Fagan grills Walker over support for repeal of oil taxes

On Monday independent governor Bill Walker was on the Dan Fagan/Glen Biegel show, where he talked about his support for repealing SB 21. Fagan, who can be relentless, drilled down on Walker’s support for repeal. Fagan focused on the fact that since the current tax structure has been in place, oil production has ceased to decline. Last December, the state estimated a 4.4 percent decline for this year. That didn’t happen. For fiscal year 2014, which ended June 30, oil production averaged 530,939 barrels per day, roughly the same amount of oil produced as the year before. Production decline averaged about 5 percent between 2008 to 2011, and slipped 8 percent between 2012 and 2013.  Until this year, the last year the state didn’t see a decline in production was in 2001. Those who advocate for repeal say that the flattening is the result of geophysics, not taxes,. Some of them say that the oil companies are increasing production temporarily to make it seem as the new regime is working. Walker, who is usually not at a loss for words, stumbled his way through the interview and only alluded to the latter. Listen to the clip here. 


43 thoughts on “Fagan grills Walker over support for repeal of oil taxes

  1. Anonymous

    Please remember that Dan thought it was OK for Joe Miller to not practice what he was preaching, and that he was being prosecuted by the media.

  2. T. Williams

    In 2010, I voted for Walker in the Republican primary. At the time, I liked what he was sayng and thought he could help get a gas pipeline built. Since then, I learned a lot more about the gas pipeline and have begun to question Walker’s expertise. On one hand, I find him very kknowledgeable. On another, I find him to be a talker and not a doer. I intend to support Parnell this election cycle. He’s not flashy but he’s honest and gets the job done. What disapoints me about Walker is his lack of understanding of oil field economics. You can fool me once, but not twice Mr. Walker.

  3. CPG49

    I don’t like Dan Fagan much at all. I’d rather have Fagan as governor over Walker. Now what does that tell you ?

  4. informed voter

    I listened with interest to Bill Walker’s comments. I compared his points to the presentation I heard from Dr. Goldsmith. I quickly came to the conclusion that Bill Walker, who seems like a nice man, just doesn’t have the leadership judgement necessary to be Goverrnor. I don’t know how old he is or anything about his health status. However, he seems to be losing it. Also, I have a hard time supporting someone that picked Craig Fleener to be his running mate. Maybe he couldn’t find anyone else. If this were the case, I could at least give him the benefit of the doubt. Fleener should get a prize for most ill-informed candidate.

  5. Outraged Chugiak Resident

    Larry Wood’s comments are either brazenly designed to be misleading or he lacked sobriety at the time of his writing.
    1. Bill Walker was caught flatfooted by Dan Fagan and sounded like a blithering know nothing. Even I was surprised by his less than stellar performance.
    2. Your spin on the facts of the NS were astonishingly uninformed for someone who seems relatively bright. What’s it matter about what the majors are doing? What abouit the new entrants – – the independents? Alaska’s future rests with the independents. Repsol is spending a lot of money exploring on the NS right now. Their investment plans are huge under SB 21. In fact, it is highly likely that they will be spending more on the NS than some of the majors.
    Hate the industry all you want. But please don’t jeopardize our state’s economy with your hatred and falsehoods.

