Liberal activists organizing against Young?

From a fundraising letter from U.S. Rep. Don Young:

“It appears I’ve drawn some early and aggressive opposition so I’m reaching out to ask for your immediate assistance. They are vigorously soliciting from liberal activists for what they call long term planning.”

Liberal activists can organize? And they’re doing so to get rid of Young? Maybe sensing the stretch here, the letter goes on to say, “Some might scoff that this is not a formidable threat.” Who’s running against Young again?


2 thoughts on “Liberal activists organizing against Young?

  1. AK VET

    Oh, Don. We shall alway love you and elect you forever. You amuse us. You butcher our language. And yes, we can count on you to provide some color, and off color, to the campaign season. We know that you’ll defeat that (stealth) aggressive liberal opposition.

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