GOP Senate candidate Treadwell begins ‘True Alaskan Conservative’ theme

Here’s Republican candidate Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell’s first widespread radio ad of the campaign season. The spot is airing along with a television ad introducing the theme, “The True Alaskan Conservative.” (I’ll post the TV ad when I get it, but it’s basically a cut version of this one.) What makes him more conservative than the other GOP challengers in the race –Joe Miller or Dan Sullivan — is anyone’s guess. But that likely won’t matter. Treadwell’s message is clear and to the point, and is one that the public will likely remember if Treadwell has the money to be able to disseminate the ads widely enough. Whether they’ll believe it is another story.


14 thoughts on “GOP Senate candidate Treadwell begins ‘True Alaskan Conservative’ theme

  1. Nora

    You’ve got the biggest penis ever. You can tell with how self assured you are…bet you’re got a big truck.

  2. Dan S. Sullivan

    Just like me! I’ve spent most of my time outside of ALaska and I’ve learned everything there! In fact, I don’t even know what the magnuson stevens act is, but I’m just like Ted. My wife worked for him, so we’re basically the same guy.

    I’m glad that I’ve got such passionate people responding to the lies about me – which are anything positive about Mead Treadwell.

  3. Anonymous

    No, Bill. Mead’s victories may have had many variables that aren’t up for discussion right now. He actually has good challengers this time and his past elections mean nothing in this election cycle. What a ridiculous argument.

    Your ignorance is astounding. L48 Dan? Outside? Go get an education — OUTSIDE of your little world. Then, you may be open-minded enough for people to listen to your comments.

  4. Anonymous


    If you’re going to correct anyone’s English, you should use the proper word “site” instead of “cite.” It destroys your argument. Have you ever heard of homonyms? I’m quite sure you would have learned that in first grade.

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  5. Anonymous


    Finally, someone who gets it! Thank you for your excellent, accurate and articulate comment. How does anyone take Mead or Bernadette seriously? She is a tagger-on, a groupie and why doesn’t anyone talk about her relationship with the mayor as a reason NOT to take her seriously?

    Pocket Polly? Hilarious!

    And, yes, we do need ideas, inspiration, help and friends from other states. It’s ludicrous to think otherwise.

    Thank you, Clara for getting it!

  6. Jenny

    What do I think of this radio ad?
    MEAD-i-ocrity at its best. Thank goodness there are other candidates out there that could possibly beat the lap dog.

  7. Ark J.

    Note to Sandy D :
    Re the party planner’s BF:
    You forgot to add dull-eyed in your description.

  8. Clara

    What does it say about a conservative candidate who puts $500,000 of personal money into his campaign account?

    What does it say about a Lt. Governor who stomps around like a child when Commissioners and state employees don’t take direction from him, but they listen to their boss, the Governor?

    What does it say about a person who hires Polly Pocket Bernadette, under any circumstances?

    What does it say about a candidate who is unable to make outside friends and develop them into contributors? Yes, we are a unique state, but we’re not our own country. We can use friends from other states.

  9. sandy D

    curious george:
    her boyfriend’s not “democratic”……he’s just a democrat. and a mush-mouthed idiot.

  10. The Cat

    1) Dan gave to Mead in 2010, weird that he’s accusing him of being just like Mark Begich – interesting point you bring up…
    2) Facts? Are you accusing the Lt. Governor of committing a crime or are you just spreading a rumor campaign?
    3) Oh no! Somebody’s trying to think critically about Alaskan politics! Shouldn’t it be your duty, as a Republican, to make sure there is no ammo that Begich can use against any candidate? Sorry, wait, Lindauer for U.S. Senate!!!!
    4) Hire, or fire? Is she on Mead’s payroll? I’m no good at interpreting facts from staffers…

  11. Nora

    Another Dan supporter making baseless claims taken from campaign rhetoric & distributed through faux grass roots support.

    “Bet that made Ted Stevens spin in his grave.” You used that line already

    If not, Sullivanista, than I’m assuming your talking points for Coyne’s cite are the same as on twitter – you forgot a few verbs which are used as nouns.

    Dan’s a doer, Dan’s a fighter, (in the arena, fighting the fight) Dan’s not talk; he’s action. He’s Parnell!

    You’re welcome.

  12. Curious George

    Inquring minds want to know. Would a true conservative : 1) financially back gay rights advocates? ; 2) collect a government paycheck when more than half their time was spent on the campaign trail? ; 3)condone a whisper campaign spreading lies that might weaken a Republican candidate in a general election against a Democratic liberal? ; and, 4) hire a contractor who illegally used her Democratic boyfriend’s legislative license plates? To me, Treadwell’s talk doesn’t live up to the walk. This radio ad is laughable if you know the real Mead Treadwell. People who know him will laugh at this. Why can’t Mead just be honest with the electorate.

  13. Michael

    Only a fool would believe that Mead Treadwell is a conservative, let alone a true conservative. Treadwell’s make over from Liberal Republican to Conservative Republican is a fabrication that he created in 2010 to win a Republican primary. His record speaks for itself. His 40 year history in Alaska is one featuring a liberal to moderate Republican. He has donated money to many liberal causes and candidates and supported Anchorage mayoral candidate Matt Claman who was an outspoken advocate for gay rights. This is a real conservative? Truth be told, he’s a lot like Mark Begich as he appears willing to say anything to get elected. Like Begich, he consistently takes credit for other people’s hardwork. Example: at the debate he claimed that he was the one that got President Regan to lift the natural gas export ban. Bet that made Ted Stevens spin in his grave. I think Alaskans see thru this silliness. On anothe Begich similarity, Treadwell tried desparately with little success to raise money in the L48 in 2013. When he failed due to his inability to inspire potential supporters, he immediately criticized Sullivan for raising money outside. This is the kind of ridiculous hypocrisy we see from Treadwell all the time. It must suck to be Mead Treadwell pretending all the time to be something you’re not.

  14. Bill S

    Count Treadwell out at your own peril. L48 Dan has the money and Outside support, but Mead has won statewide elections. The man is excellent at the retail level whereas L48 Dan comes across like a random CEO out dealing with the hoi polloi at an annual shareholder meeting.

    If it rains on primary day, Treadwell’s people will be the only ones making an effort to get to the polls.

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