senate clerk’s office, GOP U.S Senate candidate Joe Miller reported raising $129,000 in the last quarter, which runs from April until the end of June. He spent $121,000 and has $17,000 in debt. He still has a respectable $303,000 in his war chest, much of which he was able to roll over from his 2010 campaign and from his leadership PAC.

Neither Miller nor Mead Treadwell, another GOP Senate candidate, filed electronically, so neither of their reports are online at the FEC’s office yet. As of Wednesday morning, Treadwell’s hadn’t arrived at the clerk’s office. Once it arrives, it’s processed and sent to the FEC, who then has 48 hours to post online. When contacted on Wednesday, Treadwell’s campaign again declined to release his report to the public prior to it arriving at the Senate clerk’s office.

Both Sen. Mark Begich and GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s numbers were available almost immediately about two weeks ago. Sullivan gave them out if you asked. Begich posted his on his website, and included all of the small donors. Begich raised more than $1.25 million. For the first time since he entered the race, Sullivan was slightly behind Begich, raising $1.2 million.

Correction: The original story said that FEC reports are filed electronically. That’s not true. All reports are mailed in. Further, Sullivan’s report is not yet available on the FEC page, however the campaign has made it available to reporters.


9 thoughts on “Miller raises $129,000 in second quarter. Treadwell’s disclosure still not available

  1. Anonymous

    “What Mead’s doing, not sending in his numbers electronically, is unconstitutional.”

    ^ROFLMAO. Thanks for that chuckle.

    These campaigns that keeps saying “we want this race to be about the BIG ISSUES” are now having a pissing contest over their funds.

  2. Brad

    Mead is a cheat and a liar! He’s embezzling state funds and I can’t believe people still support him. Somebody needs to report him to the police immediately for not telling the public his numbers, that must be illegal! It’s our right! What Mead’s doing, not sending in his numbers electronically, is unconstitutional.

    This is ridiculous.

  3. Jackson

    I supported Joe Miller in his race against Lisa Murkowski. It was really a bad deal the way they treated Joe. I still have tremmendous respect for Joe on a variety of levels. He’s a good guy and an honest politician. Having said this, I am absolutely committed to beating Begich and believe that this will be an uphill battle and Sullivan is the only candidate that seems to be able to attract the level of support necessary to wage a credible campaign against Begich. As a result, I’m going to vote for Sullivan. Joe Miller and Dan Sullivan are both good men. I hope and trust that Joe will join Dan in the general to fight to replace Begich. By doing so, I hope it repairs the bad feelings that exist within the party over what happened 4 years ago.

  4. Tim

    What’s the deal with Treadwell ? Does he think that he’s above the law ? His actions clearly show a disrespect for transparency and openess. Guess he’s just trying to hide, yet again, his campaign’s inability to attract financial support. This guy has no chance of beating Begich. All he’s doing is hurting the Republican party’s chances of taking back this seat and the senate. He should be ashamed of himself.

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