Murkowski comes out for Senate candidate Sullivan in new ad

This ad for GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan from Sen. Lisa Murkowski, one of the most popular politicians in the state according to polls, is a hard one for Sen. Mark Begich’s campaign:

Begich’s campaign responded with their own video, showing the painful 10 second between when Sullivan was asked if he wrote in Murkowski’s name in 2010, and when he said “no.” Sullivan’s campaign said later that he didn’t vote for anyone in the 2010 Senate race because he was concerned that as the state’s attorney general at the time, he would have to make a legal determination regarding the election and thought his vote would be a conflict of interest.


17 thoughts on “Murkowski comes out for Senate candidate Sullivan in new ad

  1. LysanderSpooner

    I agree. It’s especially unfortunate considering it won’t stop the extreme wing of her party from going after her in 2016. She would’ve gained more electoral goodwill, in my opinion, by either not endorsing or by standing by Begich.

  2. Joanne

    Wow, lots of women voters talking about Lisa and not in a good way. Maybe Miller wasn’t so icky after all…….. Tacky girlfriend and we don’t forget…..

  3. Jon K

    No doubt that Begich has tried to help Alaskans. But the assumption that Dan won’t work for Alaskans is just patently false. You may disagere with the man, but to suggest that he doesn’t care about Alaskans and won’t fight like hell on their behalf is simply wrong.

  4. honest discussion

    Having honest discussions doesn’t motivate people to vote.

    Demonizing your opponent and scaring voters is, sadly, what gets them to vote.

    We’ve earned this reality by failing to vote ourselves, and by failing to get our friends and relatives to register and vote.

  5. Truth about Don Young

    Don Young over his billion years in office has done enough singular, tiny things for people across this state- and that’s all they remember. I hears stories all the time like “Don Young was very good and did this (insert tiny trifling thing any congressman would do) and so he’s my guy”

    Because Alaska does not have a second congressman, the state has no point of reference for Don Young’s conduct, and if you go back far enough everyone knows something positive he did for them or their family. It’s nauseating. No one pays attention and this vile cretin will beat an exceptional candidate in Dunbar.

    This sad reality is why it burned me so much that Dunbar turned down Don Young’s offer to step down if he agreed to represent Alaska for 25 years. For the love of God Forrest, TAKE THE DEAL. You still would have to be elected. Hell you could still vote for term limits! Just tell the crusty old man what he wants to hear to put the ball back in his court!

    Alaskans are stuck with Don Young until he can’t even remember how to sign his name, or realistically, 2-4 years after that.

  6. Gadid Gal

    How is Lisa going to explain the vast differences between her and DNR Dan’s opinions on: subsistence rights for Alaska Natives? Violence Against Women Act? Women’s rights to choose – DNR Dan wants to overturn Roe v. Wade. The list goes on ….

    It is sad to see that Lisa is such a R party lackey that she will throw her support behind a person who is the total opposite of what she says she believes. She has lost my support although I have always voted for her in the past. Never again.

  7. LysanderSpooner

    Not defending Begich here, but Sullivan didn’t exactly come across as the most honest guy in the room when he said he didn’t vote in 2010. His explanation for the comment afterward did nothing to change that perception.

    Neither of these two has any standing to question the other’s integrity, in my opinion. Too bad we couldn’t just see them have an honest discussion about issues important to Alaskans.

  8. LysanderSpooner

    Definitely a lowlight from the recent primary campaign. Pretty sad that Sullivan had to stoop to that because he felt like he couldn’t admit to voting for Lisa. His attempt to explain it afterward was lame, too. Not his finest moment.

    Both campaigns have been very disappointing to me. Hard to find either of these guys likable in present context. Which is too bad, because they both seemed likable before shifting into campaign mode.

  9. Joeblow

    Begich’s response is out of context and anyone can see that. Doesn’t matter anyway – the question isn’t whether Sullivan endorses Murkowski, it is the other way around.

  10. Samuel Abney

    I like Lisa a lot. I’m just wondering what she thinks she’ll do if Sullivan wins and she has absolutely no one to help her pull down stuff for Alaska.

    This is disgusting of her. She can’t mean this.

    She AND Begich are some of the things that have ever happened to Alaska. They’re also stellar statespeople.

    This partisan b.s. is far beneath her.

  11. Sandra

    Anonymous, you are missing all the negative, somewhat misleading ads by the Sullivan campaign and supporters. Think carefully, you might get what you ask for.

  12. Anonymous

    Beganegative can’t stop his attacks. I am a Democrat who can no longer stand our junior senator. Guess Sullivan will end up with my vote by default.

  13. Seriously?

    Let’s be clear though. According to today’s PPP poll, Don Young is actually the most popular politician in the state… Some f*#%ing how.

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