Names of transition conference participants

Gov.-elect Bill Walker released the names of the official participants in this weekend’s transition conference. The 250 or so Alaskans will spend the weekend divided into small groups, which are open to the public, discussing 17 topics, ranging from corrections to administration to natural resources.  Read on for a list of the names, organized by subject area: 

Celeste Hodge Anchorage Administration
Mike Hodsdon Anchorage Administration
Yohyon Pharr Anchorage Administration
Joey Merrick Eagle River Administration
Doug Tansy Fairbanks Administration
Joe Thomas Fairbanks Administration
Geron Bruce Juneau Administration
Bill Corbus Juneau Administration
Mila Cosgrove Juneau Administration
Joe Geldhof Juneau Administration
Mike Notar Juneau Administration
Dwayne Peeples Juneau Administration
Sam Trivette Juneau Administration
Craig Fleener Anchorage Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Matt Ganley Anchorage Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Molly McCammon Anchorage Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Rebecca Noblin Anchorage Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Malcolm Roberts Anchorage Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Mead Treadwell Anchorage Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Michelle Ridgway Auke Bay Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Jimmy Stotts Barrow Arctic Policy and Climate Change
(Terry) Scott Rupp Fairbanks Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Mike Sfraga Fairbanks Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Nancy Lord Homer Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Mike LeVine Juneau Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Vera Metcalf Savoonga-Nome Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Chris Hladick Unalaska Arctic Policy and Climate Change
Sterling Gallagher Anchorage Consumer Energy
Harold Heinze Anchorage Consumer Energy
Meera Kohler Anchorage Consumer Energy
Mark Schimscheimer Anchorage Consumer Energy
Ethan Schutt Anchorage Consumer Energy
Elaine Brown (Samuelson) Bethel/Anchorage Consumer Energy
Tom Marsic Dillingham Consumer Energy
Jack Hebert Fairbanks Consumer Energy
Dan Britton Fairbanks Consumer Energy
Mike Craft Fairbanks Consumer Energy
Luke Hopkins Fairbanks Consumer Energy
Merrick Peirce Fairbanks Consumer Energy
Peter Pinney Fairbanks Consumer Energy
Michelle Anderson Glenallen Consumer Energy
Katherine Eldemar Juneau Consumer Energy
Mark Smith Western AK/Anchorage Consumer Energy
Skip Ryman Yakutat Consumer Energy
Mike Addington Anchorage Corrections
Chris Cooke Anchorage Corrections
Carmen Guttierez Anchorage Corrections
L.V. Lewis Anchorage Corrections
Martin Spinde Anchorage Corrections
Fred Dyson Eagle River Corrections
Wilson Justin Gakona Corrections
Margaret Pugh Juneau Corrections
Ben Esch Nome Corrections
Ethan Berkowitz Anchorage Economic Development
Sheri Buretta Anchorage Economic Development
Gerad Godfrey Anchorage Economic Development
JJ Harrier Anchorage Economic Development
Betty Huntington Anchorage Economic Development
Bill Popp Anchorage Economic Development
Sarah Scanlan Anchorage Economic Development
Mao Tosi Anchorage Economic Development
Jim Dodson Fairbanks Economic Development
Charles Bettisworth Fairbanks Economic Development
Nadine Winters Fairbanks Economic Development
Brian Holst Juneau Economic Development
Alana Peterson Juneau Economic Development
Jeff Stephan Kodiak Economic Development
Colleen Stephens Valdez Economic Development
Vicki Otte Wasilla Economic Development
Evon Peter Akiachak Education
Alyce Galvin Anchorage Education
Andrew Halcro Anchorage Education
Abbe Hensley Anchorage Education
Tony Nakazawa Anchorage Education
Don Rearden Anchorage Education
