Walker-Mallott joins lawsuit to keep ‘Unity’ ticket on ballot

“Unity” ticket candidates Bill Walker and Byron Mallott are intervening in the lawsuit filed on Wednesday that challenges Lt. Mead Treadwell on his decision to certify the ticket. (Background here.)

From the campaign’s press release:

The campaign retained Anchorage attorney, Scott Kendall of Holmes, Weddle, and Barcott who represented the Murkowski campaign in 2010 and has extensive experience litigating election law issues in Alaska.

Mr. Kendall stated: “The replacement of candidates after the primary election has occurred many times in Alaska. The process that was followed by the Walker-Mallott ticket was the exact process used in each of the preceding instances.

Considering this long-standing practice, we believe that the suit is without merit.

The Lieutenant Governor and Division of Elections acted appropriately, and we are confident that their actions will be upheld in court.In our case, the Campaign intervened to make sure that it could appeal if necessary and to represent its interests in staying on the November ballot. We are optimistic that a positive and prompt resolution is forthcoming so that the candidates can get back to debating the issues that matter to Alaskans.”

Spokesperson Lindsay Hobson stated:  “Given the expedited timeline of this lawsuit, the campaign, in conjunction with Mr. Kendall, does not anticipate that its participation will require much in terms of time or financial resources. In the meantime, the candidates remain focused on their campaign and victory in November.”


3 thoughts on “Walker-Mallott joins lawsuit to keep ‘Unity’ ticket on ballot

  1. Stockholder

    So what is the biggest lie of the year? The claim by Republican operatives that they care so much about “disenfranchised” Democrats.

    Why are these Republican operatives so desperate that they will use lawsuits to stop a unity ticket that is clearly supported by the majority of Alaskans? It’s because the Walker- Mallott team is ahead by 8 points (from a Hayes Research Group poll completed just one day before the Republicans filed their desperation lawsuit.)

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