Mayor Dan responds to $214 payback

Below is comment left on this site by Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan in response to a story about a trip that he took to D.C., which included a fundraiser for his lieutenant governor’s race. He recently reimbursed the city $214 for the cost of travel to that event, as well as another event in the Kenai:

“Out of an 84 hour trip, 3 hours were spent at the fundraiser in D.C., including travel time to and from the event. Costs are allocated accordingly. This is the appropriate method for calculating personal time on government trips.”


5 thoughts on “Mayor Dan responds to $214 payback

  1. Jillian

    Dan Sullivan is an embarrassment. His response suggests that he has no moral compass at all. He has failed the public’s trust. I’m an independent voter and was panning on voting for Parnell for Governor; however, I’ll vote for someone else if Sullivan is Parnell’s running mate.

  2. Conservative Thinker

    Dan Sullivan did not break any laws, nor rules. I would suggest that the Municipality of Anchorage is somewhat remiss that there are no laws on the books to prevent such blatant poor judgement. As I said, Mayor Sullivan did not break any laws, however, he did prove to be blind to issues of impropriety. Public officials need to protect the public trust and have a responsibility to conduct their affairs in such a manner to be beyond reproach. They should not engage in activities that even have the appearance of impropriety. The Mayor’s behavior is very disappointing. His judgement leaves a lot to be desired and is unacceptable. At a minimum, he should reimburse the Municipality the entire amount of his trip and apologize for his insensitivity and misstep. The only thing worst than his initial behavior is his response and ridiculous suggested fix.

  3. Andrea

    OMG. Is the mayor this seriously out of touch with main stream reality? He called this “going the extra mile”? I’m sorry, if this is all the better his moral compass is he’s lost my vote. I’m voting for McGuire.

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