The real Bill Walker who called for an income tax comes forward

On Friday, Americans for Tax Reform sent out a release, claiming that gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker wrote a letter to the editor in 2004 calling for a statewide income tax. Shortly after the release, Bill Walker’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to ATR, claiming that Walker did not write the letter and that there were at least 20 Bill Walker’s in the state that could have done so.

Now it appears that Bill Walker who wrote the letter has stepped forward. This Bill Walker has a blog and builds boats and wants some credit for his letter, which was supposed to be a satire, but satire in newspaper land is hard pull off:

Here’s what the real writer of the letter wrote on his blog:

I found the idea of both permanent fund dividends and a state income tax to be such an absurd idea that I wrote a satire proposing it. Mine was originally titled “A Modest Proposal” after Jonathan Swift’s 1729 satire where Swift proposes the absurd idea of the impoverished Irish selling their babies as food for the rich. Unfortunately, ADN replaced my title with their own. However, ADN did leave my reference to “A Modest Proposal” in the text.

No response yet from ATR.


4 thoughts on “The real Bill Walker who called for an income tax comes forward

  1. Forecast

    Parnell and his outside interest group is proven to be the deceitful liars they were born to be.


  2. Lynn Willis

    Thank you Amanda and thank you Bill Walker; however, we should give some credit to Grover for researching ten years worth of letters to the Editor hoping he was finally going to find something to “expose” the candidate Walker. Keep searching Grover; it is only Sunday and you gained an hour of search time last night when we turned our clocks back……

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