Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 10.1

  • The biggest non-story story circulating Alaska story of the moment is that U.S Senate candidate Dan Sullivan was considered a Maryland resident from 2006-2008 according to the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation. The HuffingtonPost pointed out that Sullivan filed paperwork with the FCC that he was a resident of Alaska for the past 17 years. KTUU, the Dispatch, the Mudflats and many more outlets are reporting on this; each with their own take on the implications. As many know, Sullivan left the state after 9/11 to work at the White House and the State Department. He took his wife and children with him. A marine, he was called into active duty from 2004-2006. According to the Alaska Division of Elections, you’re “considered an Alaska resident if you reside in the state and intend to remain here or you leave with the intent to return.” But nobody should allow such facts to get in the way of a good attack, and while they’re at it, offend thousands of Alaskan residents who are now or who at one time served outside of the state.
  • The Dispatch’s Nat Herz has a good primer on tonight’s Senate debate on fisheries in Kodiak. Senate candidates Sen. Mark Begich and Dan Sullivan square off at 7:00 p.m., Word is that Begich, who knows fisheries much better than Sullivan, is expected to take this one. That debate is followed by Rep. Don Young and Forrest Dunbar. Listen live here.
  • The Ketchikan Daily News is sponsoring a governor’s debate starting at 11:30 today. Follow live tweets here. 

  • Am I the only person who has missed that Bill Walker and Byron Mallott are aligned with Gov. Sean Parnell on the EPA’s role on Pebble? Here’s the two talking about it with Dillingham’s KDLG.
  • While U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski might be waiting to see to who will receive her coveted endorsement, plenty of other known Alaskan Republicans have already cast their hat firmly into the Walker/Mallott ring.
  • The Alaska Commons covered the Anchorage Faith and Action-Congregations Together (AFACT) Anchorage Senate candidates forum for districts I, K, M and N. All candidates attended except Rep. Mia Costello and Sen. Cathy Giessel. That meant that Sen. Keven Meyer was the lone voice for Republicans at the gathering, which was centered around religious harmony.
  • US News has an article about the seven U.S. Senate seats that are going to be close. Alaska’s fourth on the list.
  • The Juneau Empire has announced that Margo Waring has been appointed to a nationwide redistricting task force.
  • Politico has a piece about conservative U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D). Burgess Everett reports that Manchin is being used as a helping hand for Democratic Senators seeking reelection in conservative states (including U.S. Sen. Mark Begich this past winter). The first national volley for a 2016 presidential run?
  • In Juneau and crave more tense, candidate forums like Tuesday’s school board forum? The Juneau Empire has the details on two of them tonight: the Juneau Assembly and round two of the Juneau School Board.
  • While the NRSC is celebrating the anniversary of ObamaCare’s insurance surprise with an ad featuring U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, The Hill suggests that Democrats should embrace the successes and tout the achievements it has had with Americans and the economy.
  • Frontier Airlines has announced they will be halting their Fairbanks summer route starting in 2015. The Fairbanks News Miner reports that this will be a major financial blow to Interior Alaskans as this is “the only low-cost carrier service between the Lower 48 and the Interior.”
  • Yesterday’s Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce might have been touted your run-of-the-mill state Senate candidate forum between Alaska Sen. Pete Kelly and Candidate Tamara Kruse Roselius, but Matt Buxton’s article in the Fairbanks News Miner makes it sound more like it was a traditional Lincoln Douglas debate.
  • The LA Times has continued in the vein of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and focused on the snowmobile ad wars between U.S. Senator Mark Begich and his challenger, Dan Sullivan. Apparently, there’s a hunger for snowmachine news that never gets old or cold.
  • In case you were wondering how important polls are indicating being aligned with and/or having the support of Sen. Lisa Murkowski is to Alaskan candidates, TalkingPointsMemo has an entire article devoted to just this issue.
  • APRN’s Alexandra Gutiererez has a more in-depth article regarding her experiences between Gov. Sean Parnell’s administration and her efforts to receive access to public records regarding the Alaska National Guard scandal. Craig Tuten with the Alaska Commons also reports on Gov. Parnell and the AK National Guard, but focuses on Parnell’s guidance from Arizona for National Guard reform.
  • The New York Times reports that Democrats are spending more money doing old school GOTV in states like Alaska than ever before.
  • AHTNA endorses U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, U.S. Congressman Don Young, and AK gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker.
  • Alaska’s water is getting some serious attention in today’s newspapers. The Republic has a piece about the federal fisheries agency expressing concern over the accuracy of studies regarding the Susitna dam project.  Meanwhile Becky Bohrer with the AP reports that 35,000 walrus came ashore near Point Lay with a death count estimate beginning at 50 walruses.  Over at the Dispatch, Megan Edge writes that a NOAA scientist says that last week’s massive jellyfish death spotted near Clam Gulch was normal.
  • Alaska made it into Rolling Stone Magazine! Ok, through an article regarding Koch Industries and the closure of our oil refinery, but it’s an article that doesn’t mention Palin once.

