Demboski throws hat in the ring for Anchorage mayor

The April 2015 Anchorage mayoral race just got one-more-person interesting. First term Chugiak/Eagle River Assemblywoman Amy Demboski, a rising star in conservative circles, is throwing her hat in the ring. Demboski is a paralegal with an MBA from Columbia Southern University. She said in a statement that she will be “a stoic voice for the taxpayers, focusing on fiscal restraint, essential city services, accountability, and ethical leadership.”

Demboski has agreed with, and campaigned on, Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan’s proposals  to rein in the power of the unions. Demboski’s husband is a fire captain and a member of the International Association of Fire Fighters, which is part of a strong coalition of union members that have fought Sullivan’s proposals.

However, because the issue is on the November ballot, the union fight will likely not play a big part in the mayor’s race.

So far, the only other candidate to announce a run is former Assemblyman Dan Coffey, who’s been spending copious amounts of time trying to learn everything that he can about the workings of the municipality. He’s also a prodigious fundraiser. So far Coffey raised about $125,000. Demboski is no fundraising slouch, however. She raised $50,116 for her Assembly race.

Demboski is a Republican and will likely come at Coffey from the right. Coffey is an independent, but already has the support of many business Republicans in the city.

Demboski couldn’t be reached for comment. Coffey welcomed her into the race. He was reached just after he left an event at the Anchorage Boys and Girls Club, where along with about 250 other residents, he listened to New Jersey Senator Corey Booker talk about the importance of voting.

Coffey says he’s the better candidate than Demboski because he “knows enough to get the things done that need to get done.”

One of Coffey’s main priorities is affordable housing and to make sure that taxes and utility bills don’t continue to rise so that “people who are working hard to feed their families don’t get pushed out of their homes,” he said.

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5 thoughts on “Demboski throws hat in the ring for Anchorage mayor

  1. Garand Fellow

    Anchorage Dan Sullivan inherited a mess from Mark Begich that Begich created. Begich bought support in his race against Ted Stevens by leaving Anchorage with unsupportable labor contracts. Taxpayers have suffered and spending on other than wages has not kept up with depreciation and technology. Sullivan also inherited the port construction mess. If there is in fact a true conservative politician in Alaska then Anchorage certainly needs them now. Sullivan has certainly not begun to repair the damage done by Begich.

    America does have a ruling class but fortunately it is less evident here in Alaska than perhaps just about any other state. When I think of a ruling class, and when I think of modern day Animal Farm lookalikes I think of Hillary and Bill, Barack Hussein and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and Harry Reid. A second tier would include Nancy Pelosi. But if anyone wants to include Republicans then the NJ governor would be first on that list.

  2. Anonymous

    I love Animal Farm and it should be required reading for any politician. Although it is about the Russian Revolution, many of the lessons are playing out in our country today. But does this make Amy Snowball or Napoleon? Because “no animal shall spend taxpayer money” or is it “no animal shall spend taxpayer money in excess”

  3. Lynn Willis

    In George Orwell’s 1945 political satire “Animal Farm’, the animals take over a farm. A permanent political ruling class soon emerges. They become abusive of the other animals yet justify their behavior with the explanation: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

    Perhaps Amy Demboski will be the exception; however, after these so called “fiscal conservatives” took over Alaska then busted the budget spending on themselves and those who support them I am now very suspect of any (especially Republican) politicians who depend, directly or indirectly, on the government for a living. At best they tend to be walking, talking, conflicts of interest and at worst glaring hypocrites.

  4. Kevin

    Go Amy! I’m on board.

    Anchorage needs to elect a smart fiscal conservative and Amy’s got the goods – plus, how nice would it be to elect our first female mayor?

  5. Dean

    There’s nothing wrong with her confidence. Maybe one day reality will catch up to her confidence. Thanks, but for now, no thanks.

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