First state ‘super-PAC’ ad for Walker-Mallott

Here’s the first ad paid for by an Independent Expenditure (IE) group in support of “Unity” ticket candidates Bill Walker and Byron Mallott. An IE in the state basically acts like a federal super-PAC in that it can accept unlimited funds and can’t coordinate with a candidate. The disclosure rules however, like listing the top three contributors, are distinct to Alaska. This knockout ad, which begins to run statewide on Thursday, comes courtesy of Alaskans for Walker-Mallott.  The chair is Alaska AFL-CIO President Vince Beltrami, and Joelle Hall, AFL-CIO director of operations, is the treasurer of the group. The Alaska AFL-CIO was instrumental in the unprecedented pairing of Walker, a Republican running as an Independent, with Mallott, a Democrat, who was on the top of the ticket and who is now running with Walker as his lieutenant governor.  Jim Lottsfeldt, who is running the pro-Mark Begich super-PAC Put Alaska First, said he produced the ad. This project is separate from the Begich super-PAC he said. Local film crew SprocketHeads filmed the spot.


9 thoughts on “First state ‘super-PAC’ ad for Walker-Mallott

  1. Garand Fellow

    I am not ready to conclude this but I am wondering if these two elections, the gubernatorial election now that there is this strange ticket and the US senate race, which are fustian and sublime for this state today, might usher in a new era of divisiveness no matter the outcomes. I don’t think it will necessarily be a new degree of partisanship along party lines so much as a split between two growing cultures.

    If it happens I think that pundits will later say it can be traced back to the 2010 Lisa write-in campaign and win, but I think something much different has come to Alaska since then. It’s this more recent cultural and demographic dynamic, fueled by the huge amount of money pouring in for this election year that threatens a polarization that could last a generation or longer.

    I suppose anyone might well say, so what? It’s difficult to say at this point – early days. One result I can readily foresee is that while the state budget must be balanced no matter whether it’s a Walker budget or a Parnell budget, the cohort losing the election will be much more disadvantaged in that budget as a result of this polarization. The winners will need a path to a balanced budget and the losers will provide it. That is normal in many other states but it hasn’t been the case in Alaska, and there are some specific programs and projects that easily come to mind. Thank you to for providing a forum for discussions of this sort.

  2. A Friend of the Public

    Amanda –
    By now you’ve heard the rumors about Alice Rogoff’s involvement in putting together the unity ticket. Why aren’t you or anyone else writing about it? If true, and the sources say it is, it sounds so inappropriate and is a part of a much larger and more nefarious plot. People are starting to talk. This is a story for the ages.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes Amanda please ask walker these tough questions on his exact plan for the pipeline and ask in person to
    Mallot where their so called unity ticket stands on pro-life, gay marriage issues. Then go ask bill seperately. You report exactly what is said. I can’t wait to laugh. Also can some one please notice that on the walker website there is NO indication of their views on pro life and gay marriage anywhere in their issues. Do they really think they are going to get away with just simply leaving these issues off their page???! Unbelievable

  4. Debbie McCann

    Very nice ad, tastefully done and I can guarantee you Bill Walker is no babbling fool! Nor is he scary, untrustworthy or a potential bad guy. If you knew Bill, you’d know one of the kindest, most caring and generous men you will ever meet. You’d know an Alaska statesman, not politician, a man running for governor because he is desperately concerned for the state he loves so dearly, a man who would give you the shirt off his back and at great personal expense has put his personal life on hold to serve the people of Alaska. Not ego, not power crazed, no other agenda than to bring strong leadership once again to this state. People that do know what Bill is all about will be voting for him on Nov. 4th!

  5. Mike

    I know the use of black and white for the cutaway still on Walker is supposed to be art housie cool, but this is not a college film about death using your girlfriends roommate as a christ-like figure. This is an attack ad and colors matter greatly in a 30 second spot. They convey the subtle messages words cannot do justice in that short of a time period. Black/white is to dehumanize the person in question. There is a reason attack adds always use this trick. it is because it make them look scary, untrustworthy, a potential bad-guy ala 80’s horror films. You do not go from warm color tones to a b/w close up and expect the viewer to leave with a favorable impression. Solid bad move on the director of the ad. It is obviously professionally made, but it should have been left full color. Maybe added some of that Barbara Walter’s fuzzy lens action just to continue the softening appeal Walker needs.

  6. gary

    Certainly makes Walker look better than the babbling fool he was at the Juneau debate. Who could imagine that Parnell could walk all over his opponent ? Nice ad.

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