So many reasons for McGuire?

Here’s a web ad from Alaska state Sen. Lesil McGuire, who’s running for lieutenant governor.

The singer is Sarah Page, a South Anchorage McGuire constituent. It’s cute, and catchy, except the music and the visuals are nearly identical to this other video about how many ways there are to die. This is how this one starts:

Set fire to your hair

Poke a stick at a grizzly bear

Eat medicine that’s out of date

Use your private parts as piranha bait

We’ll see where this one goes.


37 thoughts on “So many reasons for McGuire?

  1. Anonymous

    It’s not Trevor in Los Angeles. It’s Tom Anderson pretending to be Trevor in Los Angeles. How many people in the lower 48 call it “the lower 48?” He should have said “snow machine” while he as at it. Using the local Alaska vernacular is a dead give away that it’s a local person and there are only 2 people on here defending the ad — Trevor and Andy. Hmmm…. T.A. Why would a filmmaker in L.A. even notice an ad in Alaska, let alone get into a debate online about its merits?

  2. Milton Friedman

    I bet if we all put up some cash tomorrow we could get Tom to never ever post this video ever ever again. I’ll set up meeting at the Baranof. It is a tried and true method of getting this guy to do what you need him to.

  3. Cindi T.

    Tom Anderson is the only person posting any positive comments. How pathetic.
    Lesil is such a bright, capable person. Her loyalty to this snake is dragging her down. While you have to admire Lesil’s loyalty and desire to help her son’s father, it makes me sad to see what it is doing to her chances to win statewide office.
    Good luck Lesil.
    P.S. – this ad is not very good. A rookie mistake. Toss it and move on.

  4. pioneer vintage '57

    This is hilarious drama. Tom Andersonm, a convicted felon andconfirmed political crook, is now a political consultant for the insensiitive, dumb and valueless. I guess you can prey on those who drink too much by hanging out a sign listing a professionm and they believe that you are a professional. I probably wouldn’t have seen this article on ad if it weren’t Anderson drawing my attention to it. First question : why would he draw attention to this controvery ? The only reason I can think is that he is such an ego-driven humanoid that he is obsessed with his “idea” and that is more important to him than his client’s race. I’m not a big fan of Sullivan’s; however, I cannot and will not support a politicioan who is so insensitive to the nuances of riight and wrong that if they hire Anderson, I’m done with them.
    Somebody said that she pays him to get her child support. If true, great vertical integration plan. With Anderson as her consultant, who can take Lesil’s candidacy seriously. There may be lots of “hits” on You Tube; that means a lot of people are laughiing at McGuire. Maybe that’s why she’s 20 points down in the polls.

  5. Edward

    Look at the YouTube hits keep piling up. : ) Best “terrible awful worst ever ad” in Alaska history. Well played.

  6. Ben

    I can’t imagine who thought hmm let’s take a video about dumb ways to die, and turn it into our campaign ad. That has to be about the worst possible song/video to use for a political campaign. The irony is hilarious though.

  7. Andy

    Wow – I can see how these comment streams could go into perpetuity with back-and-forths….to attack candidates based on gossip or who they use for their positive messaging (and now I’m actually checking out this animation’s YouTube traffic and it’s accumulating fast) is boring. Seems a lot of candidates have fallibility and we’ll have no choices if we micro-analyze their every move. I, personally, vote based on an elected official’s record of achievement if they’ve been in office prior to candidacy. People like McGuire, Sullivan, French, Parnell….they have these things and I can juxtapose and decide accordingly. Nonsense about a candidate losing a vote because of a harmless, actually effective, and clearly popular animation, is just white noise and indicative of people who are commenting with some sort of campaign agenda and even malicious intent, which ruins the dialogue for me and nudges readers to quit.

  8. LJames

    The ad isn’t worth arguing over. Let’s get to the real issues:
    1. Why would a serious candidate for statewide public office hire a convicted felon, especially one that had no proven track record or expertise in elections?
    2. Lesil McGGuire is an incredibly bright public servant who seems cursed with an addiction that ruins many in our great state. Shouldn’t she be focused on helping herself for the benefit of her family?
    3. She seems selfish and unconcerned that she could her other leaders in her party.

    She is going to loose. With or without this stupiid little cutsie ad.

  9. THB

    This is beyond the pale. This ad would be good for best Kindergarden teacher award. For a real candidate running for statewide offiice, not so much. Not sure who should get the credit. This is BAD.

  10. Trevor

    While I try to refrain from joining nasty Internet confrontations with strangers in another state (I have never even been to Alaska), I am compelled to respond here. I would invite you to re-read my comment, and then maybe highlight for my attention where I weigh in on the candidate at all, let alone claim that it is all I need to know. I think that will be enlightening.

    I was commenting on the ad as part of the political discourse as well as the accompanying commentary which quickly degraded to name calling and slander. I consider it a shame that a piece so well crafted would ignight only baffling vitriole rather than intelligent conversation. There’s not going to be progress from that, but the Internet is an expansive, anonymous version of a school playground, and it attracts some of the same sorts of children. Including those who might better be inside working on reading comprehension.

