American Crossroads attacks Begich’s commitment to veterans

A day after U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan called for Sen. Mark Begich to agree to try to put an end to third-party ads, American Crossroads released the following ad, accusing Begich of not taking enough action on veterans healthcare. The new ad will air statewide for a total buy of $450,000. It started on Wednesday.

“Begich likes to use his position on the Veterans Affairs Committee to score political points when he’s in Alaska, but he continues to sit on the sidelines when it comes to holding President Obama and the VA leadership accountable in Washington,” said Art Hackney, well known Anchorage-based adman and strategist for Crossroads.

Begich’s campaign responded:

Begich has widespread support from the Alaska veteran community. Begich also sits on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee where he successfully facilitated an agreement between the VA and tribal health facilities to allow veterans to receive care closer to home, helping to significantly cut down on VA wait times in Alaska.

The Senate passed a $50 billion VA health care bill on Wednesday night, largely mirroring similar proposals from the House. Begich was in D.C. and voted for the bill.

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4 thoughts on “American Crossroads attacks Begich’s commitment to veterans

  1. Anonymous

    What happened to the Alaska Agreement? I thought according to Afghan Dan third party spending was bad? “Don’t hide behind some outside group” lolz

  2. Mae

    Ah yeah, these ads are not doing it for me. While I’ve not yet decided to vote for, I find the right obsessing over Begich and the primary hasn’t even happened.

    Another cheesy and weak ad.
    I’m sick of it already.
    However the “canned” like responses in favor of L48 Dan are hilarious.

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