  6. Jack

    If you, like Bill, had little sleep from traveling and talking to Alaskans across the state,.. you`d be susceptible too, to at a staged verbal attack on Bill in the early morning, by two opponents, who had the advantage over a single guest who took this and every opportunity to discuss issues. Something Parnell cannot do one on one.
    That should be seriously troubling in a democracy when republican attack dogs like Fagan and Beigel are hired to do what Parnell cannot, and that`s go one-on-one with Bill. Walker is stepping up, unlike Parnell, who has been only fixated on tax cuts for his previous and future employers since he was first elected, and illegally packing the legislature by illegal redistricting, as well as illegally appointing sitting legislators to high administration positions, against the state constitution. (remember he slyly tried to change the mission statement of the DNR to remove protections for the state? A mission that was put into law it was so important. Parnell broke it and other laws with impunity.) How much more damage should we incur to our state sovereignty with Parnell, before we realize we are being taken down the garden path by a man who leads this group of people (http://juneauempire.com/stories/102807/let_20071028011.shtml) who think restrictions on a governor`s actions by our state constitution is meaningless and doesn`t apply to him,..or them. Follow the money. It went to people stumping for the oil companies` tax cuts FOR NOTHING IN RETURN, instead of protecting Alaskans from extortion lies and unsupported promises of larger returns to the state (the famous “million barrels a day” he initiated his propaganda campaign with. The voters of Alaska shouldn`t elect Seanoco Parnell dog catcher, let alone governor.. or Senator (if you believe Treadwell`s people) running against Lisa Murkowski. He helped get the Exxon Valdez award damages to the state lowered by billions!!! He was for ACES before he was elected,..then immediately upon taking office he did a 180 and became the cartel`s little giveaway prince. Alaska better wake up. ACES protected us when we were in a recession by assuring we shared in the windfall value of our commonly-owned oil resource. BS21 won`t do that and strips us of a fair share of the windfalls and price spikes. So giving up the “upside” (costing us 2 billion a year at 120 dollar oil prices) for “protection” at low prices is a ruse and a scam based on fear, that is no bargain for Alaska, yet that is their pitch, in selling the BS21 garbage.
    Yes on 1, and Yes on Bill Walker, to end corruption and conflicted legislation. And I hope Bill Walker doesn`t fall into this kind of opposition trap again, where the intent is not to find common ground and purpose,..but to tear down Walker`s efforts and support Bill, next time you tangle with the Beigel/Fagan tag-team,..please get some sleep. And don`t let them double-team you again.
    YES on 1 and YES for a new Governor. One that won`t put oil companies ahead of the state constitution. And THAT is Bill Walker.

  7. Larry Wood

    Gee, typical liberal response.
    Just throw out the allegation without any facts.

  8. Larry Wood

    Glad you pointed that out.
    Then, there are the 2 rapes and 29 sexual abuse allegations involving Alaska Army National Guard soldiers made from 2007 to 2011 that have never been properly investigated per AS 26.05.300. The State of Alaska has jurisdiction over any criminal allegations involving members of the Alaska National Guard. Yet, MG Tom Katkus railroaded the investigation to the Anchorage Police Dept. instead allowing the Alaska State Trooper to be the investigating agency. Katkus is retired APD, which association compromises any investigation by APD into the allegations. Both rape cases had their investigations suspended in 2011 for reasons yet unstated by DMVA. The first rape allegation was made in 2007 and the second in 2009, leaving 27 allegations of sexual abuse unstated as to any outcome.
    DMVA and the Alaska NG has no right under AS 26.05.300 to internally investigate any criminal allegation. Yet, Katkus has railroaded statutory authority.
    Our governor has a problem with the law, as reflected in this case and the Therriault and Dahlstrom cases mentioned above.
    We need a governor who will respect the rule of law, and return accountability to the governor’s office. That governor is Bill Walker.

  9. Larry Wood

    I will also say this about the figures quoted by Amanda. Most of the ‘upsurge’ in production has to do with maintenance being completed that allows that oil to move. The legacy fields can be tweaked here and there to kick up production a bit, but there is nothing on the horizon that will result in any return to 2M bbls per day TAPS volumes. That oil is in ANWR and offshore. Both out of bounds for the present and the heavy oil still remaining, which will require oil to $150+ per bbl before it becomes economically feasible to recover.
    SB21 has no significant impact on jobs or oil production. The majors are not exploring for new deposits, except Shell offshore. SB21 was just the gov’s attempt to take focus off of a lackluster record of doing nothing. There is a reason people are calling Parnell Captain Zero. The gas line construction remains an indefinite target sometime in a nebulous future after more ‘studies’.
    Bill Walker is far too knowledgeable on the issues to be caught flatfooted by the likes of Dan Fagan or anyone else, and anyone who has seen Bill in a debate knows that he does not come up second place to a has-been media personality who no longer lives in Alaska.

  10. Larry Wood

    Bill is never speechless.
    And, Bill was tired from the weekend activities.
    Sometimes one just has a bad day, and Walker is entitled to being human.
    It is the debates with Parnell that count, not Fagan’s big mouth.
    Who cares what Dan has to say, he doesn’t even live here anymore, anyway.

