Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 10.9

  • CNN/ORC International has just released a new poll on Alaska’s Senate and governor’s race. According to the poll, Dan Sullivan is ahead by 6 percentage points, and Bill Walker leads with 51 percent of the vote. Needless to say, the internet is going gangbusters: Read Politico, Bloomberg, 12NewsNow, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal for more.
  • Not to be outdone, Fox News has come out with their own poll on U.S. Senate races including Alaska’s. According their results, Dan Sullivan has a 4 percentage point lead over Sen. Mark Begich. The Hill has an article about both the Fox News and the CNN/ORC International polling results.
  • Is pot wining by 18 points or is it down by 10? Two different  local pollsters have two different numbers. I report, you decide.
  • The AFL-CIO has an article that gives 4 KEY reasons why U.S. Senate Dan Sullivan is the worst candidate for workers.

  • Nathaniel Herz has a piece about Begich’s and Sullivan’s views on ObamaCare, which Begich has recently been defending. Sullivan is woefully unprepared.
  • Politico has a piece on the joint lawsuit by Alaska Public Media and the Dispatch against Governor Sean Parnell for allegedly stonewalling document requests intended to shed light on his administrations response to abuse charges aimed at the state’s National Guard.
  • Alaska’s OEP was delivered to mailboxes across the state over the past few days and many noticed that Bill Walker’s page was missing although his Lt. Governor’s page was there for reading. Many smelled conspiracy, but it turns out, according to the Juneau Empire, that Walker’s campaign didn’t get an initial letter that the Division of Elections sent out asking for the information. Now, a special pamphlet with Walker’s information will be sent to all voters, which is going to work out pretty well for him.
  • The National Journal has an article detailing how Sen. Mark Begich has utilized five of President Obama’s cabinet members to help bolster his re-election campaign. “”Begich has made clear that he wants to bring as many people to Alaska as possible,” Begich campaign spokesman Max Croes said of the visits. “His goal is to make sure that people in Washington have an understanding of Alaska’s unique needs so that he can better make the case to them about the reasons Alaska needs federal funding.”
  • Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker has a compass piece in the Dispatch where he touts his 30 years working on LNG projects, none of which have succeeded, by the way, and managed to get in a few digs at Gov. Sean Parnell.
  • The Huffington Post is wondering if Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS will be able to contain themselves and remain legal this election cycle.
  • Americans for Prosperity has bought an additional $16,468 in oppositional mailers against Sen. Mark Begich according to the Influence Explorer.
  • KTVA has officially acknowledged what everybody already knows: the U.S. Senate media war has not been content with ruining our television, but has invaded our Internet as well.

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CORRECTION: The original entry of the Bill Walker Division of Elections entry said that Walker’s campaign admitted they received a letter for the Division of Elections. That’s not true.


7 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 10.9

  1. Lynn Willis

    Regarding the omission of Bill Walker from the Office Voter Pamphlet, of course the State does what it has gotten so used to doing the last several years – it simply paid for another smaller Pamphlet listing the candidates for Governor to include Bill Walker. I emailed the Division of Elections asking the cost for this. I got a return email informing me that the cost was $47,040.71.
    So state spending just increased by another $47,040.71. So what? These folks overspend our revenue by billions. I bet they got that money from between the cushions in the sofa in the Governor’s office.

  2. joeblow

    Jim Geraghty at NRO is pretty solid, had this to say about AKSEN: Despite all the discussion about the southern-state races, Mark Begich might be the most vulnerable Senate Democratic incumbent. He’s trailed in every poll since the beginning of August. Polling in Alaska is allegedly more difficult than in other states, but you figure if Begich was leading, at least one of the past five polls would show him with more than 44 percent.

  3. joeblow

    >>>Sullivan is woefully unprepared >>> worst candidate for workers >>>

    You’re starting to let your liberal bias show.

    It is also interesting that your reading list doesn’t seem to include any conservative outlets.

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