    Regards from the lower 48, zip code 91344, moving next week to 90029.. Yes, really,

  11. Andy

    Love it! Funny, charming, really neat characters….the nonsense about copying is so dumb, since we’re on issue with that Aussie title. Google the song and all sorts of people have copied for fun. The Daily News said the origin was noted from the beginning. The thing I dig most is that it’s sort of gone viral already and the morons below who bash this gal are either complete political hacks or need to get a life. I have a life and am not a hack – I enjoyed the big orange sun today with family, but I can tell you one thing, some Alaskans below are disgusting how they think and talk. My kids will vote for the whale, no wait, one likes the Trooper. The Eskimo girl was adorable and is my choice. Good for you, Lesil. Way to keep it nice and still get your message out.

  12. Shattered

    I could be wrong, but I suspect her behavior would be the same regardless of where the legislature is held.

    Her bad behavior and lack of accountability isn’t limited to Juneau. If you recall, when she was removed from the Alaska Airlines flight for being drunk and abusive, it was at Anchorage International Airport. That one made the paper. And what were the consequences for this? Nothing. You or I would have at the very least gone to jail for such acts. We would have probably been criminally prosecuted and fined and/or imprisoned for the transgression. I was really surprised that she wasn’t charged for that one considering that it was a federal crime and all.

    So, I don’t think the venue has much to do with it. She’s going to behave that way regardless of whether she’s in Juneau, Anchorage or anywhere else. The real issue is that she continues to be elected into public office and is not held accountable for her actions.

  13. Not as confused as Jason

    Jason’s comment provides his perspective to which he is entitled. However, as he blathers on, he is either playing fast and loose with the truth or is unaware of what is going on in the GOP race for thr Number 2 spot on the statewide ticket. It is McGuire who has been making the insinuations and attacks, not Mayor Sullivan nor his campaign. As far as this ad goes, who cares? Ads are in the eye of the beholder. Jason likes it, I don’t. Furthermore, I keep hoping that. Yet another candidate gets in the race. I would hate to see Governor Parnell saddled with either Sullivan or McGuire. Let’s hope and encourage that we get someone like Loren Leman, John Coghill, Charlie Huggins or even Lance Pruitt in the race. The deadline isn’t until June 2nd. I bet there are a lot of Republicans, besides myself, that is hoping for one more candiidate with less baggage than the two current candidates.

  14. Selena M.

    This is bad on so many levels. As a political, its laughable. As a creatibe product, I have to question if it was simply ripped off the other ad. I heard folks talking about thus at the Republican open house earlier today and have to admit it ‘s bad, but not quite as bad as people were saying there. Can’t say its the worst political ad, I’ve ever seen but it certainly is a contender for the all-time worst 10. I am really disappoiinted in Lesil. I was hoping for far more I guess. This ad detracts from her intelligence, acumen and legislative successes.

  15. Jason

    This ad is very effective. It’s stupid-catchy, upbeat and now It’s stuck in my head. No wonder the Mayor’s TrollArmy is furiously spamming this site again with feigned indignation and ad hominem attacks trying to fake public sentiment.

    What is more concerning than this ad is the escalating vehemence of the Mayor’s online ‘supporters’ antipathy to Senator McGuire. For folks so emboldened by a democratic poll that was tiny – and 80% white people – you’re not sounding particularly confident. Let’s try to honor these candidates’ commitment to remain positive, like this ad.

  16. RudeAlaskan

    60 of her colluegues knew she was too drunk to gavel in on the last day of session. When your workmates know you’re a drunk making laws and look the other way, it’s unethical. They’re enabling.
    Yes, a recall or to stop voting her into office would be wise. But Juneau knows and keeps quiet.

  17. Ashley

    I really like this catchy cartoon video I think it is fun. If I had to watch a commercial waiting for my show to come back on I would rather watch this then most of the other boring political ads. It is cute and when I played it on my computer the kids ran over to watch it too.

    I don’t understand why everyone is so angry.. I love it!

    Haters goin Hate. Go Lesil! LOL love the commercial

  18. Shattered

    So Trevor, what does a film maker from Los Angeles know about Lesil McGuire? You are special indeed if a plagiarized online video tells you all you need to know about a political candidate.

    I have a feeling that you aren’t really a film maker from Los Angeles at all. Los Anchorage, is more likely.

    But that’s really neither here nor there. The point being that if you are able to discern the viability of a political candidate based on a three minute animated movie and a stupid song, you’re a special kind of dumb.

  19. Trevor

    I’m a filmmaker in Los Angeles, and I was just forwarded this ad not because I’m a potential voter in Alaska, but because it was so well put together. People’s politics obviously will not always align, but reading through these comments is sad, and looks like the hatchet work of the competition, and a bunch of angry Internet trolls with too much time on their hands. Maybe they were bullied in high school? It’s a very well done ad which delivers the message of the candidate in a fun way. One of the best political ads I’ve seen in years. Congrats to the mind or minds behind it, and shame on those who just want to spew hate. If you care about politics, say something of substance and civility. Maybe make your own opposing ad that’s better. I bet you can’t.

    Best wishes to McGuire, too.

