Loose Lips: Anderson says adios to APOC. Dos Valley Amigos in Anchorage. Fiesta with Walker-Mallott.

Loose LipsAPOC Deputy Director Jerry Anderson is leaving his current position to become the staff director for the Legislative Ethics Committee. He’s replacing another Anderson, Joyce Anderson, who was the former director and was taking the job temporarily after Reggie Drummond left unexpectedly. Many legislators, staffers, and journalists have had dealings with APOC’s Anderson, who knew that agency’s conflicting and confusing rules better than anyone there. Yet there have been allegations about Anderson. One former APOC lawyer said in a written exit interview that Anderson and Director Paul Dauphinais ordered her to do something that might get her disbarred. However, Anderson appears to be a more politic candidate than Drummond, who tended to be outspoken about his political views, particularly guns and Obama, on twitter.

The most current party registration numbers are in: As of  Oct. 3, 1,488 more Alaskans are registered as Democrats and 3,208 more are registered as Republicans since June 3.

On Monday, the Lucky Wishbone was the place to be and be seen. In one booth was Perry and Gloria Green, across the room was Joe Law, the Republican-go-to political sign guru. At another table was John Odom talking to the proprietor of the restaurant George Brown. Standing in line, waiting for a table were two faces familiar to many Alaskans: Gov. Sean Parnell and former Gov. Bill Sheffield who were lunching together. While waiting, both governors were busy chatting, laughing and shaking hands with the customers at the ever popular establishment.

Later Monday evening, about 150 people filled an over flowing banquet room at Evangelo’s in Wasilla to support the Parnell – Sullivan ticket. The event had all the trappings of a good Republican Valley event including the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Some of the elected officials present included: Reps. Lynn Gattis, Shelley Hughes and Wes Keller; Sen. Charlie Huggins; Mat-Su Assemblymen Steve Colligan and Jim Colver; Wasilla City Councilwoman Colleen Sullivan – Leonard; and Borough Mayor Larry DeVilbiss. Others spotted: Eddie Grasser; Becky Huggins; Ted Leonard; Mike Coons; Bert Hall; Cathy Johnson; Will Simmons; Linda Leary; Rick Mystrom and Cathy Moffett.

Also on Monday, Roger Purcell and Vern Rupright--who make up the dos of the once tres Valley Amigos–had a fundraiser in Anchorage at the Petroleum Club for their independent bids for the House against Wes Keller and Lynn Gattis, respectively. I haven’t heard one iota about this event except to say that two (dos!) of the event’s host-sponsors– Marty Metiva and Dave Nufer–were in the Valley at Evangelo’s the same evening assuring Rep. Gattis that their names as hosts were being used without their permission.

More on Monday evening! BP President Janet Weiss hosted an informational meeting at her Hillside home to support the Big Marijuana No vote scheduled for the Nov 4 election. More than 50 people showed including: Harry McDonald, David and Shani Green, Julie Fate-Sullivan, Liz Ashlock, Tim Woolston, and James Wanamaker.

Another Monday event! This one was a “fiesta fundraiser” in Turnagain to support the Walker – Mallott ticket. More than 80 people crammed into the house and munched on beans and rice and carne asada from Taco King. (Donde esta dos amigos?) Walker and Mallott were both there, and both gave their speeches about how great the other is, and about doing away with partisanship for the sake of Alaska, etc… Conspicuously absent were any Democratic lawmakers, that I could see anyway. Spotted: Jim Lottsfeldt, (in orange corduroys), Yolanda Clary, Harold Heinz, former Lt. Gov. Steve McAlpine (who prefers to be called Stephen), Clem Tillion, Bruce Botelho, Jeff Landfield, Craig Fleener, Libertarian House candidate Cean Stevens, Terrence Shanigan, and David D’Amato, with the Alaska Primary Care Association.

If by any chance you are in Germany and come across a good looking American couple with a brand new baby named Colton, you pretty much can guess that the baby’s last name is Huggins. Congratulations to two proud grandparents, Sen. Charlie and Becky Huggins, on the birth of their second grandchild.

Speaking of grandchildren: Gov. Sean and Sandy Parnell, are anxiously looking forward to their daughter, Grace, delivering a grandchild in about six weeks.