  11. jack

    Bill was tired… but Glen Beigel and Fagan will still claim they gained high ground as they double-teamed a good Alaskan candidate, and cut him off every time he tried to answer thoughtfully. Beigel and Fagan are attack dogs and they did their gang-up job on a good but tired Alaskan. When you don`t allow fair and thoughtful responses to staccato questions from TWO opponents at a time,.. you have no ammo. And these two wanna-be`s have no ammo. The two showed themselves to be the same old ideological shills they have always been. Bill was tired but took a chance they would be civil. Dan Fagan is anything but that.

  12. jack

    …oh,..and Micciche and Meyer don`t stand to directly benefit from Conoco for their votes? No back-slapping and intimate talk of,.. raises and or promotions?… and Geisel and Feige and hawker as well?….
    if you believe that, I`ve got a bridge to sell you cheap. (not really…you`ll pay through the nose for that too,..just like we will unless we repeal BS21). Yes on 1 and YES for Bill Walker, if you want to take Alaska back from corruption.

  13. jack

    Oil-can Dan??? Dan Fagan??. Is he back in Alaska?? sticking his oil industry shilling self into Alaskan issues again?… Things must be tough in the bayou, eh spanky? And the fact that Glen Beigel his hitched his caboose to Fagan shows he must be desperate to find someone who can pontificate and spout industry propaganda better that he can. This old Alaskan is voting for Bill walker to clean this state up, and I`m voting YES on 1, to take Alaska back from corruption.
    http://juneauempire.com/opinion/2014-07-08/my-turn-be-careful-what-you- vote#.U7vDy0CFAzs

    “The following 12 legislators all have four things in common: 1) Every one of them has taken more than $10,000 from VECO; 2) When VECO owner Bill Allen asked to be relieved of his requirement to register as a lobbyist, they crafted and passed legislation ending Allen’s requirement to register; 3) When presented with hundreds of pages of evidence of VECO’s bribery, each of them refused to respond; 4) When asked to admit or deny under oath whether or not they had taken advantage of the “illegal polling services” that VECO Vice President Rick Smith admitted having provided to more than 100 of the company’s favored candidates, every one of the still seated legislators below refused comment.” (as they watched their campaign coffers swell with illegal “donations” extorted from oil company employees.”)

    “Sound off on the important issues to;”

    “Rep. Mike Chenault, R-Nikiski, $32,000; Rep. Ralph Samuels, R-Anchorage, $10,250; Rep. Mike Hawker, R-Anchorage, $21,350; Sen. Lesil McGuire, R-Anchorage, $17,550; Sen. Lyda Green, R-Wasilla, $18,000; Rep. Kevin Meyer, R-Anchorage, $23,350; Sen. John Cowdery, R-Anchorage, $45,200; Sen. Con Bunde, R-Anchorage, $18,650; Rep. John Coghill, R-North Pole, $10,480; Rep. Richard Foster, D-Nome, $16,750; Sen. Fred Dyson, R-Eagle River, $21,700; and Sen. Gary Stevens, R-Kodiak, $14,275.

    “Watch closely as they go to bat for everything VECO fought for – and remember them next election.” http://juneauempire.com/stories/102807/let_20071028011.shtml I bet Fagan and Beigel didn`t spend much time on how many Alaskans are cognizant of this situation. The politicians are supposed to be representing us Alaskans, Mr`s Beigel and Fagan,.. not your benefactors who pay your wages with ads from oil companies. Neither one of you would know conflict if it hit you both in your empty heads. -an Alaskan, not a shill like Fagan and Beigel. Ganging up on a tired Bill Walker, who was worn out from appearing at events to meet Alaskans is nothing these two oily media birds respect. If Fagan is back as an oil shill in Alaska it`s because he went, literally, belly up in Louisiana. We ain`t gaining a thing by oil-can Dan injecting his disrespectful and loud mouth in Alaska. If he`s Beigel`s idol,.. good luck with that. Fagan should stay out of Alaskan politics. He certainly isn`t an Alaskan and does not have the people`s interests as his priority. A shill is a shill. Honest jobs are just hard for some folks.

