Loose Lips: The GOPer convention edition

Judy EledgeI wasn’t there, but from what I’ve been told, things weren’t nearly as exciting this year at the Republican Party’s convention as they have been in the past. This is good for the party faithful but not necessarily for writers. Nonetheless, here are few highlights:

  • Judy Eledge, pictured, was resplendent.
  • With the exception of the vice chair, all of the party officials were elected by unanimous consent. Peter Goldberg was reelected as chair. Frank McQueary got a birthday present in the form of being elected vice chair over Christina Hill. The secretary is Deborah Klebs and the assistant secretary is the Anchorage Daily News columnist Lynn Curry.
  • Probably the most buzz-worthy moment at the convention was when Joe Miller said that he refused to commit to support the Republican nominee if it weren’t him. The crowd gasped.
  • Convention delegates found an executive summary of a poll on their chairs Friday morning when they arrived for the GOP U.S. Senate candidates’ forum. The poll results showed Senate candidate Dan Sullivan with a 16 percent lead over Mead Treadwell and a 26 percentage point lead over Joe Miller. The idea, of course, was to deflate the other candidates before the start of the forum and let the party faithful know who the clear GOP leader appeared to be. However, 38 percent of primary voters were still undecided. The poll also showed Sullivan within the margin of error but down against U.S. Sen. Mark Begich by 2 percentage points.
  • The guy who works for the Democratic group American Bridge 21st Century was asked to leave the convention. The guy, who declined to give me his name last time I saw him, follows Dan Sullivan around like a pilot fish, camcorder in hand, just waiting for him to say something that will go viral and make the Rachel Maddow show. And we wonder why political discourse had been reduced to sound bites.
  • All but seven of the GOP conventioneers voted yes to the following question: “Do you want to take back OUR seat from Mark ‘Baggage’ Begich?” This led Alaska Public Media reporter Alexandra Gutierrez to wonder on twitter: Who are those seven people?
  • There goes the youth vote: About 70 percent of the GOP delegates voted against an amendment to strike anti-gay language from the party’s platform. Likewise, a resolution to come out against the marijuana ballot initiative passed with 75 percent of the delegates supporting it.
  • Opposition to repealing SB 21 and support for school choice were also rallying cries. They were mum on minimum wage and on the Pebble initiative.
  • In the wake of Art Hackney’s Super pac’s mention of erectile dysfunction, the Republican Party convention’s auction Friday evening netted $1,400 for Don Young’s calcified walrus penis. A pair of Ted Steven’s 1972 cuff links went for $2,500.
  • Lite gov candiates Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan and state Sen. Lesil McGuire both were reported to have done very well at their forum. Mayor Dan was funny and McGuire smart.
  • As Republicans were getting along in Juneau, Begich’s campaign had a party for the opening of his Anchorage office. About 100 people came and went. Many, presumably, were volunteers and supporters, but some were likely there for the free hotdogs and burgers, which were served up by Begich himself. Begich volunteers also gathered in five other communities across the state, and were video-conferenced in.

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9 thoughts on “Loose Lips: The GOPer convention edition

  1. Jason

    I hadn’t heard the mayors comments from the convention were funny. My mother is a teacher and didn’t find them funny. May 5-10 is national teacher appreciation week and May 6 is national teacher day so despite the maladroit comments by our mayor please take the time to thank a teacher. They make our kids their first choice and I couldn’t be prouder of my mom – salutatorian of her high school, masters in history and an incredibly smart, talented and dedicated teacher.

  2. Lynn Willis

    Quaint gathering of folks who might as well have gathered at Stonehenge to worship the solstice. The big money in politics has moved on to more productive and fertile ground by directly funding the individuals who run for office not political parties. Political party conventions are now an anachronism.

  3. Garand Fellow

    The people who organized the event did a tremendous job. Thousands of details came off without a glitch. I have only seen such large, cordial, and happy crowds at National Rifle Association meetings. Everyone I saw was having a great time. The weather was outstanding. The food was above average. It was an entirely happy event.

    I think that the two Sullivans looked most electable to most people. However, Joe Miller won his debate. Alaska really does badly need to un-elect Mark Begich.

  4. GC

    Wasn’t at the convention but heard from a freind that Senator Lisa Murkowski did a video message that was played saying that we have to defeat Mark Begich. I was pleased but surprised by her comment.

  5. Political Junkie

    As always, fun and informative. Absolutly love the photo of Ms. Eledge adorning her convention hat. Over the years, the one thing I have never figured out is why do people wear silly hats at political conventions? The only other place that this phenomena occurs with regularity iis at Disneyland. Is there a data point of relatiivity that I’m missing?

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