Loose Lips: Whisper campaigns. Young and Hard. Pink boxer shorts.

18955141_mShe described it “as the most magical day of her life.” Cook Inlet Tribal Council CEO Gloria O’Neill and Roger Phillips stood on the Kachemak Bay’s McDonald Spit last Friday and said, ‘I do” and that they would, forever and ever. For eternity. Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful marriage.

APOC has “accepted” Randy Ruedrich’s complaint against the Anchorage Women’s Republican Club, for what he says is funky bookkeeping.

Long time state worker Jerry Burnett who recently retired from the Department of Revenue where he served as the Administrative Services Director is now working at the Department of Administration under contract. He’s acting as the department’s liaison to try to bring online a more efficient, cost effective IT system. If he’s successful, perhaps the Department of Health and Social Services can put him to work on the bungled Xerox Medicaid management system, the one that the state paid millions for and that’s still having a hard time processing payments.

Mike Porcaro’s advertising agency is making a bundle this year placing the No on #1 ads. Word is that they’re also placing media for the Treadwell for Senate campaign.

There’s something different about fundraisers for candidates running in Rural Alaska. There’s more hugging, and guitar playing. Over all, less…political. About 70 showed on Wednesday at Dan and Elaine Fauske’s Anchorage home for a joint fundraiser for North Slope Mayor Charlotte Brower and Rep. Ben Nageak. Oilies showed en masse. So did lobbyists. So did second cousins and aunties once removed. Some of the people I noticed or was able to talk to included: Cindy Baily, Dawn Patience and Amber Rochan from BP; Cam Toohey and Doris Hugo with Shell; Trish Baker from Repsol; GOP senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s wife Julie Fate; lobbyist Kim Hutchinson; North Slope businessman T.J. Bourden; Jimmy Stotts from the Inuit Circumpolar Council; investment bankers John and Jeff Urbina from Key Bank Capital; Sen. Kevin Meyer; John Boyles; DJ and Gretchen Fauske; Miles Baker with the AK Gas Development Corporation; Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux; Greg Rochan from AHFC; port consultant Paul Fuhs; Doug Chapados with Petro Star Refinery; Roseanne Leman; and, Flossie Chrestman to name a few. Mayor Brower’s haul for the evening was around $13,000. Rep. Nageak’s take was slightly less because he wasn’t able to accept credit cards. Lobbyists John Bitney and Paul Fuhs strummed on guitars and sang soulfully.

Pink boxer shorts, white supremacy, international ministries and more will likely be topics in this year’s Kenai Peninsula Borough’s mayor’s race. If you don’t believe me, read this story and many others about former Arizona sheriff wannabe turned minister Tom Bearup, who has recently announced his candidacy to challenge incumbent mayor Mike Navarre.

Dan Fagan’s new talk radio show hasn’t even started and he’s mixing it up already.  He’s accusing Treadwell supporters of running a negative and unsubstantiated whisper campaign against GOP senate front runner Dan Sullivan, claiming that he’s got all this dirt in his background that will ruin his chances of beating Mark Begich if he’s the Republican pick. I’ve seen some of that oppo research. His support for Brazilian waxes, I mean biofuels, when he was an assistant secretary of state figures prominently. Scandalous!

Speaking of whisper campaigns: Lots of people are still talking about why two workers, one of whom was his chief of staff, would leave Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell’s state office five months before the state elects a new lieutenant governor. Those are good jobs, and neither the COS Michelle Toohey nor the communications director Colleen Cox appear to have anything great waiting in the wings other than “other opportunities.”

Days until the election: 129.

A sharp eyed reader caught perhaps the most interesting tidbit in the hundreds of pages that were released by the House Ethics Committee on the long, and tangled investigation into Rep. Don Young. It’s the investigation that had its roots in the “big” public corruption investigation that resulted in a few years of prison time for a few small-time state legislators and ruined the career of Ted Stevens, before the feds said, “Oops! We changed our minds. You’re not guilty after all! Our bad.” Anyway, it appeared that in 2006, Young spent at least one weekend at a luxury wildlife preserve in New York with Karl Rove’s then estranged girlfriend Karen Johnson, who is now Rove’s wife, and her lover the cattle rancher Rhett Hard, whose name I can’t imagine Young could repeat with a straight face.

