Anthony Weiner and Mead Treadwell make Rothenberg’s award list for 2013

Stuart Rothenberg, political fortune teller and Roll Call political blogger, has published his annual “end-of-the-year awards.” The award categories range from the worst political decision of the year, which had Anthony Weiner’s name, or whatever, all over it, to the five most vulnerable incumbents up in 2014. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., made the list. Surprisingly, Sen. Mark Begich didn’t.

Perhaps that’s because Rothenberg doesn’t think much of Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell, one of Begich’s main challengers, whom he gave an award for the most “interesting” candidate interview. According to Rothenberg, the interview was, “Memorable because the candidate couldn’t get his chip off his shoulder. Never has a candidate spent so much time complaining about an earlier article about him.”

Rothenberg was referring to an interview he conducted with Treadwell, among other GOP Senate hopefuls, in October. It’s unclear what exactly Treadwell’s specific beef was, but here’s what he wrote about Treadwell then:

Of the four,Treadwell was the most difficult to figure out, possibly because he spent so much of his time complaining about an article that my colleague, Nathan Gonzales, had written for my newsletter. No matter what question we asked, Treadwell somehow brought it back to what he regarded as an oversight or mistake in the article. He was clearly peeved, and that made him less affable and likable.

Rothenberg has yet to write anything about Dan Sullivan, the other GOP Senate candidate. Perhaps that’s because, although it’s been two months since he announced, finding Sullivan’s website or his contact information on Google takes about as long as it takes for the Senate to pass a bill, pre-filibusterer reform.

Rothenberg did, however, include GOP Senate candidate Annette Bosworth from South Dakota in his list of most interesting interviews. He called Bosworth charismatic and compelling, with “quite” a personal story. “But did it all add up?” Rothenberg asked. “Plus, I rarely see candidates who have absolutely no clue how to put together a winning campaign,” he wrote about Bosworth.

When you Google “Annette Bosworth for Senate” her website is on the top of the page. Just saying.

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5 thoughts on “Anthony Weiner and Mead Treadwell make Rothenberg’s award list for 2013

  1. Pure Right

    Begich’s seat is in jeopardy. The guy is freaking out and we’re 11 months from the election. Rumor is he’s hoping that Joe Miller runs as an independent and splits the vote between Miller and Sullivan, then Begich wins. Straight up against Sullivan, I think this beauty of a red state puts this seat in the column of the party of the elephant herd.

  2. Kidwell

    This comment is in response to Curt’s posting on this storry:you are probably correct in your assertion that Treadwell is not going to win the senate seat held by Begich. Still, calling hima dweeb is not necessary and only degrades our political process. I would encourage the readers of this blog and others to refrain from name calling when expressing your political views and perspective. Name calling just lowers the quality and tenor of the discussion. Let’s debate and comment on the issues in a civil and constructive way.

  3. Randy

    Mead’s unpleasant demeanor is coming out again. This means the dirty tricks are about to begin. The only positive impact Mead will have will be helping Begich coast to victory.

  4. CH

    Rothenberg is one of the better political prognasticators. He’ also a pretty funny guy. Enjoyed this article much.

  5. Curt

    Treadwell is such a dweeb. This GOPer is looking for someone who can beat Begich, not someone who’ll embarass our party and lose miserably to the incumbent.

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