GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan raises $1.2 million in quarter

GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan released his fundraising numbers on Tuesday for the second quarter of the year, which runs from April to June 30.  During that time, he raised $1.2 million, bringing his total haul in the election cycle to $3.8 million. It’s the third straight fundraising quarter that Sullivan has raised over a million dollars. Official FEC reports aren’t due until July 15.

No word yet on what Joe Miller and Mead Treadwell, the other Republicans running in the primary, have raised, though it likely won’t be nearly as large of a number. Begich released his numbers last week, saying that he raised $1.25 million in the quarter. He also touted in a release that he had 700 new Alaska donors. It was the first time since Sullivan has entered the race that Begich raised more than Sullivan, albeit only by $50,000.

Sullivan’s campaign said that 1,000 Alaskans have donated since he announced in October, and that in the current quarter, Sullivan raised more than $195,000 in Alaska, with over 400 new Alaskan donations.


14 thoughts on “GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan raises $1.2 million in quarter

  1. LysanderSpooner

    @John Smith …

    Your question is irrelevant. But it does not surprise me that a Sullivan supporter would rather throw up smokescreens than talk substantively about issues important to Alaskans.
    This is where Mead Treadwell outpaces the field, and it’s why Alaskans of all stripes support him.

  2. LysanderSpooner

    This is a laughable assertion. Treadwell has much broader support than Sullivan. Ask Jay Ramras about underestimating Treadwell’s electoral appeal in Alaska.

  3. LysanderSpooner

    Very well said. Treadwell has spent years studying the Arctic. He has a deep understanding of the opportunities there for Alaskans. Treadwell also would not be beholden to the DC insider types that are funding and steering Sullivan’s campaign.

  4. LysanderSpooner

    LOL. No matter how many times you say it, doesn’t make it so.

    Other than your bogus and oft-repeated talking point about inevitability, what reason does anyone have to vote for Sullivan over Treadwell? Seriously, can you Sullivan supporters ever give a solid and substantial reason for voting for him? For sure he has an impressive resume. But he can’t touch Treadwell for vision and intimate knowledge of the state, its people, and the immense, game-changing opportunities facing this state. It is also well worth noting that a broad spectrum of Alaskans are supporting Treadwell, while Sullivan can’t seem to attract anything other than out-of-state money and Karl Rove. Sure doesn’t seem like a recipe for “Alaska Grown” representation.

  5. AKlogging

    Sounds simliar to when Dan was asked to sit down so they could inform him about the SE Alaska logging needs. He arrogantly stated that he already was well aware and did not know. Therefore, they asked him to share, surprise! He knew extremely little. People are focused on the time he hasn’t spent in Alaska, my concern is his lack of understanding of Alaska and the issues. I am voting for Mead. The Arctic is the next frontier and the US needs to wake up to protect its natural resources, security and other interests.

  6. John Smith

    You’re saying that he can’t win because he is a Murkowski clone? I actually disagree with you, but assuming your claim is correct, I have a quick question for you then. If Murkowski and Begich were running against each other, who do you think wins?

  7. T. Williams

    Dan Sullivan is the only Republican that can beat Begich. That’s why Harry Reid is funding a super PAC that has already spent over $3 billion. Begich wants to run against Mead Treadwell or Joe Miller because that would be a cake walk. Don’t let Harry Reid and Mark Begich pick who he runs against. Let’s support Sullivan and give Begich a run for his money.

  8. AlaskanforLife

    Dan Sullivan has little chance of actually beating Begich, because he is a Murkowski clone. Which is exactly why special interests are pouring money into our state in attempt to influence the GOP primary.

    I have been to every debate thus far and Dan keeps talking about his record. What is his record? He is running ads claiming he helped pass the “Stand Your Ground Law” in Alaska. Yet on no less than 4 separate occasions, staff from his office testified in the Legislature opposing the bill. Oh, and it didn’t pass until he was out of office in a different legislative session. Is this real the type of Senator we want as Alaskans? One that says one thing on the campaign trail after doing another while in office?

    Dan has spent millions already to influence the election. Turn on the TV or radio and you will be inundated with Dan’s ads. Yet all the polls show the primary to be a dead heat. Why? Because Alaskan’s are not buying it. DC may think they bought the next Alaskan Senator with the huge sums of money they are sending up here, but the people still have their voice and are rejecting Dan. Dan is not a conservative, he is a big government Republican that cut his teeth in the Bush Administration. He has never once won a state wide election, but we are suppose to believe he can beat Senator Begich?

    Lastly, I recently met Dan and attempted to ask him a policy question regarding the Law of the Sea Treaty. Which I’m very concerned about, Dan looked at me and said he can’t go into details regarding my question because I may be recording the conversation. I was flabbergasted, how can someone expect to run for office that is afraid to talk about their positions with potential voters?

    Dan may have the money, but he surely doesn’t have my vote. Something tells me that my fellow Alaskans will think twice before sending him to Washington as our Senator.

  9. Marrianne

    I’m a registered independent looking to support a reasonable conservative who I think will stand up and fight for Alaska’s interests. I’ll be voting for Dan Sullivan. He has proven himself to be inspirational and able to attract both local and national support. He also has a record of accomplishments.
    Mead Treadwell is a professional politician that campaigns on the state nickel 24/7. Even with holding a statewide public office he has proven that he is incapable of attracting meaningful suport. Self-funding your campaign is not a path to victory in November. Treadwell talks, talks and talks and thinks sitting on a task force accomplishes something. This is a huge part of him problem and inability to inspire support.
    Joe Miller is a bright, capable candidate. He is passionate and articulate. Unfortunately, he carries a high negative and is unable to raise money; nonetheless, I like him and he would be my second choice in the GOP primary.
    The bottom line: we need to beat Begich. I think that Dan Sullivan has the best chance of doing so.

  10. Clare

    Sullivan can win in November. With the fact that Mead doesn’t have money and that he had to feed $500,000 of PERSONAL FUNDS into his own campaign is not a good sign for a conservative republican.
    Alaska needs someone to win in August, defeat Begich in November and fight for Alaska in DC while working with Lisa and Don. Dan Sullivan can.

  11. Sullivan Supporter

    I’ve donated to Sullivan in each of the past three quarters. Why? He’s the best candidate to represent me in D.C. He has the best shot at beating Begich. I’ll donate again this quarter because a self-funded campaign won’t beat Begich. I’ll donate a second time this quarter because a campaign that doesn’t appeal to a most conservatives, independents, and undeclareds can’t beat Begich. Sullivan’s campaign is ready take on Begich on Aug 20th, the others are not.

    I’ll continue to donate to Sullivan because I want to beat Begich.

  12. John Smith

    $3.8 million is the total amount that has been raised (also called Gross). That is before campaign expenditures, which means it is not his net. Maybe people are giving because they want him to win. Maybe they want Begich to be defeated. Maybe they prefer Sullivan over the other republicans in the race. Whatever the reasoning, your conclusion is both overly simplistic, astoundingly myopic and resoundingly ignorant.

  13. Mark

    Why would anyone donate to a candidate that already have 3.8 million in the bank? The obvious answer is in hope of buying influence over a future Senator.

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