Talk about an engaged constituency: Over 200 of them  turned out Tuesday evening for the annual constituent BBQ sponsored by Sen. Kevin Meyer, Reps. Charisse Millett and Bob Lynn. The district includes Abbott Loop, Independence Park, Huffman and O’Malley. Teachers, PTA members, public safety folks, and community activists showed, some of whom no doubt stared wistfully at Millett, many of whom chowed on BBQ cooked up by Joe Law. Spotted: Mid-Hillside/Hillside East Community Council President Lance Powell; Mark Staples from the Midnight Sun Brewing Company; Andy Holleman, AEA President; Janet Densmore; Abbott Loop Community Council President Al Tamagni; Todd and Janice Heverling; Parnell’s campaign manager Jerry Gallagher; Warren Olson; and, Dan McCue, and his family, from AK USA Federal Credit Union. Not spotted: Any public inebriates or hungry, poor people.

Alaska lost two great public servants this week: Walt Parker of Anchorage and Fred Brown of Fairbanks. May our hearts and prayers go out to their families and friends. May their memory serve as inspiration to others. 

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20 thoughts on “Loose Lips: Whisper campaigns. Young and Hard. Pink boxer shorts.

  1. Greg

    …Kevin. Are you saying that Dan lied on a fishing or hunting license? I thought that was just a rumor started by the democrats? Hundreds of people get in trouble for that every year, it wouldn’t surprise.

  2. Anonymous

    He said I hope all of that travel wasn’t done on the states dime or work done on state computers. Hardly an accusation of a felony. Plus, this would have been during Sullivan’s time as DNR commissioner , not as Attorney General. Please stop the misinformation.

  3. Kevin

    Well, Dan did accuse Mead of embezzling state funds and that’s an interesting charge coming from somebody who is the former attorney general…

    Unless you consider the fact that Dan never passed the bar exam in Alaska.
    Wait a second.

    Are you telling me that the head of our State’s Prosecutorial team didn’t show comprehension of Alaskan Laws?! How could that be?

    Maybe that’s how Dan could have violated AS 16.05.420…a lack of knowing about Alaskan things, i guess.

    Not a big deal…..

  4. LysanderSpooner

    “In mass” and “en masse” are the same. Using the English version is much less pretentious, in my opinion.

  5. Leslie

    I read in the Anchorage Daily News that Treadwell had turned over all authority at the Dovisiion of Elections to one of its employees. The lite gov has two responsibilities: running elections and processing applications for notary commissions. The second is little more than a clerical function. In other words, he’s abdicated his ONLY responsibility. Why? I suggest because he is busy campaigning all the time. I agree with other commenters, he should give back most, if not all his salary, last year and this year.

  6. BadBob

    Give Bearup his due. He just got hosed in Bankruptcy Court.

    What his “Church” won’t provide for him he can live off campaign money for a few months. Tom Bearup has always had his hand out for a donation.

    God only helps those that help themselves.

    Bearup, No. A10-00565-HAR (Bankr. D. Alaska, June 1, 2011).
    Posted on August 9, 2011 by Stephen Trezza • 0 Comments
    In re: Bearup, No. A10-00565-HAR (Bankr. D. Alaska, June 1, 2011)

    In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the trustee, whose job it is to administer your case, will compile all your property to pay creditors. If the trustee believes you are hiding property or disguising property to avoid it being used in the case, he or she may challenge your classification of the property.

    One such way for the trustee to challenge property is to claim that a nonprofit organization you are a part of. In this case, a married couple filed for Chapter 7 but did not tell the court that they were the founding members of a religious organization. They received their income from the nonprofit, and put every cent they had into it.

    However, the nonprofit was also so intermingled with their own property and lives that it was impossible for them to claim it should be excluded from their case. For instance, they shared living quarters with the headquarters of the business, they lived off of the proceeds of the organization, and they did not seek gainful employment outside of the organization. Because of these facts, the trustee successfully challenged their characterization of the organization as a nonprofit, and the property of the organization was used to pay creditors.

