Loose Lips: Ubiquitous Coffey misses Palin brawl. Mead for mayor? Love bugs bite.

Loose LipsWell, that didn’t last very long. Reggie Drummond, who became the administrator for the Legislative Ethics Committee in June, resigned effective September 15th. Drummond was a combat vet who did three tours in Iraq and one in Bosnia, and was most recently an Inspector General for the Army in Alaska. Joyce Anderson who previously served in this position will serve in an acting capacity until they find a replacement.

Anchorage mayoral candidate Dan Coffey is nothing if not ubiquitous. Hang out in a coffee shop? There’s Coffey, interviewing an expert on waste disposal. A restaurant? There he is, talking to the waiter about what he could do to make the city better. A bar? Well, he doesn’t drink, but he still likes bar owners. On Saturday, September 6, he and his wife Pauline put on their finest and headed to the Anchorage Symphony. After that was over, still wearing his tux, they stopped by a birthday party for twins of a long-time friend, Mike McKenna. He stayed for about 45 minutes. As he was leaving, he noticed a stretch Hummer limo, and Todd and Sarah Palin milling about in front of it. He also noticed someone with his shirt off standing outside with a group of guys. Did he think it was strange? “No. I’m glad I left early,” he said.

Kate Giard, the new chief financial officer for the Municipality of Anchorage, took the reins of the city’s finance department this week from Lucinda Mahoney who retired effective September 12th.  Giard served the city in the same position from 2000 – 2003 and was then appointed to serve on the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Frasca, who served as Gov. Frank Murkowski’s OMB Director and in the same position at the muni, has teamed up with former Republican Party chair Randy Ruedrich to establish an independent expenditure committee to support Parnell’s gubernatorial campaign.

Speaking of former Gov. Frank Murkowski: He was seen in town again this week working with a group of Asian visitors to advance a gas pipeline.

Rumors are swirling that some members of the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club are encouraging Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell to throw his hat in the ring to run for mayor of Anchorage. If he does, it will be interesting to see what political persona he will select for the non-partisan race. Will it be the old Mead that we knew as the reasonable moderate or the fire-breathing Tea Party conservative he became when he ran for lt. governor and the Senate?

Will it be at the Elvis Wedding Chapel? The Mon Bel Ami? The Chapel in The Clouds? The two–uber real estate developer Jon Rubini and local oncologist Clare Bertucio—are being all mysterious about their plans. But they are in sin city and will be tying the knot this weekend. Mazel Tov, Buona Fortuna, and sincerest congratulations and best wishes to both.

Speaking of love, David and Shani Green, Anchorage’s favorite furriers, are celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary today.

Alaska State Employees Association/AFSCME Local 52 has endorsed Democratic congressional candidate Forrest Dunbar over 42-year incumbent Rep. Don Young. It was an odd diss. Young normally gets union support, and the union’s umbrella organization, the AFL-CIO, recently announced its endorsement of Young. The public employees union broke ranks with their brothers and sisters supposedly because of some statement Young made about federal workers. But some suspect personal animosity might be involved. The ASEA/AFSCME Local 52 executive director, Jim Duncan, unsuccessfully ran against Young in 1998.

The bar at Simon & Seaforts seems like an odd place for a political fundraiser, but word is it worked well on Tuesday evening for state GOP Reps. Gabrielle LeDoux and Lora Rinebold. The event drew some 35 guests. Simon’s artichoke – crab dip was a big hit. Spotted: local trial lawyer Charlie Coe, Brian Davidson, GCI’s Alex Von Wickman, Reps. Craig Johnson and Bill Stoltze, Angelina Burney, Troy Carlock, Ilona Farr, Liz Vazquez, gas guru Dan Fauske, the hard-hat wearing Clayton Walker and Jerry Jenkins.

Also on Tuesday evening, the AK House Democratic Campaign Committee hosted a fundraising event across from Westchester Lagoon. About 35 guests attended including Reps. Chris Tuck, Les Gara, Andy Josephson and Harriet Drummond and her spouse Elstun Lauesen. Also among those spotted: John Havelock and his wife, Mona, Heather Kendall-Miller, Dennis Knebel, Peter Mjos, and Della Colver.

Accolades to Rep. Tammie Wilson for her commitment to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank. She’s leading the charge to bring in 2000 loaves of home baked bread for their 2014 Thanksgiving distribution. If you’re into kneading, you can join Tammie’s “Bake & Take” project by contacting 907-457-4273.

The DHSS’ Medicaid reimbursement system still isn’t working well enough to be paying all health care providers. The multi-million dollar computer upgrade by Xerox has been a disaster here and elsewhere across the country. Now, rumors are growing that some members of the health care provider community are on the verge of filing a class action suit. Stay tuned.

Is Alaska ready for the Hillary army? It’s been reported that Hillary is pitching into the midterms by sending more than two dozen political staff to key states. The “Ready to Vote” deployments will run Oct. 1 through Election Day, helping Democrats in 14 states. Alaska is one of them.

Eric Thompson, the fired witness to the Sarah Palin family brawl, has raised $7,770 as of Thursday morning from the public on the site that he set up to receive contributions.

Speaking of the brawl:  The illustrations below, from the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, comparing Palin’s version of events to other versions, are just too good not to speak of it:

Palin account pic

Palin eyewitness pic

Celebrate yesterday when this column was supposed to be posted! On September 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the document they had created. And Gov. Parnell announced that this year’s PFD would be a whopping $1884.00.

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  1. Samuel Abney

    Yeah. Dan Coffey is a man of the people and a great statesman … and I’m the crowned prince of Denmark. He’s a nice and sincere man personally, but professionally he’s extremely dishonest.

  2. Mae

    The Palin brawl is also captured in stick figures heaped in a pile with Toad’s bloody nose, the quitters tacky shoes and Bristol punching another.
    It can be viewed at that Alaskan blog which covers news from the upper left of things…

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