Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 9.22

  • Thought the question for U.S. Senate control would be answered on November 4? According to the Washington Post, there is a strong possibility of that not happening until close to the new Congress’ scheduled start on January 6. The AP has it down to five bullet points.
  • The Hill published the results of a Gallup Poll that found only 4 in 10 of the public care a “great deal” about which party controls Congress after the November elections.
  • Becky Bohrer with the AP reports that the EPA has asked for a dismissal of a lawsuit alleging it overstepped its authority regarding the development of the proposed Pebble Mine. Arguments will begin on September 26.
  • Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker made his first pit stop in Fairbanks since forming the Walker/Mallott ticket over Labor Day weekend. The Fairbanks Daily Miner has details.

  • Watch Brad Keithley talk on the Dan Fagan/Glen Biegel show  after hour 1 here. 
  • Peter Stanton’s twitter account is becoming a popular meme generator for the gubernatorial race.
  • The New York Times reports that North Carolina and Michigan are leaning toward Democratic wins while Arkansas and Louisiana are moving toward Republican wins for the U.S. Senate races. This leaves Iowa, Alaska and Kansas as states to focus on for Senate control with Alaska and Kansas being labeled wild cards for the midterm elections. Could this mean even more attention from PACs and SuperPACs between now and November 4?
  • Roll Call is reporting that the League of Conservation Voters will spend a record $25 million this cycle, five times what the environmental group spent on the 2010 midterms, supporting state and federal candidates, including Mark Begich.
  • Have a yearning for cheap red wine, meatballs and politics? This is the week to quench that yearning and one of many Alaska fundraisers.
  • The Koch Brothers’ PAC, Crossroads GPS, has released a new ad called “Pattern” attacking Sen. Mark Begich of having a pattern of fiscal mismanagement and supporting expensive federal legislation.
  • Not registered to vote? Chuck Norris has 10 reasons to register and vote over at org.

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8 thoughts on “Inside/Outside morning news roundup for 9.22

  1. Stockholder

    Well, Tom, since you are new to the job you may not know that of 13 debates over the last 11 months, your boss skipped ALL BUT TWO.

    How many more will your boss skip? Will he attend any where he does not get the questions beforehand?

    Why be a governor if you are so afraid of defending your record? Don’t Alaskans deserve a guy like Bill Walker who is not afraid to debate?

  2. Sandi W.

    Begich’s campaign appears to be growing more desperate by the day. Their negative ads keep coming. Mounds of ridiculous press releases daily. And now, Leslie Ridle, one of Begich’s key staffers, is posting the most inane remarks on Facebook. I think Markey is on his way out and a really good, competent, well-educated and smart senator named Dan Sullivan will be our next senator.

  3. Frank

    Amanda, while I enjoy most of the comments posted, and for the most part feel that they are very bright perspectives, regardless of if I agree with them or not, I continue to be amazed at Stockholder’s uninformed stupidity. Can you block these comments or will your readers have to endure his continued lack of being informed. Also, I want to thank Tom Wright for setting the record straight on the number of debates that exist. Furthermore, why isn’t Stockholder blabbering his partisan protocol about Byron Mallott running away from debating Sullivan? I suspect Stockholder’s investment portfoliio leaves a lot to be desired too.

  4. Tom Wright

    There are 10 debates scheduled between the Governor Parnell and Mr. Walker between September 29th and November 4th.

  5. Stockholder

    What’s really too bad is Seanoco has skipped almost all the debates. Bill Walker and Byron showed up at these debates, but not Seanoco. Where was Seanoco hiding?

  6. Sandra

    Too bad the candidates for Lt. Governor are not scheduled for a debate. After all, Gov. Parnell stepped in as Gov. when Sarah Palin quit. I do believe Dan Sullivan would give Byron Mallott a run for the money.

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