Elsa Sargento Anchorage Education
Arthur Yang Anchorage Education
Mary Pete Bethel Education
Kurt Kuhne Bethel Education
Patricia McNeil Juneau Education
Alana Peterson Juneau Education
Polly Shaffer Kotzebue Education
Spike Jorgensen Tok Education
Bob Williams Wasilla Education
Willie Hensley Anchorage Fiscal Policy
Tara Jolie Anchorage Fiscal Policy
Mark Kroloff Anchorage Fiscal Policy
Loren Leman Anchorage Fiscal Policy
Rodney “Butch” Lincoln Anchorage Fiscal Policy
Nathan McGowan Anchorage Fiscal Policy
Steve Rieger Anchorage Fiscal Policy
Ken Vassar Anchorage Fiscal Policy
Brian Rogers Fairbanks Fiscal Policy
Bob Shefchik Fairbanks Fiscal Policy
Gordon Harrison Juneau Fiscal Policy
Ken Alper Juneau Fiscal Policy
Gregg Erickson Juneau Fiscal Policy
Clark Gruening Juneau Fiscal Policy
Tim Navarre Kenai Fiscal Policy
John Hozey Valdez Fiscal Policy
Vern Rupright Wasilla Fiscal Policy
Ragnar Alstrom Alakanuk Fisheries
Denby Lloyd Anchorage Fisheries
Mike Szymanski Anchorage Fisheries
Carol Ann Woody Anchorage Fisheries
Albert Kookesh Angoon Fisheries
Mary Sattler Bethel Fisheries
Jerry McCune Cordova Fisheries
Norm Van Vactor Dillingham Fisheries
Robert Heyano Dillingham Fisheries
Russell Nelson Dillingham Fisheries
Murray Tate Fairbanks Fisheries
Tim Bristol Homer Fisheries
Lindsey Bloom Juneau Fisheries
Debra Houle Brown Kasilof Fisheries
Brian Gabriel Kenai Fisheries
Ricky Gease Kenai Fisheries
Roland Maw Kenai Fisheries
Bill MacKay Kenai/Anchorage Fisheries
Alan Austerman Kodiak Fisheries
Erin Herrington Kodiak Fisheries
Larry Engel Mat-Su Fisheries
Bruce Knowles Mat-Su Fisheries
Mark Jensen Petersburg Fisheries
Linda Behnken Sitka Fisheries
Mike Wood Talkeetna Fisheries
Greg Indreland Yakutat Fisheries
Valerie Davidson Anchorage Healthcare
Sandra Heffren Anchorage Healthcare
Shirley Holloway Anchorage Healthcare
Jeff Jessee Anchorage Healthcare
Bruce Lamoureux Anchorage Healthcare
Nancy Merriman Anchorage Healthcare
Aron Wolf Anchorage Healthcare
Lynn Van Vactor Dillingham Healthcare
Jeff Cook Fairbanks Healthcare
Karen Perdue Fairbanks Healthcare
Becky Hultberg Juneau Healthcare
Myra Munson Juneau Healthcare
Andy Teuber Kodiak Healthcare
John Cullen Valdez Healthcare
Elizabeth Ripley Wasilla Healthcare
Maver Carey Anchorage Infrastructure
Joseph Davis Anchorage Infrastructure
Diane Kaplan Anchorage Infrastructure
Dan Krusze Anchorage Infrastructure
Jim Kubitz Anchorage Infrastructure
Dennis McMillian Anchorage Infrastructure
Cindy Roberts Anchorage Infrastructure
Gail Schubert Anchorage Infrastructure
Ralph Kibby Juneau Infrastructure
Ed Page Juneau Infrastructure
Doug Ward Ketchikan Infrastructure
Roy Huhndorf Ninilchik Infrastructure
Shirley Marquardt Unalaska Infrastructure
Liz Medicine Crow Anchorage Intergovernmental Relations
Nicole Borromeo Anchorage Intergovernmental Relations
Lindsay Hobson Anchorage Intergovernmental Relations
Veronica Slajer Anchorage Intergovernmental Relations
Jim Torgersen Anchorage Intergovernmental Relations
Bob Harcharek Barrow Intergovernmental Relations
Allanah Hurley Dillingham Intergovernmental Relations
Tom Tilden Dillingham Intergovernmental Relations
Kathy Mayo Fairbanks Intergovernmental Relations
Richard Peterson Hydaburg Intergovernmental Relations
Karen Crane Juneau Intergovernmental Relations
Dave Gray Juneau Intergovernmental Relations
Kim Kiefer Juneau Intergovernmental Relations
Kathie Wasserman Juneau Intergovernmental Relations
Paulette Schuerch Kotzebue/Anchorage Intergovernmental Relations
Paul Gronholdt Sand Point Intergovernmental Relations
Nils Andreassen Anchorage Natural Resources
Jane Angvik Anchorage Natural Resources
Joe Burch Anchorage Natural Resources
Deantha Crockett Anchorage Natural Resources
Kevin Durling Anchorage Natural Resources
