Begich goes after Sullivan for Club for Growth endorsement

On the heels of a Politico story about the Club for Growth, Sen. Mark Begich’s reelection campaign is once again questioning the fiscally conservative group’s March endorsement of GOP candidate Dan Sullivan. The endorsement is coveted by many Republican candidates, not the least because it come with lots of money.

“Sullivan hasn’t shared any details with Alaskans about how he acquired the endorsement or how much cash it will produce, but he is ‘honored’ to have the nod from a group that aims to privatize Social Security and voucherize Medicare,” Begich spokesman Max Croes wrote in a release.

The Politico story details the powerful group’s endorsement process, which one candidate who received the endorsement described as “baptism by fire,” and others who didn’t get the endorsement in less polite terms.

Sullivan’s spokesman Mike Anderson said that Sullivan had an interview with the Club prior to the endorsement, but he didn’t know what was talked about and Sullivan wasn’t immediately available to comment. “I wasn’t in the room, but I’m sure Dan said he would open ANWR, get a road from King Cove to Cold Bay, fully develop the NPR-A, grow the economy and repeal ObamaCare,” Anderson said.

Many groups endorse, and an interview process often is involved. According to the article, however, getting the Club for Growth’s endorsement is particularly arduous and appears to demand that its candidates be ideologically pure by committing to low taxes, and reducing the kind of federal spending on which Alaska depends.The Club for Growth endorsed Joe Miller over Lisa Murkowski in 2010. It also picked Sean Parnell over Rep. Don Young in 2008, when Young called the group “one of the most extreme groups in Washington D.C.”

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7 thoughts on “Begich goes after Sullivan for Club for Growth endorsement

  1. Garand Fellow

    Gary R; I haven’t spoken with Sullivan but I suspect all he promises people who give him money is that he will beat Begich. That is enough!

  2. Gary R.

    Club for Growth benefits candidates with campaign cash. In essence, they are bundlers and pass thru the bucks they raise. Begich is correct to assert that they don’t do this for everyone. Therefore, I agree with the premise that Sullivan should be more transparent and tell us what he promised. Maybe that’s why he is always bashing the ACA. It is strange however that he got the endorsem$ent over Miller and Treadwell who appear even more conservative than him.

  3. Amy

    The Club for Growth is as right wing as they come. You know they are pathetic right wungers when even they are too much for Don Young to stomach. Still, Dan Sullivan says he is honored to have their support. In politics and campaigns there are often weird and bizzarre alliances. Still, to be honored by their support concerns me. Remember, they endorsed Joe Miller over Lisa Murkowski. Come on Sulliivan, show some courage and stay out of the right wing nutville. On, I forgot, you’re already there. Great stuff for a primary but it’ll cost you the general. After that, tell us how honored you are.

  4. Mae

    *places hand over mouth and giggles*

    Club for Growth people are funny. Do some of them have their toenails buffed to make them shine. Heaven for bid they get them painted, that would mean something in the realm of same sex. Oh the horror.
    However on a pool side lounge chair, those toes look good for clubs wanting to deal with growth…

    Ah yes, things you learn while on vacation…

  5. JTS

    I am an independent non-partisan voter. I always base my vote on character and who I feel would be best for Alaska. Having said this, I need to add that I am NOT a fan of our junior senator Mark Begich.
    My problem is which Republican can beat him? Joe Miller’s campaign can’t. Dan Sullivan is proving to be a great fund raiser but is a horrible candidate and has even a worst campaign. His campaign gives new meaning to flat footed. Mead Tredwell has proven to be uninspiring and has failed miserably at raising campaign money.
    Are the Republicans just going to allow Begich to win? Probably Afghan Dan has the best chance but his campaign org is simply incompetent and inexperienced. Dan is smart but inexperienced too.

  6. Fergie

    This is ridiiculous. Begich is simply trying to throw everything he can at the wall to avoid a meaningful level of discourse and certainly to keep people from thinking about or looking at his record. This action of his plays on the sophomoric. Every endorsement group attempts to meet and to get to know the candidates better. I’d like to know what Begich has promised some of the liberal groups and Harry Reid what “he promised” for their financial support and endorsements. Gee whiz, he already votes with Obama 97% of the time. Did he promise to help keep ANWR closed? Did he promise to be the deciding vote like he was on Obamacare any time they need it? Did he promise to raise taxes on the middle class? Sorry Mr. Begich but yo are the worst example of a legisaltor I have ever witnessed. Alaska needs a change.

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