Because it appears he needs all the help he can get, Parnell has hired Jay Pullins as a special assistant in the governor’s office to handle issues related to the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. He is a retired Lt. Colonel. Pullins will represent the Office of the Governor on the review team established to implement recommendations from the National Guard Bureau’s Office of Complex Investigations. He most recently worked as a pastor at ChangePoint Church in Anchorage. Prior to that, while in the Alaska National Guard, Pullins served as chief of staff for then-Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell.

Mayor Dan Sullivan may not have gotten the endorsements from any labor unions. However, it was announced this week that he got the endorsement of the NRA.

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8 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Anderson says adios to APOC. Dos Valley Amigos in Anchorage. Fiesta with Walker-Mallott.

  1. Marvin

    I’m quite sure you never “considered” voting for Walker. I think his positions in the debates are quite clear, and at least he’s there. Sean, not so much.

  2. Lynn Willis

    I don’t care about Sean Parnell other than he has had five years to show me he cannot function as Alaska’s Governor for multiple reasons including his refusal to act on this scandal until he was figuratively grabbed and shaken into reality. I don’t want him re-elected and I don’t hide my opinion about that.
    This appointment of his past chief of staff demonstrates to me he is up to his normal pattern of casting everything in a political light. Now you state I cannot have it both ways? I don’t understand what you mean. Are you implying that if I want a special prosecutor to bring justice to these soldiers and resolution of this terrible situation that I must somehow recognize the ability of Sean Parnell or be deemed “reckless”. I hear your spin that Parnell inherited this mess and that he is a “victim” of not having the necessary control over the Guard. He has plenty of control as Commander in Chief. For example, he had the opportunity four years ago to demand his appointed Commissioner involve at least the State Troopers if not the State Attorney General to resovle he original 29 complaints and you must know that. I am not being reckless, just emphatic.

  3. Dan O'Barr

    Hi Amanda, why do you continue to ignore Gretchen O’Barr at events like the one held at Evangelo’s Monday night? She is one of, if not the most, friendly and outspoken member of the Wasilla City Council.


    Amanda –
    Why don’t you write about how a fish flips and flops, struggling to save itself from certain death. I meant Bill Walker. There have been three debates and very little has been written about Walker’s ever changing positions and how poorly informed he is. I actually was considerring voting for Walker until I started paying attention to his debates. The problem is finding the information.

  5. CPG49

    Intersting to learn that Jerry Anderson is moving to Leg Ethics from APOC. Mr. Anderson is a very good public servant. I suspect that he realizes and lknows what a mess APOC is and wanted to jump ship before the agency started to sink. The commission members are lazy, uncaring members that have lost sight of the goals and purpose of their mission. It should not be a police body but rather an information body. Some of the allegations suggest they need to be investigated. Take a look at the staff turnover and ask why. This agency is a mess.

  6. Tom M.

    Lynn, you can’t have iit both ways. Why don’t you make it easy on yeurself and just say that you really disliike Parnell, period. Frankly, I saw this as a posiitiive move. The mess at the Guard is an unacceptable culture that started several administrations ago. Cleaning it uo won’t happen over night. Even I think one of your previous postings might have pointed out that the governor is limited as to who he can even fire. For example, the guy in the Anc Press that had the pornography issue is beyond the governor’s reach and ability to terminate. You’re a smart, well-informed guy. I suspect that many of the readers of this site give a lot of credence to your thoughts. It is important that you’re not reckless. Again, I think this is a positive step.

  7. Lynn Willis

    Now Parnell appoints a political ally and former Chief of Staff (when Parnell was Lt. Governor) to “represent” the Governor on the National Guard review team. This team needs members to represent the best interests of the soldiers and the Alaska National Guard, not the Office of the Governor. Why would the Governor need to be represented even more on this review team if the Governor’s appointed Commissioner/Adjutant General is also on this team?
    Is it fair to speculate how soon after each meeting will this new member be on the phone to Juneau?

  8. Les Moore

    The DMVA has strict rules about staring out the window in the morning, that would leave them nothing to do during the afternoon.

    Change Point, the church that doesn’t allow women to hold leadership positions.

    It sounds like Captain Zero is closing ranks.


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