Video: Young twists congressional staffer’s arm, literally

A recent video, first tweeted by NBC News, of Rep. Don Young has surfaced, showing Young apparently violently twisting the arm of a congressional staffer who was blocking him from entering a GOP meeting on the border situation. Watch the video here:

In a statement to the ADN, Young admits that he was wrong and said that “I should have never placed my hands on the young man.”

It’s the latest in a string of negative incidents involving Young, including making faces on the House floor while a veteran who died in Iraq was being discussed, a recent run-in with the the Capitol Hill police for barging through a barricade.


20 thoughts on “Video: Young twists congressional staffer’s arm, literally

  1. akmom

    I really wish one of his trusted advisors would encourage him to just retire. His behavior is just really embarrassing and unbecoming of a Congressman.

  2. Haven

    It’s disturbing to see the comments here making fun of the young congressional staffer. He was sent to do a job and he was doing it (more than can be said for Young) and he maintained mature professionalism during the encounter (again, more than can be said for young). It’s easy to see which one of these two is functioning at a level expected of those working for taxpayers and it’s NOT Mr. Young.

  3. Brad

    What a pathetic excuse for a staffer. The Pillsbury Doughboy does not belong in a Jos A. Bank suit.

  4. Milton Friedman

    I find it odd that Alaska voters hold our Senate candidates to a higher standard than our lone congressman. If any of them had the record that Don Young has had over the last decade, they would be laughed out of the state.

  5. Kevin

    You answered your own question. He is more hirable than anyone who’s ever opposed him – that’s how elections work. We’ve hired him, and will continue to do so until he steps down through either death or retirement.

  6. Derp

    Apparently they were trying to exclude him, but sent the chubmaster to do it. So their intention was good, but execution was lacking.

  7. Ak49

    If my boss did that to me I would feel more than just violated and belittled. Don Young is not a professional. That buffoon would never be allowed to sit in a boardroom, let alone the front desk. He hasn’t had to apply for a job in half a century. What does it say when a man as unhirable as Don Young keeps getting reelected.

  8. John Smith

    I think Don called the guy a “wetback” as he walked into the meeting.

    He is the sole representative for us in the People’s House. He is an embarrassment. This is the latest episode. Between this, the funny faces on the House floor, the ethics violations and fines, the racial slurs (I think he used the term “wetbacks”, and the inability to hold any major committee positions, Don Young is proving himself to be a waste of space and a terrible representation of the people of Alaska.

    Why is a guy who calls illegal aliens “wetbacks” going into a Republican meeting about the border crisis anyway. If I were the House Republican leadership, I would keep him as far away as possible.

  9. Kevin

    Haha, that kid can never run for office anywhere.

    You tried to illegally stop a senior member of the house from attending a session, but instead you got manhandled by an 81 year old man. His reaction afterwords conjured images of injured soccer/basketball players who’re trying to get a foul called on their opponents.

    Did you notice Young used his left hand? Don is right handed. Why did he use that hand?

    Imagine if you will how this situation came about, or how it could have been brought out of context. Who was this pudgy-ball-o-intern, and for who does he work? The kid probably tried to stop Don, and Don asserted himself back.

    The saddest part of all of this was the reaction from the Dunbar campaign: “hugely violative and belittling in context”

    Were you there Forrest? Do you know the context? Or are you just capitalizing off of hype? If you’re trying to establish your candidacy with character, you’re not off to a good start.

    Forrest is trying to run off of hype since he’s never done anything. Why don’t you try for a seat in the Alaska House before trying to slander a man who has done incredible things for our state? What have you done, what’s your record…in context.

  10. Mae

    Don Young, being his usual self.

    Has anyone seen the buttons that say “I’ve never voted for Don.”

  11. CPG49

    Our congressman has lost the respect of his colleagues. He has no position of power or authority and is the longest serving member of the Republican party. Already this summer he has embarrassed us three times with his child-like inapropriate behavior, not to mention the fine he was charged with for his unethical behavior. He use to be powerful, now he’s laughed at. His time has passed. I’d rather have a fruitcake like Forrest Dunbar than a fool like Don Young. It is time for a change.

  12. Gina

    This Alaskan has been embarrassed enough by Don Young. It is time for him to step aside.
    Alaskans suffers fools too easily.

  13. valley voter

    Waaaah! Get over it fatboy. Quite a grip Don has. I guess the staffer doesn’t realize it’s illegal to detain a member of Congress on their way to attend a session of their House.

  14. Ben

    I’m a young man!
    That fat little f’er shouldn’t have been in the man’s way. Go YOUNG!

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