Loose Lips: The Tuesday morning odds and ends edition

  • The joint session of the Legislature to confirm executive appointments was originally scheduled for this week; however, it has now been delayed, without explanation, until April 18th. It’s said that the delay is to give House Speaker Mike Chenault time to pass his legislation that would allow Richard Rabinow to serve on the Alaska Gas Development Corp. even though he is from Texas and not a resident of Alaska.
  • Republican Senate hopeful Mead Treadwell is traveling east this week looking for campaign cash. Rumor has it that he’s traveling to his home state of Connecticut and then to Massachusetts where he’s holding fund raising events.
  • While Dan Sullivan, also a Republican Senate hopeful, has done his share of fund raising in the Lower 48, this week he’s running around Alaska with plans to attend the Alaska Miners Conference in Fairbanks on Wednesday, Arctic Man on Thursday and then will be the feature speaker on Saturday at the Sitka Republican Women’s Lincoln Day Dinner.
  • Sen. Mark Begich’s office wants you to know that the White House will send congratulatory cards to high school and college graduates. If you’re interested in having your favorite graduate receive one, please provide your name, address and date of graduation along with the name of the high school or college. Information should be forwarded to leslie_ridle@begich.senate.gov.
  • The kickoff for “Alaska Natives for Begich” is on April 12 at CIRI’s corporate headquarters. Pamyua will be providing the entertainment.
  • Spring has sprung and Bill Walker for Governor signs are sprouting up in my neighborhood and folks tell me there are a fair number of 4 x 8 signs up the Parks Highway. These are the only gubernatorial campaign signs I’ve seen this election cycle so far.
  • The group “We are Alaska,” formed by Rebecca Logan from the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, filed with APOC on Monday. Here’s the description of the group:  “We Are Alaska intends to promote responsible development of Alaska’s oil, gas and mining resources by providing the public with relevant information regarding referendums, initiatives and candidates for state office.” The filing says that it’s a “Ballot Proposition Group.” The group was active in the 2012 state races. Much of the money it raised, about $100,000 of it, went to PS Strategies, a firm owned by talk show host Dave Stieren and Mary Ann Pruitt, wife of Alaska state Majority Leader Lance Pruitt.

6 thoughts on “Loose Lips: The Tuesday morning odds and ends edition

  1. Brad

    Is Treadwell collecting a paycheck from the State of Alaska while he spends the week fundraising on the East Coast? We’re in the final days of the session, shouldn’t he be busy at his full time job?

    And what happened to Treadwell’s focus on Alaska donations? I guess that didn’t work out. I anticipate a stupid ass tweet from Fred Brown any day now.

  2. Garand Fellow

    Having the White House send out cards to high school and college graduates in order to help Begich is shameless.

  3. Cynthia H.

    Tara Jollie, like all of us, is entitled to her opinion. First, I take exception to the facts she states: the legislature is already under the 24 hour rule so that means even if the confirmation votes were this week, the 24 hour rule is applicable. However, the 24 hour rule relates to public notice and has absolutely nothing to do with a joint session of the legislature for the purpose of confirmation. In other words, what difference does it make? In my estimation, Ms Jollie’s point is pointless. I also find it somewhat humorous that Ms Jollie has chose to single out Commissioner Thayer. With regards to Thayer, her comment that he has oversight of APOC is absolutely NOT true. APOC is an independent agency housed at Administration for budgeting purposes; however, Administration has no authority or oversight whatsoever. Actually, it would probably be good if they did, but they don’t. Furthermore, I believe that Ms Jollie’s career was terminated at Commerce while Thayer was a Deputy Commissioner there. I suspect she carries some animosity from that unfortunate event. Ms Jollie, again, is entitled to her opinion; however, when she supports her thesis with misinformation it detracts from allowing others to embrace her perspective readily.

  4. Mark

    So Begich is using his office to Shamelesly data mine for new voters. Why doesn’t he just ask his buddies over at the NSA?

  5. Tara Jollie

    Parnell appointments will now happen during 24 hour rule – throwing the Legislature into “rubber-stamp-mode.” This is beneficial not only out of stater Richard Rabinow, but also Curtis Thayer, nominee for DOA Commissioner. Curtis is well known in political circles as an active fundraiser and campaign volunteer for Gov. Parnell. This is not a guy to trust with the oversight of APOC, or anything else for that matter. Curtis has really messed up retiree’s health insurance.

  6. Lynn Willis

    If we want qualified individuals in state government, perhaps Rep. Chenault and his peers should also change the law to allow us to choose legislators who are not residents.

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