Quote of the day: Halcro on the Uber case

If Andrew Halcro runs for mayor, which it looks like he might, the Uber situation will surely be one of his big issues. And it’s likely to be a winning one among voters, who will have a hard time understanding why, in Anchorage, Alaska of all places, they can’t decide what company they want to use to give them a ride to the airport.
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7 thoughts on “Quote of the day: Halcro on the Uber case

  1. DB

    It’s great to see Andrew Halcro want citizens to be able to choose the best fit for their transportation needs. Hey, Andy, how about allowing these same citizens and parents to choose the best education fit for their children? Bottom line: Isn’t education much, much more important than a taxi ride to the airport? How about it Andrew? Get on board and hitch a ride with school choice.

  2. Ms. Wolf

    The lead salesman of all time is Mark Begich.
    Ummm could you please give a link or some proof of that? Otherwise I will take is as a grain of salt or just a lie, b/c it is election time and kkkkroch bros trolls are bashing Begich!

  3. no sarah please!

    Run, Halcro, run!
    OMG! Anchorage would have a “honest” person for mayor!
    It is time Alaska quits voting the crooks in or should I say “corrupt bastards” in and starts voting them out!
    Well that would leave a certain ex GINO high and dry now wouldn’t it? LOVE HALCRO!
    His blog was the best info on the Mat Maid “Got fraud” debacle!

  4. Tom McGrath

    Many industries and unions buy part of the Anchorage government from time to time. The lead salesman of all time is Mark Begich. His various schemes has cost us a lot more than the Taxi Industry does. Anchorage Code is full of protectionist provisions that cost us all every day.

  5. Anonymous

    Perhaps Halcro could give us a list of which laws the city should enforce or not. Typical populist – pandering for an issue that might be popular regardless of what the rules say. If he wants to change Title 11, let’s hear his specific suggestions. But, that would actually require some work – much harder than snarky blogging.

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