Coffey scolds Treadwell for “falsely” representing his position on AO 37

Anchorage mayoral candidate Dan Coffey shot back at Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell on Wednesday in an email, printed below, over “falsely representing” Coffey’s views on repealing AO 37, the┬ácontroversial labor law that will be on the ballot in Anchorage in November. In an interview with Nat Herz at the ADN, Treadwell said Coffey has “thrown his lot down with the repeal movement” and has therefore lost the conservative base. It was in response to a question about Treadwell’s own interest in running for mayor, and his own appeal to the conservative base.

Coffey, who has said in the past that he supported a compromise bill, does not support repealing the law, he said, and scolds Treadwell for not first asking him about his position before he spoke to the media. Here’s the email in full:

I read with some interest your comment in the Alaska Dispatch to the effect that I support the repeal of AO 37. Where you got that idea is beyond me. I called you this morning to talk about your statement, but as I draft this E mail at 3:00 in the afternoon, I have not heard back from you. Hence this E mail.

To be absolutely clear, I do NOT support the repeal of AO 37. In fact, I have supported and contributed to the effort to support AO 37. Your claim is simply not true.

In the future, I would appreciate it if you would ask me directly and personally what my position on any issue might be. I will certainly extend you that courtesy should you elect to run for Mayor and frankly, I expect the same consideration from you in the future.

We do not advance the public interest by falsely representing another candidate’s position on a public issue.


7 thoughts on “Coffey scolds Treadwell for “falsely” representing his position on AO 37

  1. Lynn Willis

    It was actually more than $45,000 to print a supplemental voter phamphlet. The cost was $47,040.71 according to the Division of Elections. Your point is well taken.

  2. Sandy

    Read that the Division of Elections had to print a supplemental voter guide at a cost to the state of $45,000 because Walker wasn’t included.
    Maybe if Treadwell paid attention to his ONLY REAL TASK in government, we wouldn’t be wasting the state’s money for his mistake. As far as I’m concerned, this should come out of Treadwell’s pocket instead of the state’s. He had plenty of time to lie to Nat Herz about Coffey’s positions but not enough time to do his job right. I wonder how much state money was used flying Treadwell around while he campaigned for Senate?

  3. Margaret

    You have to keep your eye on #leadwithmead. Mead brought Charles Johnson to the state. Remember him? He was the national sleeze that stayed at Mead’s house and wrote the story that was easily refuted about Sullivan and the Jerry Active case. Even the RNC has distanced themselves from this operative and spoke out about his gutter-style politics, but not Mead.

  4. CPG49

    Why would anyone even consider voting for Treadwell for mayor? Its a real job with real responsibilities. As our Lite Governor, he proved incapable of even running elections, his only real responsibility. In fact, in court documents it showed that he wasn’t even involved in the day-to-day management and according to his own staff didn’t have a clue what was going on. All he did was travel around the state and the country running for higher office. Why would the residents of Anchorage be stupid enough to give him the chance to do so again. I don’t think Anchorage voters are that stupid. Mead, I hope you run so we can watch you lose again.

  5. South Anchorage Conservative

    Mr. Coffey, a good and decent man, needs to understand and know what a low-life snake Mead Treadwell is. He was infamous in the senate primary making up lies about both his Republican opponents. In fact, he seemed to mirror whatever the attack du jour was on Sullivan from the Begich camp. He “pretends” to be a conservative when in fact his “real” persona is of a moderate-to-liberal Republican. At best, he is a RINO.
    Mead Treadwell only knows one way to campaign and that is the practice of lies, distortions and hiring others to do his dirty work. Ask Jay Ramras. Ask Dan Sullivan. Ask Joe Miller.
    Dan Coffey needs to know that Treadwell is a despicable human and even a worst candidate.

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