Quote of the day: Don Young also gags

As hoped for, Rep. Don Young weighs in on Gina McCarthy’s comment that a gift of Alaska moose given to her by an Alaska child “could gag a maggot.”

Do you know what makes me gag? The EPA’s continuous assault on our state; whether it be blocking offshore air permits in Alaska for years, making it difficult for our power plants to operate, harassing our fishing fleet over deck wash and fish waste, or attempting a grab of Alaska’s lands. This just goes to show the EPA truly doesn’t understand our state and the people that live here. Gina McCarthy’s words sound like they come from someone who has contempt for, rather than an appreciation of, the rich customary traditions of Alaska’s people. Maybe the placer miners in Chicken, AK will invite her in for dinner during the EPA’s next raid and she’ll like what they’re serving a little better.


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day: Don Young also gags

  1. Rambo49

    She apologized. Her comments were maicious, mean spirited and are demonstrative of the Democrats callous insensitivity towards Alaska and its people. I don’t think people at her level in government should get to say what she did and then have it be okay because she said she was sorry.
    I’m sorry that Ms. McCarthy is still employed.
    Thank you Don for sticking it to her.

  2. alaskapi

    This whole thing is really starting to irritate me.
    From the where’s-the-left-on-this-Dem-insult? stuff to the good -ole -Don- Young crap here.
    Good ole Don Young is given a pass for an ethnic slur ( ” We used to hire wetbacks”) by far too many Alaskans , including the Vice Chair of the Alaska Republican Party, but Mr Begich can say or do NO thing which is an acceptable rebuff to Ms McCarthy?
    Mr foot-in-his-mouth Young is an acceptable person to rebuff Ms McCarthy?
    We forgive him because he ‘s just -Don-ya-know?
    What’s to say Ms McCarthy isn’t just Ms McCarthy, ya know? Seems to have been the thrust of the quoted article in the WSJ (which is behind a paywall so I haven’t read the whole thing) that lit this fire in a barrel off.

    As someone from the far left, I find Mr Begich is so far to the right of me I can hardly see him from here but I think he did fine in his remarks castigating Ms McCarthy. Do we really want him to froth at the mouth?

    I was pretty offended by Ms McCarthy’s cracks from an Alaskan POV but in the context of a so-called straight talker shooting off her mouth about bureaucratic BS as regards reporting gifts? Not so much. She sounded more like Don Young often does than anything else, truth be told.
    Get over it people. We can put up with Mr Young’s gaffes for 40 years, we can survive a couple from Ms McCarthy without succumbing to the vapors, can’t we?. Crimenently.
    And from one of your earlier columns, Ms Coyne?
    “GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s campaign used the comments to bash Begich. “After 5 years in the Senate, Senator Begich’s inability to educate his democratic colleagues in Washington about the uniqueness of Alaska continues to be on full display,” Sullivan spokesman Mike Anderson said.’
    Mr Sullivan thinks Mr Begich’s job is to “educate… about the uniqueness of Alaska “?
    Pffft! Pure opportunistic political pol bashing at its worst there.

  3. Bobby T.

    This is vintage Don Young and why we Alaskans have returned him to Congress for more than 30 years. He might not always properly use words and he even mispronounces them sometimes but he’s always in our corner. At least one member of our congressional delegation has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to Obama’s appointees.

  4. I'm a Young Man

    Now, that’s my guy. I wish Mark and Lisa had the guts to kick McCarthy in the head.

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