Begich’s new beautiful campaign ad

Below is Sen. Mark Begich’s latest campaign ad. Like his other ones, it’s beautiful and it features a real person who pulls at your heart. The real person in this one is Terry Tagarook, who lives in Wainwright, and who now can get VA-reimbursable health care at his local clinic. Begich takes credit, but Murkowski worked the issue also.

Why don’t other campaign commercials do it like this? It is just that the Democrats make better ads than Republicans?


3 thoughts on “Begich’s new beautiful campaign ad

  1. Valley Art

    Begich’s campaign has been produucing better ads than his opponents. The quality of production coupled with solid content has made his ads winners. Personally, I’m still undeicided as to whom to vote for. I don’t want to be so shallow as to suggest that my vote will be predicated on who has the best tv; however, they do make a difference.
    Truly wish that Dan Sullivan’s ads were better. What I can’t figure out is what is he doing with all his money? The ads he is producing don’t have a high cost production value. While I hope iit isn’t the case, as a firrst time candidate he would be well served to talk with experienced candidates to determine if he’s getting ripped off or not. Not saying he iis, I just don’t know. What I do know iis that Begich’s ads arre blowing the doors off Sullivan. The only ad he’s done that I liked was the one featuring his wife.

  2. Mae

    Terry!!! That dude is one strong honest man.
    Oh and yeah, great ad.
    I remember a time when it wasn’t a bit “proper” to have a Alaska Native in your campaign ad. I’m not that old. Now it is okay. We are all human. Accepted. To some degree. At certain tables. Behind certain doors. Blah. Blah.

    Now about that republican ad problem. It is just nuts. How are they going to pull it off? Show off their semi assault rifle leaning up next to a beautiful birch tree? Pose with it while saying how beautiful Mt. McKinley can be seen on a sunny day? It is a real problem, the low class, cheesy, republican campaign ads. Somebody needs to break the mold. Hopefully soon.

  3. Denali Dreamin'

    Great ad. Your praise is worthy. At first, before watching the ad, I thought your comment was overly boased and lacked perspective. After watching the ad, I couldn’t agree more.
    Definitely the best ad of the campaign season so far.

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