Begich reaffirms support for air strikes in Syria

On Tuesday, U.S. Senate Mark Begich reaffirmed his support for airstrikes against the Islamic group ISIS, and commended the five Arab nations–Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates—for their participation in the strikes.

“These airstrikes are crucial to combat ISIS and destroy its network of facilities,” Begich said in a statement.

The strikes began on Monday night, and have focused on Ragga, an Isis stronghold in Syria. ISIS targets around other Syrian cities were also hit in the strikes. The U.S. hit another group– Khorasan Group—which was believed to be plotting against the West. Begich also supported those strikes.

Begich reiterated however that he doesn’t support arming Syrian rebels, which both the President and GOP Senate candidate Dan Sullivan support. In a telephonic town hall recently, Begich said that he worries that today’s U.S.-friendly “moderate rebels,” might be tomorrow’s enemies.

“Just like ISIS was a year and a half ago – they were part of these rebels, and now they’re the problem,” Begich said.