  14. Anonymous

    Love your work, love twitter. I would love to take that role 🙂

    -Amanda’s Social Media Manager

  15. Lynn Willis

    Here is what the Alaska Constitution (Article 2, Section 2.5) states about creating jobs for, or increasing the pay, of sitting Legislators: “… During the term for which elected and for one year thereafter, no legislator may be nominated, elected, or appointed to any other office or position of profit which has been created, or the salary or emoluments of which have been increased, while he was a member.”
    This is the constitutional provision that Sean Parnell clearly violated when he created the position of “Military Advisor” for then Chair of House Rules, Representative Nancy Dahlstrom. Ask Dan Fagan and Glen Biegel about their knowledge of this action by Governor Parnell.
    Dahlstrom resigned from this job created for her while still a sitting legislator. Parnell was warned about the legality of his actions by then Attorney General Dan Sullivan. Legislative leadership refused to investigate the matter. A citizen ethics complaint would not have held because, despite the logical conclusion that creating a job for the Chair of House Rules is conducive to promulgating your legislative agenda, especially prior to an election, ethics complaints against the Governor require proof that the Governor must personally benefit from his behavior. I might add though that the person who was sentenced for taking bribes from Bill Allen was also the legislator who was serving as Chair of House Rules – a job described as the “gate keeper” for legislation advancing through the process.

  16. Stockholder


    Well, stomp your little foot, and declare that you just hate it when the well documented facts are brought forward about the corruption in Alaska.

    How about we discuss the fraud Big Oil engaged in with regard to fraudulent tariffs in TAPS? That cost Alaskans billions. Or how about the fraud Exxon and BP engaged in with regard to their massive, preventable oil spills? Or how about Doyon Drilling and their dumping of toxic waste on the North Slope as it worked for BP? Some good felony convictions for that one. And it was Randy Ruedrich who was deeply involved in that affair…

    This wretched governor wants to give away billions, in violation of his oath of office, to his former employers with NO strings attached and you think that is just peachy. You people are certifiable.

  17. Derp

    I agree there is no evidence that Meyer and Micciche are crooks (most honorable men in the state might be a bit of a stretch).. their constituents sent them to Juneau knowing who they worked for, so that’s that as far as I’m concerned. I just think SB 21 is bad policy. So does Walker, who isn’t trying to bring up the VECO specter, but engage with the opposition in an honest way.

  18. hey amanda

    Why wasn’t this posted on twitter Amanda??? I only see your posts as they come up on my twitter.

  19. annoyed

    Stockholder… you’re annoying. Stop criticizing the people who have the jobs that you want. You’re a hater. Micciche and Meyer are two of the most genuine and honorable men in this state. Say whatever you want, but you look dumb because they have DONE NOTHING WRONG. And as for Walker, he just shows all Alaskans on how uncapable he is.

  20. Stockholder

    Well, “Better Investor”,

    Let me help you along with your education. The fact that Miccicche and Meyer voted to increase the profits of the corporations that pay them is well established. It is in the Senate Record. It was sleazeball Pete Kelly who used senate procedure to allow them to vote.

    Its also in the record that Miccicche got a big pay raise from Conoco after he voted to increase the profits of ConocoPhillips in violation of the Alaska Constitution.

    Lets assume for the sake of argument that SB-21 was good for Alaska. Many voters would vote “Yes” for the Referendum in August (to repeal this law) entirely because of the taint Meyer and Miccicche have created. The cornerstone of good public policy is having public trust.

    It is also in the record that ten Republicans were convicted for their role in taking bribes from Big Oil. It was the top Conoco guy in Alaska, Jim Bowles, who was recorded by the FBI taking with Bill Allen about bribing legislators. You think Alaskans have forgotten all this? Are you new to Alaska, or do you think Alaskans are stupid?

  21. Derp

    You mean scary? And you mean “aren’t” what we need in a Gov? I wouldn’t usually go after someone for their grammar on a blog comment (would be the pot calling the kettle black), but it makes no sense to vote Mallott over Walker on the criterion of “who is a better communicator.” Mallott has had untold amounts of support from the Democratic Party, from Begich, from Hollis French, and everyone else who wants him to succeed. Walker has no party behind him at all. And yet Walker is running three times the campaign that Mallott is. So blast him for doing a sloppy interview, but my guess is that it’s because he’s been travelling Alaska on pace with a presidential campaign, and he was probably a little sleepy.

    Parnell can only be beat by an opponent who really, really, REALLY wants his job. I’ve tried many times to like Mallott as a candidate, but I just don’t see the drive. Bill Walker has it in spades. tl;dr, I’m voting Walker.

