Video: ‘Bill Walker went down to Juneau.’ The rest of the song.

Updated: The video is no longer available on YouTube, which removed it due to a copyright claim by the Charlie Daniels Band, or CDB, informally. 

For those of you who were disappointed that the last version was truncated, be disappointed no more. Here’s the rest of the song. As for me, I’m still waiting for the counter: Maybe a take-off of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot?


2 thoughts on “Video: ‘Bill Walker went down to Juneau.’ The rest of the song.

  1. Lynn Willis

    The song is clever and entertaining; however, it is only a song not a statement of fact. Rhyming verse is perhaps more important to a songwriter than the truth. For example how could Walker or Mallot, as members of the executive branch ,appoint any State Senator to be the Chair of Senate Rules? What do you think Senator Huggins might say about that? If you read the transcript regarding the “16% cut” statement by Walker in the ADN ( )the song is incorrect in claiming Walker proposed a one time 16% cut (of course we are never going to hear Parnell’s’ specific plan to control spending either).
    Perhaps this song writer could create verses that rhyme with “Refinery Closure”, “Sulfolane” “Unsustainable Budgets”, “National Guard”, “Bullet Line”,”Spending the CBR/SBR”, “AGIA legacy” “48% Consumer gas cost increase in one year” and more…..

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