Loose Lips: KTVA goes bong. V2RD hits Alaska. Delbridge joins Parnell campaign.

Meantime, just another Sunday at KTVA, only this time going to pot and potty mouth when reporter Charlo Greene, the Anchorage girl who came to the new station from WOWK in West Virginia, took to the mic, in a moment that will go down in broadcast history:

What you missed on this video (and what you can see in others that don’t include the infectious laughter) was Greene’s admission that she owns the Alaska Cannabis Club. Greene has done multiple stories on the pot initiative and the anti-pot folks had for a while been complaining about her attitude, complaints which were supposedly brushed off and complaints that will come back and haunt the station manager, particularly when the first FCC complaint gets filed in three…two… one…bong!

The anti-pot folks wasted no time. They sent out a fundraising email two hours after the incident entitled appropriately, “loss of local control.”

If you’re up at 7 a.m. on Monday, tune into the Dan Fagan and Glen Biegel show. They’ll be talking to Brad Keithley about some of the charges leveled at him. Tune in at 95.5 FM, and 1080 AM in Anchorage and 92.5 FM and 1020 AM in the Valley. Or listen on line here.

Wednesday was a good day for Gov. Sean Parnell’s campaign, which could use a few good days. There was a fundraiser luncheon at the Aladdin Restaurant sponsored by some folks from ASRC that drew about 30 people. Later that evening, Dan and Elaine Fauske opened their home to host another Parnell fundraiser. About 70 people showed. Spotted: Dave Haugen; Frank Richards; John Boyles from the North Slope Borough; Jim Posey; Rep. Craig Johnson; former Gov. Frank Murkowski and his son Brian; Mike Buller; Keith Burke; Catherine Stevens and her brother Bill Bittner; Dave and Kathleen Boyer; DJ and Gretchen Fauske; AFD&G commissioner Cora Campbell, who had just shot a moose and had the pics to show it.

Democratic Juneau state House candidate George McGuan and his wife Alex are the new proud parents of a baby boy named Orion Michael McGuan. He was born on Friday, September 12th, at 7:24 p.m., weighing 6 lbs 6 oz.

Long time Permanent Fund board member Carl Brady Jr. has been overheard, on more than one occasion, proudly telling folks that his 10th grandchild is due in January.

Thursday evening was a busy night of fundraising for the gubernatorial candidates. Bill Walker was in Palmer for a barbecue at the New Horizons hangar while Gov. Sean Parnell was at the Captain Cook for a fundraising dinner. While all this was going on, a new political organization, Vote 2 Reduce Debt, was hosting an open house at their Anchorage office. V2RD is a conservative grassroots group trying to elect conservative federal candidates. It’s being funded by a couple of rich Texans, who are supposedly disenchanted with Karl Rove’s and the Koch brothers’ approach. They want more cowboy boots on the ground. It’s run by former NRSC operative Patrick Davis of Colorado. The AK State Director is Ephraim Froelich, the son of Judge Pete Froelich, of Juneau. Word is that the organization has already identified 10,000 conservative Alaskans who pulled a Charlo Greene in 2012 and said f#%ck it instead of voting. Anyway, the event was organized by Dawn Linton Warren and Rebecca Mahaney. About 50 some people stopped by including: Matt Fagnani, Frank and Jeanne McQueary, Christine Hill, April and Art Hackney, Robyn Phillips, Jim Egan, Bethany Marcum, Steve Wachowski, Rep. Lance Pruitt, Becky Parker and Anchorage Assembly woman Jennifer Johnston to name a few.

No official word, one way or the other, from the MOA’s prosecutor’s office on the now infamous Palin family brawl. Some legal insiders suggest that a couple of people from the office are on vacation and the top prosecutor’s position is in transition, which is probably the reason for the delay. In other words, it’ll be another few days or so before we’ll hear anything.

The Republican National Committee has raised $150 million since January 2013 compared to the Democratic National Committee’s $133 million. As far as cash on hand, the RNC has $14.5 million and the DNC $11 million. Not much of that RNC money, however, is making its way to Alaska. Supposedly, they only have about 11 staffers on the ground, compared to the Dems 90 or so.

Rumor has it that Calista Corp.’s general counsel, Marcia Davis, is no longer with the regional corporation. No word on where she went.

According to a spokesperson for the Unity Ticket, attendance at Walker – Mallott events has surged ranging between 80 and 150 people.

Former Alaska Dispatch reporter turned legislative staffer Rena Delbridge has joined the Parnell – Sullivan campaign staff.

Sunday afternoon was a good day for the Seattle Seahawks and GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan. The Seahawks pulled off an overtime victory and Sullivan packed over 100 people into the lobby of the Diamond Center Hotel for a fundraiser to help his campaign. Some of the guests included: former lite governor Loren Leman; Perry and Gloria Green who was celebrating her birthday; Gov. Sean Parnell; Dr. Joe and Tyra Chandler; Dennis and Patricia Fradley; Rabbi Yosef Greenberg; Myrna Maynard; Steve Strait; three members of the governor’s cabinet – – Joe Balash, Curtis Thayer and Michael Geraghty; AFN co-chair Tara Sweeney and her husband Kevin; Mort Plumb; Hugh Ashlock; Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell; Shanni Green; ASRC’s Wade Blassingame; and Karina Waller, of the Stevens Foundation.

Upcoming political events galore this week, ranging from a Gatsby-themed fundraiser to a rally in the Valley. Eat meatballs. Drink cheap red wine. Engage in Democracy at its most local and best. Find out the when and where here at the Political Datebook. And if you go to one, drop me a line at the address below and tell me something about it.

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7 thoughts on “Loose Lips: KTVA goes bong. V2RD hits Alaska. Delbridge joins Parnell campaign.

  1. Mary Jane Flower

    Charlo put one past her employer. Her company’s date of birth…4-20-2014

    This is really funny, nationally funny, maybe even Federally funny.

    Jumping the gun on sales, “donation points” is cute, but is it legal?

    Some kid in Soldotna is locking up some very good names for Pot Biz.

    Alaska has a new media princess.

  2. Lynn Willis

    Dan Fauske is President of the Alaska Gas line Development Corporation (AGDC) which is co-coordinating its’ efforts with the AKLNG project. Henceforth, when Mr. Fauske testifies before the legislature on the progress of the joint AGDC/AKLNG gas line project efforts perhaps he should preface his “objective” testimony with a disclaimer that he is also a partisan political fund raiser.

    To impress voters say “F*** It” on air then walk away to both support your cause and eliminate any suspicion that the use of marijuana does not affect good judgment.

  3. CPG49

    KTVA’s news team this evening did a disservice to their station and the efforts to legalize marijuana in Alaska. More and more, as sad as it is to say, this seems to be the subpar performance that is this station’s norm.

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