Palin brawl witness statements

For those of you who still have an interest in the infamous Palin family brawl, you can click¬†here¬†to read the witness statements released by the Anchorage Police Department. Some of the details are contradictory, but basically the outline of the story is consistent with what was initially reported: There were two big fights. Alcohol was involved, Track was shirtless and was bloodied. Todd entered the fray. Bristol punched the host repeatedly in the face. But what REALLY seemed to really tick everyone off was that people were calling each other names. All that’s missing is Sarah yelling at fighting crowd, “Do you know who I am?” But then again, that’s not something you’d think to tell the cops.


7 thoughts on “Palin brawl witness statements

  1. Racer

    Why aren’t there any statements from Mama and Papa Grizzly? It seems weird that the police would interview everybody but them. Todd was part of the brawl.

  2. crystalwolf

    APD left the case open in case there was new evidence like a leaked video. Nothing came.
    Really? Are you from the APD or what? I’ve heard different, that there IS a video.
    Why would a video HOLD up the whole investigation? I think the Alaska State Troopers should of been called. APD has proved itself to be in the “Palin pocket” for several years now.

  3. crystalwolf

    Thanks Amanda on the update…however since the report is almost exactly as You’re first report (excepting the palins trying to lie to the cops) Isn’t it kind of weird that it took APD OVER A MONTH TO “CLOSE” THE CASE?
    That seems really “Weird” and strange unless of course people were trying to cover up stuff?

  4. Nasty Girls

    Men fighting over women has been happening forever.

    Women throwing down punches and bringing the fight to the

    the party bums me because, foolish me, I always thought women were

    smarter than men when it came to physical combat. Not that they

    can’t fight, just that they generally had more sense than men.

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