KTVA’s news director responds to Greene’s controversial departure

Here’s KTVA’s news director Bert Rudman’s official response to reporter Charlo Greene’s abrupt, profanity laden on-air departure on Sunday night:

By now many of you have seen one of our reporters use inappropriate language and quit her job during Sunday night’s newscast. We apologize.

In addition, she had a personal and business stake in the issue she was reporting, but did not disclose that interest to us. This betrayed the basic bedrock of responsible journalism.

At KTVA we strive to live up to the highest journalistic standards of fairness and transparency. Sunday’s breach of those standards is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

Thank you for watching our news broadcasts and be reassured our mission is to present the kind of journalism that lets you make informed decisions about the community in which we all live.


5 thoughts on “KTVA’s news director responds to Greene’s controversial departure

  1. Dan Rather

    Welcome to the club KTVA. But seriously, this is way worse than anything I ever did with fake national guard documents.

  2. Anonymous

    I hooe someome takes notice that Charlo is gettinb money for an illegal camoaign with no APOC registration. She should be forced to return the money and KTVA should apologize to the No on 2 and police association. Big time.

  3. anonymous

    Shame on KTVA – Channel 11 AND the Ak Dispatch. Both of these news organizatiions allowed serious ethical breeches. You might expect such from the Dispatch given some of the management’s recent behavior; however, we’ve come to expect better of Channel 11’s team.
    To me, the serious breech was allowing such a conflicted individual to pursue this subject as news. The swearing resignation meant little to me.

  4. Trainer

    This is a rather weak response. The police association contacted the station to complain. Its relatively obvious that there was little action or regard taken on the complaint to determine its validity. If they would have checked out her Facebook page the complaint would have been validated. I think KTVA’s management is culpable thru their laziness.

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