    Stephen M. Trezza

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    My name is Stephen Trezza and I am a Tucson bankruptcy attorney. I have been based in Tucson, Arizona since 1992 and I specialize in chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. I have been awarded a “Superb” rating by Avvo and an “A” rating by the BBB. I have been President of the Tucson Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys 2011, 2012 and 2013.
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  7. Brad

    Dan Sullivan was the attorney general. He told you that Mead was guilty at the Debate! Put Treadwell in cuffs! Dan literarily accused him of a Felony in front of an audience, and you people are doing nothing. Just ridiculous.

  8. Zerkes Q.

    Treadwell should pay back about 75% of his state salary this year and not take anymore’s a thief. He talks about being a conservative. That’s ridiculous. I wonder if Treadwell feels he’s entitled and earns his salary? I say absolutely not. What a fraud and phoney man.

  9. Nikiski Born and Raised

    Glad you’re exposing this Bearup creep. As far as I’m concerned, he can pack up and go back to the mess he helped create in Arizona. The Kenai area has some good public officials – – Mike Navarre, Kurt Olson, Mike Chenault and Peter Micciche.
    We certainly don’t need a clown like Mr. Bearup. Think about it, do you really want to allow thiis nut to have a position of power and responsibility? I also don’t want him anywhere close to the public treasury. Let’s all vote for Mayor Navarre and show Mr Bearup the way back to Arizona.

  10. Cheri

    Speaking to the staff departures in the lite governor’s office, I too hear persistent rumors about the tension in this office. Rumors around the state office building suggests that Treadwell’s temper is driving folks away. I susppect that you are aware that these departures are not the only ones this year. You also hear quite a bit about the ethical concerns staff have and feel that Treadwell often steps over the bounds of being appropriate. While I cannot speak to this rumor with certainty and confidence, I do know that Treadwell spends extremely little time on state business. He’s campaigning constantly and seems to spend little time in the office. This ethical breech, allowable or not, troubles me. Why should he be taking a state paycheck for a 37.5 hour week when he hardly works? I think Mr. Treadwell owes the state a considerable amount of money that he has wrongly taken.

  11. Anonymous

    Agreed. Some of the people commenting here have horrible grammar. Or worse, no logic. She is allowed a slip up or have a typo once in a while when she is a one-woman show and her writing is excellent.

  12. Anonymous

    Tsk. Tsk? Really? Who made you grammar czar? And a snobby one at that.
    Amanda-I don’t care if it’s not perfect, you’re doing a great job. I like that you’re a human and you’re doing a good job at reporting on Alaska.
    Don’t mind the snobs.

  13. Mattie

    Sounds as if the “new” candidate running against Mayor Navarre is quite a doozie. The guy sounds almost certifiable or at a minimum a walking, talking traiin wreck. Less than 2 years ago, he was rebuffed by th voters of Arizona who were smart enough to see that this guy shouldn’t be in public office. I hope Alaskans are as smart from what I’ve read.

  14. sullivan lackey

    Ms. Coyne. Will you please come out and endorse Dan Sullivan directly for the GOP senate nomination? I think that’s better than pretending to be moderate while fawning all over him and being tied at the hip to his campaign.

    It’s cute how you downplay the research against him. “I’ve seen some of it.” I know. “Scandalous”… I know politics so you don’t have to, eh? I just hope your readers recognize your Sullivan worshiping spin. I wonder if you do?

  15. Lynn Willis

    More guitars playing and hugging notwithstanding, I would like to believe that Dan Fauske has not lost all objectivity and a sense of neutrality in his position with AGDC; however, his name now seems to be associated more with raising campaign funds than any other function.
    Also, I thought upon passage of SB 138 (the AKLNG gas line bill) we would immediately begin “pre-feed” on the way to “feed” then “FID” (Final Investment Decision). Apparently we can’t get past the first baby step in “pre-feed”. So what caused or is causing Conoco not to sign the agreement to partner with the State AGDC, Exxon, BP and Trans Canada so early in the game? Perhaps Mr. Fauske should be more concerned with that?

  16. Lynn Willis

    So now Mr. Fagan, upon his return, has already discovered that politicians will create: “… a negative and unsubstantiated whisper campaign” against their opponents? Isn’t that is like Inspector Renault (Claude Reins) discovering there is gambling at Rick’s Café in the movie Casablanca? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMIyDf3gBoY

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