Lt. gov candidate Sullivan says he’d invade ANWR

From Andrew Sheeler’s story about Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan’s visit to Ketchikan. Sullivan’s running for lieutenant governor:

“If I was governor today, I’d probably invade ANWR. I mean, what are they going to do, shoot you?…Well they might, but you know, martyrdom goes a long way sometimes.”

Sullivan declined to offer his stance on same-sex marriage, which Alaska voters passed a constitutional amendment to ban in 1998. That ban recently was challenged in federal court by five Alaska same-sex couples…Citing his potential involvement in litigating the matter or overseeing a related ballot initiative if elected lieutenant governor, Sullivan declared his neutrality on the subject at the Chamber lunch.

That neutrality didn’t extend to this year’s crop of initiatives: Sullivan said he is opposed to initiatives to repeal SB21, Parnell’s signature oil-tax reform law; legalize and regulate marijuana much as Colorado does; raise the minimum wage in Alaska to $8.75 an hour in 2015 and $9.75 in 2016; and bar the Pebble Mine project from going forward.


12 thoughts on “Lt. gov candidate Sullivan says he’d invade ANWR

  1. Lynn Willis

    I agree Fleener is a very impressive candidate. He won’t be on the August primary ballot because he is running as an independent (which we desperately need more of in Juneau). He will appear on the November ballot.
    Fleener is worthy of consideration. Very importantly to me he appears capable of doing the job and just as importantly, as an independent he is not obligated to become just another “party/caucus uber alles” worn cog in the political transmission of Alaska attempting to remain on the government payroll..

  2. Mae

    I just want to see Bartender Dan debate Lesil on the benefits of sidewalk chalk art.
    The entertainment value will be just has high (pun intended) and just as relevant.

  3. Uliana

    Dont forget you dont have to choose between Dan and Lesil. There is a third candidate who is running. Craig Fleener. Check out his fb page craig fleener for lt governor

  4. Jim

    So Dan Sullivan thinks it’s okay to profit off selling his drug of choice (alcohol) in copious amounts from his bar McGinleys, but he wants to prevent Alaskans from using marijuana which is objectively safer? Wonder how that’s going to play for him on the campaign trail..

  5. AlaskaCodPiece

    Golly, when I saw that Dan Sullivan had toured through Southeast, I thought it was DNR Dan who’d finally braved a visit to Alaska’s fishing towns after he blew off Kodiak twice. Wrong!

    Both Dan’s sure talk the same talk – not repealing the oil giveaway, support for Pebble Mine , the development at all cost theme.

  6. Northern Knights

    Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan appears to be the odss on favorite to win the Republican primary for Lite Governor. According to recent polls, he’s almost 20 pts ahead of Sen. Lesil McGuire. Sullivan enjoys better name identification as well. McGuire has a reputation of being a personal train wreck. While there are persistent negative rumors about both Sullivan and McGuire, I think that “those” in the know would agree that McGuiire has little chance of pulling it together, keeping it together and winning. Given this as the situation, I hope the media pays more attention to these candidates so we know who they are, what they stand for and what they would be like in terms of taking over the governorship if need be.

  7. michael

    He sounds like one of those valley trash types who drive around big lake in their speed boats dumpin old motor oil because it’s ALASKA. All hat no reindeer.

  8. RudeAlaskan

    Now THAT is what Alaska needs more of!!!!! Parnell would be lucky to serve with Lt. Governor Sullivan and Alaska would benefit.
    Good on ya’ Dan.

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