    Los Angeles, CA

  20. Shattered

    I’m sorry, but Juneau does not enable it. Those from South Anchorage who continually vote her into office are the ones who enable her behavior.

    For the life of me, I cannot understand how this happens. Although she runs as a conservative, her actions and behavior are anything but. She has a reputation (and much of it documented) as a mean spirited adulterous drunk who has no problem allocating huge sums of public funds that are not in the public interest. Her “family values” are pretty much non existent and she seems to be driven by whatever is in her own best interest. What’s in the public interest be damned.

    Maybe I have it all wrong. Perhaps this is what the people of South Anchorage want. It must be because they keep voting her into office. I wouldn’t want someone like this representing me in any capacity. But then again, I’m not from South Anchorage.

  21. Sam

    Hey Amanda – you screwed up on the headline. Should have read :So Many Reasons For McGuire To Drop Out Of The Race. Why you contiinue to try to give this woman favorable publicity is beyond me. Her friends, staff and colleagues are constantly covering up for her. It’s time that the media tell the true story. You know what I’m talking about and so do a lot others. What kind of elected official thinks its a good idea having a convicted felon as their campaign advisor? McGuire is seriously out of touch. Not sure if its arrogance or her prviledged life that he has had. I think the public has tired of her. I certainly have.

  22. Claire

    I’m sorry you’re disappointed in her, I know how it feels. She didn’t make the summit great, the people around her did. It’s time women lift the veil and look at Lesil for who she is, not who she is faking it as. Look at Amy Dembowski, Cathy Geisel, Mia Costello, and Lisa Murkowski as great republican leaders for Alaska who represent our state at all times with dignity and class. The stories we hear of Lesil in bars are disgraceful, terrible behavior that should be publicly shamed. And yet Juneau enables it…

  23. ryan

    I bet Gov. Parnell is excited about this ad concept and jingle. Bet he likes it a lot. Bet he’d like to see a modofocation for the general election that would include his name in the lyrics. There might be a sillier, goofier ad somewhere but who would want it or need it? This one is good enough to destry abyone’s credibiility. Lesil – do yourself, your friends and family a facor – – drop out of the race. You don’t have a chance. Ckean up your life, ditch the stupiid ad and come back ib 4 – 8 years. Now, is NOT your time.

  24. Lisa

    Can someone explain to me how the same person had the fortitude to organize the Alaska Women’s Conference with such professionalism and purpose and then turnaround and make the only woman running for statewiide office, herself, look so irrelevant. I am shocked and dismayed. As I young professional woman, I know first hand the many challenges we as women face on a daily basis in the professional and political world. I am angry with Senator McGuire and believe that she has hurt a whole sector of women who are working hard and striving to be taken seriously. Is she content with being cuute? Is she satisfied to be elected and not respected? Women are constantly being tested. Our leaders need to be examples. Not fools or cutie pies. From talking to my friends earlier this evening, I believe that Senator McGuire lost a fair amount of female votes tonight. She is a disappointment to our gender.

  25. Ray

    This is stupid. Really dumb I would love to hear the rational behind the reason to do something like this. I wasn’t going to vote for Sullivan. This story just changed my mind. Who the hell could even think about supporting McGuire after this?

  26. RudeAlaskan

    See, the funny bit here is:
    -She paid for this. Ouch. That’s gotta be disappointing.
    -The firm owned by the ex-con, ex-husband…it’s all they got!! And it sucks. Apparently the PR books in jail are old or from a foreign country. Can’t be a lawyer. Can’t be a lawmaker….shouldn’t do PR.
    -She left out hotdog (or whatever they are) figures wearing firefighter hats….one of many unions who gave her money.
    -Everybody knows she won’t win, even with an expensive video which is too long and with horrid graphics.

  27. Mae

    Go Lesil… However your not the first Alaskan chic to equate Mosquitos to piranhas. What happened to drill baby drill? Misquitos drill & suck. Piranhas bite & devour. All I can wonder, is where you been hanging out?

    Good luck. I can’t wait for the debates.

  28. Lynn Willis

    Is this supposed to be any more impressive to voters than “Generalissimo Sullivan” announcing a quest for ‘lebensraum’ on the North Slope?
    I didn’t (couldn’t) watch the entire production after it became redundant.
    If plagiarism is indeed the most sincere form of flattery then I suppose this makes sense to someone. Assuming you had the bucks, who in radio or television would even sell 3:02 of ad time for a single political ad?

  29. Brad

    That’s messed up. Hopefully this the last $4000 McGuire gives to her ex husband Tom Anderson, who produced the ad. Probabaly should go with PS Stategies next time.

  30. JT

    She has tobbe an insensitive out-of-touch politician. The same tune? Virtually the same graphics? This is sick. In a state with such high suicide rates this isn’t even funny. I will NEVER support this woman for anything.

  31. A sober republican

    Are you kidding me? This proves that McGuire is clueless. This is an embartrassment. Reasons to vote for McGuire? Ways to Die? I think that McGuire’s campaign is trying, with single focus, to insure its own demise. This mmay be the first time in political hiistory where a candidate did a negative ad on themselves.
    Lesil McGuire and her campaign should be horrified, embarrassed and ashamed.

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