Quote of the day: A reader weighs in on the historic Eric Cantor upset

From my most faithful reader, John R. Coyne Jr., who also happens to be my father, responding to the piece I posted on the historic win of Dave Brat in Virginia. I’m going to brag here: My father is a former White House speechwriter and currently contributes to a whole host of esteemed right-wing publications, which I read mostly because he writes brilliantly for them.

Also interesting that the major media, all of which are heavily represented in D.C. and have been devoting exhaustive coverage across the country to this year’s elections, didn’t have a clue about what was going on just across the border in Virginia, their own back yard, apparently content to rely on a few bad polls. Now they’re trying to spin it as a Tea Party triumph, but none of the organized Tea Party groups were backing Brat, instead, like the media, concentrating on Mississippi, where an amiable old goat was apparently finally being put out to pasture.


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day: A reader weighs in on the historic Eric Cantor upset

  1. 357

    Ok, now I better understand where some of your cleverness and fine writing comes from. It must be gentics.

  2. Garand Fellow

    I agree with Mr. Coyne. Moreover, the mainstream media would have us believe that democracy ended with Citizens United, and this election certainly proves that money doesn’t matter all that much. Also, the ruling class, Republicans and Democrats, relies too much on polsters. It’s comical that this happened right next door to where the ruling class lives and breathes.

    Not so comical is that Barack Hussein Obama has been the Great Divider. He will leave office with America much more divided than it was when he was first sworn into office.

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