Senate candidate Sullivan shoots TV dead in new ad

Below is GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s new ad, his second of the general election season. It’s unclear how wise it is to run a political ad telling you how aggravating political ads are. But then again, it’s one eye-catching way to get the public to watch Sullivan shoot a gun. It’s also a reminder that Sen. Mark Begich declined an agreement offered by Sullivan in June that would have kept super-PAC money out of the race. An internal Sullivan poll conducted in June by Moore Information found that¬†65 percent of those polled said that Begich should sign the agreement. Even 52 percent of those who are supporting Begich said he should.¬†Begich’s campaign shot back on Tuesday afternoon, noting Sullivan’s support for Citizens United, the Supreme Court case that allowed unlimited spending by super-PACs.

The ad made Politico’s list of the political season’s most bizarre ads.


12 thoughts on “Senate candidate Sullivan shoots TV dead in new ad

  1. Mae

    What a idiot.

    Shooting a TV?

    Stupid people are already littering up the state with shot up TV’s. They are the same assholes who shoot up road signs.

    Does he think this makes him more Alaskan?
    Nope makes him more disrespectful of Alaska.
    Dumb ass carpet bagger, quit promoting stupid behavior and stay in Maryland with your residency tax write off.
    And take your litter with you.

  2. Gret from Anch

    Where is Spring Creek Range?
    Anyone planning this kind of comment when you see hunting pictures… “You aren’t wearing eye protection so you must not be familiar with firearms. “

  3. akmom

    I am so glad he shot that TV! I was so darned scared it might attack me and my children. Boys and their toys…..”shaking head”……

  4. Sandra

    Meant to say, “Why don’t you, Dan Sullivan, tells us what you can do for Alaska?” Haven’t heard much to date. See post below, last sentence.

  5. Sandra

    Dan Sullivan, you should do your part by keeping Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers out of this election. Don’t you dare put this all on Mark Begich. I was pleased Senator Begich did not go along with your plan regarding outside $$ which was unilateral in nature and did not involve an agreement between the two of you. Why don’t you, Dan Sullivan, tell us what he can do for Alaska?

  6. Jon R.

    So many of these comments are infantile. It’s unfortunate that candidates pander thru the symbolism of snowmachines, fishing, guns and the like. Instead of dreaded debate upon dreaded debate that seem to provide fodder for political insiders and the media, let’s have some competitions that really show the candidates’ intellect, problem solving skills, and real life knowledge. Let’s have them do some math problems, omg and write an essay on their own. Or in terms of showing their practical knowledge, let’s have them show us how to clean fish, maybe a markmanship contest or such. This would be more interesting and certainly more enlightening. More of the genuone public would likely tune in too.

  7. Anonymous

    Familiar with firearms? No eye protection, no hearing protection. Can’t walk onto Spring Creek Range like that. Please tell me more about Dan’s familiarity with firearms, or just tell me more about Dan’s familiarity with projecting an image.

  8. Garand Fellow

    Outstanding! And unlike the earlier portrayal of Mark Begich shooting sporting clays and calling it skeet, Afghan Dan is clearly familiar with firearms. So this is a great ad for Alaskans and may well be picked up by national media.

    So far in this campaign we have seen Mark Begich shooting a gun for the first time and riding a snowmobile for the first time. What’s next?

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