  22. Better Investor

    Sounds like Stockholder has some serious anger and conspoiracy issues going on. Must be a real fun guy to hang with. Unfortunately, he negates the quality of his arguments with his personal, negative and unsubstantiated attacks on Senators Micciche and Meyer. First off, both of these public officials are fine upptanding iindividuals with integrity. If you knew what you were talking about you would know that Micciche has been at odds many times with the industry. I find it interesting that the Democratic oil haters who shout corruption because a public official in a part time legislature has a job; yet, these same screamers never object or are concerned when organized labor hires egislators as lawyers or business agents. Without naming names, the Senator and Representative I’m thinking about that take their paychecks from labor are 100% bought and paid for, never opposing or questioning their positionsut somehow that’s okay. I f SB 21 is repealled, I hope that the people who advocated for it will have the decency to apologize to Alaskans for their homes decreasing in value 50% over the next couple of years. Hey stockholder, here comes anothe black helicopter.

  23. Stockholder

    Recall when Big Oil was passing out bribes to the likes of Vic Kohring, Pete Kott, and other swine? It only got a rate of 22.5 percent under PPT. Under SB-21 it got an effective rate of 17 percent- once the “new” oil is factored in. The conclusion? It is better to directly employ legislators than to bribe them.

    SB-21 is built on fraud by people who did not take their oath to uphold the Alaska Constitution seriously. Parnell deceived us when he was running for office, he did not tell us he’d be giving away windfall profits. His effort to redistrict Alaska unconstitutionally (as the courts have determined) led to a gerrymandered legislature comprised of oil company employees like Micciche and Meyer who voted to increase the profits of the corporations they work for. In other states Miccicche and Meyer would go to prison for what they did.

    Oil production has been in decline for 26 years. It was in decline under ELF, when we were giving our oil away for zero severance take.

    The fact is Walker is a stand up guy. He’s been standing up for Alaska for a ling time. He’s smart, hardworking, and is not afraid to engage. Meanwhile Parnell has been in hiding. He does not want to engage or defend his miserable record. A gasline? Nope. He’ll study that for another decade until Alaska misses the market. Walker was the guy who traveled to Asia and brought the market here. The Asian market wants a gasline, but Parnell refused to engage. Parnell couldn’t even get his house painted without turning that job into a boondoggle. He went with the high bidder, for about $1.5 million. The contractor then made a mess of it, spreading lead around the neighborhood.

  24. Lindsay

    You can tell from the comments that the Parnell/Mallott folks are getting nervous! I trust that Alaskan voters are smarter than choosing their governor based off of a couple of negative & untruthful comments on a blog post. http://www.walkerforalaska.com

  25. OE 302

    I’m a member of organized labor. What I care about most is having a healthy economy and a job. This year, more of my union brothers and sisters have been working than I can remember for years. A friend of mine, Senator Click Bishop who is a good union man, told me that SB 21 has revitalized ouir economy. That’s why I’m voting No on #1. After hearing Mr. Walker’s discussion about SB 21, I can no longer support this gentleman for Governor.

  26. Judy

    Walker’s populist panderings, mumblings and incoherent thoughts isn’t what we need in our next Governor. That’s why I’m voting for Mallott. He’s a business man that gets it. I find Walker self serving and scarey.

  27. Paul

    Anyone seriously interested in a productive and growingg state economy cannot take Walker’s candidacy seriously. Walker has built a career bashing and suing the oil industry. He talks about his involvement promoting a gas pipeline over the past 2 1/2 decades that obviouslt didn’t result in anything. To think that someone like this would have the aptitude and relationship to work with the oil imdustry to increase production is foolhearty at best. Walker is a nice guy, maybe even a good lawyer; however, his appeal as a candidate for Governor leaves a lot to be desired. i

  28. Frank D.

    I think Jennifer has made one of the most compelling arguments regarding Bill Walker’s laack of suitability to be governor. Just like being governor day in and out is absolutely grueling; yet, it requires you to be on the top of your game, focused, briefed on issues and able to articulate and make good decisions. If Walker isn’t fit enough to criss-cross the state without being too exhausted, this is hardly the job for him. While I am not a huge fan of Parnell’s, I take exception to your comment regarding the governor. Parnell has faced many reporters over the years, sometimes as many as a dozen of hostile ones at once, and while he doesn’t always hit a homerun, I can never recall a more pathetiic performance than Walker’s. Four years ago, Walker appeared to have something to offer and provided inspiration to the electorate. This electionm year, he appears to be little more than an angry, uninspiring candidate who, according to your argument, may not be up to the physical challenges of campaigning or being governor.