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9 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 10.1

  1. LysanderSpooner

    OK. I’ll bite, even though it appears you are more interested in personal attacks than substantive discussion.

    Please tell me what is so offensive about my post. I have no personal issues with Amanda. In fact, I have great respect for what she does and how she does it. But the first paragraph in this roundup list is a great departure from her usual handling of these bulleted items. Notice the length compared to the other items on the list? Notice the content? Unlike other items, where a brief explanation suffices, the Sullivan item is filled with subjective language that disingenuously oversimplifies the issue in an apparent attempt to deflect attention from it.

    Anyone with half a brain knows that legal definitions of “residency” vary from state to state, and that it is, consequently, possible to enjoy the benefits of residency in two states simultaneously. I realize there are hyper-partisan people who would spin this otherwise. But I think the real issue with the residency question is Sullivan’s unwillingness to state his case and be done with it. If he did that from the outset, instead of dancing around the issue and being evasive about the different residency claims he’s made, no one would be talking about it anymore.

    That’s the real issue — integrity and backbone. It reminds me of his unwillingness to admit to voting for Murkowski in 2010 and the cumbersome walking back of his statement afterward. If he had just owned it — and the residency issue — I, for one, could respect it more.

    Both these campaigns, in my opinion, have been huge disappointments. Two mostly decent, hard-working guys wallowing in the mud instead of having an honest discussion about issues important to Alaskans. Too bad for voters.

  2. Jill

    Your article in Politico was wonderful. Very informative and seemingly even handed. Keep rockin’ it.

  3. Greg

    I noticed the other day that someone commented on L. Spooner’s comments in a derogatory manner. Normally, I would have suggested that such behavior is low. Now, with all due respect, I would suggest that nothing is too low in terms of pointing out his lack of intelligence and literacy. Of course this guy is a Begich person. Amanda, I might suggest that you do a story about the “stupid and moronic comments by Lysander Spooner.”

  4. Alaska Cod Piece

    I agree about the running interference comment, Lysander. DNR Dan’s versions of his AK residency have been all over the place. It is so obvious that he is using Alaska as a stepping stone to higher office.

    Great job on the Politico article, AC. It is so interesting to read about the perspectives of Sullivan in the Valley. The views from the more remote regions are so different it is astonishing. What an election season!

  5. Alaska Cod Piece

    I agree with the AC running interference comment, Lysander. DNR Dan’s been all over the place regarding his AK residency. It is so obvious he is using Alaska as a stepping stone to higher office.

    Great job on the Politico article, Ms. Coyne. It is so interesting to read the perspectives of Sullivan from the Valley. The views from remote parts of the state are so different it is astonishing.

  6. Dave in Homer

    Amanda, thank you for your excellent writing and relentlessly keeping us up to date. Great piece in Politico.

  7. CPG49

    The quality of your news round-up is only surpassed by the quality of your article in Politico. Not only are you the most brilliant political analyst in Alaska but proving you can hold your own nationally as well.
    I respect and admire your writing. Your perspective is fair and reasonable. I don’t know how old you are; however, I suspect its old enough since I don’t see the politicians winding you up and spinning you like some of these cub reporters running around Alaska. One more time, great Politico article about our senate race here in the 49th.

  8. Mike

    Amanda, you’ve just helped me decide on who to vote for in November for Gov. Whomever Lisa endorses, that’s who’s getting my vote.

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