Another day, another Senate ad

From the Sunday New York Times piece about the Alaska Senate race:

Political ads are ubiquitous here already. They have run on Alaska airwaves nearly 20,000 times since early last year, according to Kantar Media, a monitoring and research firm. That is more than in North Carolina (18,000), Arkansas (13,000) and Louisiana (12,000), all of which are conservative states where Republicans believe they can pick off Democratic incumbents.

And as if on cue, here’s another ad. This one’s from GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan, who, after months of silence, appears to be on a roll.

This ad is supposed to be a counter to a recent one by Put Alaska First, a pro-Begich super-PAC, which attacks Sullivan HB 77, one of the most controversial bills introduced in the state Legislature recently. The rap on it is that it proposed to give unprecedented powers to the DNR commissioner to issue permits. At the time of its drafting, Dan Sullivan was the DNR commissioner.

The ad, however, pivots away from HB 77, and instead focuses on federal gun control laws.

Smart, maybe.

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19 thoughts on “Another day, another Senate ad

  1. Anonymous


    While I honor and appreciate what our armed forces do, it isn’t a sole venue to vote for someone who claims to be Alaskan when his signed Alaskan fishing license claims otherwise.
    Nor is L48 Dan’s career enlistment a sole venue to vote for him as Alaska’s next congressional senator.

  2. Patti

    I agree with Roberta. That guy sounds like a mental midget or an unhappy sob. The reason this site has such popularity and credibility is because it is fair and unbiased. The truth hurts some I guess.

  3. Roberta

    The idiot, who uses the moniker awwwwwwwwww, is about as intellectually dishonest as his monikler lacks creativity. If this individual read much, or had the ability to comprehend much, then he/she would know that this site offers one of the most balanced perspectives in the media. I suspect this person is small-minded and is constantly upset when anyone from the “liberal media” says anything that’s rational about Republicans. I find peole like this disgusting. Like many liberals, they can’t seem to make intellectual arguments and revert to name calling and innuendo. The ad was good and this guy is upset bvecause of it. Too bad. Amanda, keep up the good work.

  4. Jerad

    Summed up: You trust what a politician tells you and not his actions?

    Why doesn’t he come out and disown what this supposed assistant said? His name is on the letter, isn’t it?

    “Trust what I tell you and don’t judge me by my actions.”

  5. Nora

    You support the Second Amendment:
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    And yet you don’t support people being able to defend their lives through the use of firearms in public settings?

    If ‘Jerry Active’ was running down 5th, chasing a mom and her daughter, you don’t think she should have the right to pump lead into him? Seriously?!

  6. akmom

    Awwwww, I respectfully disagree. My social politics tend to lean left and I have found this blog to be very fair to date. I don’t plan to vote for Daniel Sullivan but I think his ads are improving.

  7. John Smith

    I simply disagree. I oppose “stand your ground” legislation but I do support a person’s right to arm themselves. It is possible to be a staunch supporter of the protections of the second amendment and be opposed to this type of legislation.

  8. WC

    I can only assume that this is the first post ‘awwww’ has read of this blog. If they’d seen this post praising a Begich ad (, or this post about Forrest Dunbar’s latest ad (, then ‘awww’ would surely know Amanda Coyne is the least biased, most up to date blog on Alaska politics. Note to ‘aww’: playing victim isn’t becoming of a political campaign

  9. awwwwwwwww

    Ms Coyne. That whole awesome NYT article and what do you choose to quote? A blurb about the spending and then a Sullivan ad? That BF of yours must reallly be… rubbing off on you.

    If you just called yourself a conservative blogger I wouldn’t care. But your endless support for that Carhartbagger Sullivan is too much.

  10. Garand Fellow

    Clearly you support one of Sullivan’s opponents. So be it.

    Sullivan and Miller are the only two people in the race who actually fought for the United States of America (you and me) and the freedoms we may too often take for granted. So if the term L48 is some sort of mantra for you, remember that Dan Sullivan defended Alaska and the other 49 states wearing the uniform of the United States Marines.

  11. Jerad

    Actually, try “bear arms”. I’m usually okay with most types of shirts.

    Also, no. Before the legislation was passed, there was a “duty to retreat” and that was an item that did specifically undermine the Second Amendment.
    Read the article. It is very plain where he was coming from. 🙂

  12. Garand Fellow

    I’m not buying the claim that Dan Sullivan opposed stand-your-ground. The ADN article cited says the supposed letter was written by a subordinate. The Dept. of Law has a long history of long-time assistant attorneys general forgetting a Republican governor was elected when gun rights are being considered by the legislature. The same thing happened during the Murkowski administration when at first the subordinate attorneys tried to oppose removal of the requirement of a permit for concealed carry. Governor Hickel had the same problem with liberal AAGs when the first concealed carry legislation was introduced. Until something written and signed by Dan Sullivan corroborates the notion that Sullivan opposes stand-your-ground I am not buying it.

  13. John Smith

    You do know that you can support the right to keep and bare arms, while at the same time opposing this legislation, right? The two are not mutually exclusive. Most people understand that.


    So does L48 Dan believe it is okay to parade around with a AK 47 in a daycare center or grocery store. Is L48 Dan one of those defenders of our 2nd amendment rights?

    I shutter at the thought of this guy fighting for Alaskans when he couldn’t even get his Alaskan residency correct on a simple fishing license.

    Too bad he couldn’t show his face at the Eklutna Pow Wow. Maybe L48 Dan feels his presence is better spent at the NCAI convention? Considering most attendees are L 48-ish such as himself. And I mean no offense to the actual members and attendees whom have traveled far and wide to see our beautiful state. Not all have traveled from Ohio or DC like L48 Dan.

  15. Garand Fellow

    I think this ad is the most cogent so far in the entire Alaska senate race. Obama’s judges are all anti-gun so far as I can determine, and his judges will last long after the end of the Obama presidency. Obama very much opposes the Second Amendment, and Senator Begich cannot have it both ways.

    No one can support the right of law-abiding Alaskans to own and use firearms while at the same time supporting Barack Obama. I’m afraid it is as simple as that.

  16. Roberta

    This ad doesn’t do a lot for me; however, I really appreciate the post and perspective. My husband, a hunter, really liked the ad. I am more interested in politics this year than ever largely due to your blog. Thanks so much. A couple of my co-workers are impressed about how much I know about politics. I don’t think they know you have a blog. They , like me, loved your Anchorage Daily News sunday column that the new owners must have canceled. They must be total morons.

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