  29. Jennifer

    This interview was two people (Biegel & Fagain) against one (Walker) for an hour. I bet Dan and Glen are getting plenty of rest at night, aren’t zig zagging the state campaigning, giving multiple interviews, speaking at forums, and all the thousand and one things that THIS candidate is doing. And shoot, it always helps having your partner there backing you up. I DARE Parnell to do what Walker did – go up against the opposition with no support and no soft balls. Fat chance. If you listen to the entire interview (not just the 3 minute clip!) you will realize that Bill Walker knows more about oil and gas than the guy who championed this legislation. Next time I hope that Biegel and Fagan extend Walker the professional courtesy of allowing him to finish his answers, rather than badgering him and talking over him. Walker deserves serious respect for what he did yesterday. He certainly earned mine.

  30. Jon K

    Craig, where is this increased production coming from?

    Les Gara and others are claiming that the 2011 Revenue Forecast predicted the 2014 increase in production. They are wrong. The 2011 forecast thought that a bunch of projects would be on line in 2014 – eg Liberty, I-Pad at PB, Pt Thomson, CD 5. They aren’t yet.

    Are you relying on the Revenue Forecast or data you acquired through discovery at the TAPS trial?

  31. Lynn Willis

    I thought Bill Walker did as well as could be expected. Oil taxation is an extremely complex issue that does not lend itself to a talk radio entertainment forum and certainly not to decision by popular vote. Those like Bill Walker and Brad Keithley who work in this field are much more familiar with the issue and therefore cannot help but find them struggling to simplify the topic for people like these radio hosts. The task becomes virtually impossible when the host has a political agenda, controls the conversation, and the forum lasts for perhaps 30 minutes less commercial breaks.
    Oil taxation should not be decided by popular vote but that is exactly what we are about to do. The fact is that SB 21 could not, by itself, have possibly been responsible for these oil field enhancement projects that require months or years of lead time nor responsible for an immediate two billion dollar loss of revenue.
    I support Bill Walker and respect his opinion on this issue. I have already stated I will vote “NO” on repeal because I have been promised SB21 will not only increase production levels toward a goal of a “million barrels a day” but also generate more revenue over time than ACES. Also, I will not give the pro-SB21 folks a chance to ever tell me “I told you so” if I don’t give them a chance to prove themselves; however, if they can’t “produce” then I will know for sure they are incompetent.
    I also sense the pro-Parnell folks are attempting to make SB 21 repeal a referendum on the Governor’s race. Walker has already stated that, while he supports repeal, he will respect the people’s decision. Finally, don’t forget that Alaska is a state that prohibits individual ownership of mineral rights so taxes on resource extraction will always be a political decision. After SB21, there will be SB22, SB23, SB24, SB25 and on and on and on.

  32. Jon K

    The issue biggest issue is which tax regime attracts capital and companies. ACES failed on this front. The great untold story is how SB 21 is attracting capital so that independents can drill and develop and the legacy producers can go after in field projects. As a result we are seeing a huge increase in activity.

    Repealing SB 21 and putting in place the fifth tax regime over eight years will send a horrible signal to the capital markets. Why would any investor trust us? That’s the issue. Give SB 21 a chance. If it needs to be tweaked, let’s tweak based in real data.

  33. Craig Richards

    Production is scheduled to increase to just short of 600,000 bbl/d by the early 2020s regardless of the tax structure. True under ACES, true under SB 21. New projects have long been scheduled to come online, and Prudhoe has been under producing (current production is facility constrained) the last few years as long term maintenance has been completed. You can’t judge long-term production trends on a year or two of production history. SB 21 might result in a short to medium term pop in production as scheduled projects are accelerated, but I believe Bill’s point was that accelerating projects in the legacy fields is not generating new oil.

  34. Robert

    I agree that Walker didn’t defend his position very well. Makes me question all his rhetoric about gas too. This guy is weak on the issues. If you want to see really weak, check out his running mate Craig Fleener. This was the guy who acted like a 3 year old when he got caught misrepresenting the governor. I think the Independents have some work to do recruiting better candidates.

  35. Northern Observer

    This interview was not one of Walker’s finer moments. He sounds like a blundering idiot.

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