Vic Fischer Anchorage Natural Resources
Heidi Hammond Anchorage Natural Resources
June McAtee Anchorage Natural Resources
Jason Metrokin Anchorage Natural Resources
Larry Smith Anchorage Natural Resources
Peter VanTuyn Anchorage Natural Resources
Robyn Chaney Dillingham Natural Resources
Tim Troll Dillingham Natural Resources
Frank Rue Juneau Natural Resources
Mike Satre Juneau Natural Resources
Marie Greene Kotzebue Natural Resources
Doug Glenn Palmer Natural Resources
Robin Brena Anchorage Oil and Gas
Kevin Banks Anchorage Oil and Gas
Bryan Clemenz Anchorage Oil and Gas
Kara Moriarty Anchorage Oil and Gas
Jim Posey Anchorage Oil and Gas
Marty Rutherford Anchorage Oil and Gas
Dave Van Tuyl Anchorage Oil and Gas
Edward Itta Barrow Oil and Gas
Rene Broker Fairbanks Oil and Gas
Joe Paskvan Fairbanks Oil and Gas
Lisa Weissler Juneau Oil and Gas
Blaine Gilman Kenai Oil and Gas
Steve Wendt Kenai Oil and Gas
Lisa Parker Soldotna Oil and Gas
April Ferguson Anchorage Public Safety
Miriam Aarons Anchorage Public Safety
Jake Metcalfe Anchorage Public Safety
Walt Monagan Anchorage Public Safety
Dean Williams Anchorage Public Safety
Jim Valcarce Bethel Public Safety
Greg Razo Chugiak Public Safety
Charlie Cole Fairbanks Public Safety
Patty Ware Juneau Public Safety
Jeff Tucker Kenai Public Safety
Richard Burton Ketchikan Public Safety
Loretta Bullard Nome Public Safety
Allen Bell Sitka Public Safety
Bill Comer Valdez Public Safety
Ron Otte Wasilla Public Safety
Michelle Overstreet Wasilla Public Safety
Emil Notti Anchorage Rural Guard
Georgianna Lincoln Anchorage Rural Guard
Charlot Brower Barrow Rural Guard
Mike Hoffman Bethel Rural Guard
Dennis Kline Eagle River Rural Guard
Thad Tikiun Eagle River Rural Guard
Fred Thorsteinson Juneau Rural Guard
Mike Rauenhorst North Pole Rural Guard
Nelson Angapak Tuntutuliak Rural Guard
Simon Brown Wasilla Rural Guard
John “Sky” Starkey Anchorage Subsistence
Wayne Heimer Fairbanks Subsistence
Victor Joseph Fairbanks Subsistence
Angela Vermillion Gulkana Subsistence
Rosita Worl Juneau Subsistence
Walter Sampson Kotzebue Subsistence
Ross Schaeffer Kotzebue Subsistence
Robert Nick Nunapitchuk Subsistence
Rod Arno Palmer Subsistence
Aaron Bloomquist Tok Subsistence
Mike Fleagle Anchorage Wildlife
Cindi Jacobson Anchorage Wildlife
Gary Olson Anchorage Wildlife
Karen Linnell Chistochina Wildlife
Roy Ewan Copper Center Wildlife
Al Barrette Fairbanks Wildlife
Pat Valkenberg Fairbanks Wildlife
Douglas Larsen Juneau Wildlife
Charles Parker Mat-Su Wildlife
Sue Etsminger Tok Wildlife




11 thoughts on “Names of transition conference participants

  1. DB Cooper

    Charles Bettisworth Fairbanks Economic Development
    Really? Come one whats with this?
    Another anchorage real estate insider is no solution to the problem.

  2. Hearts

    Happy to see Commissioner Emil Notti and Tara Jollie on the list. Off to a great start.

    Thank you Governor Walker.

  3. Birchstick

    Give us some specific names and associations there Kent, then tell us how it would be any different under the last governor, a former oil industry lobbyist.

  4. Chamber Type

    The list is interesting and crosses Alaska. Cospicuously abesent, particularly in light of fiscal policy concerns, is leaders from Alaska banks. There are no Marc Langlands, Betsy Lawers, Joe Everetts, etc. Also, the lack of meaningful representation from the tourism community. Real business leaders/owners are missing. My friends in the oil and gas community have expressed some concern. I think others should heed what they are saying. My one comment to soon to be Governor Walker : “it’s the economy, (you know what goes here).”

  5. Kent

    Looks to me like Walker’s transition has been hijacked by Liberals, Democrats, Natives, special interest groups, and Palin-types. I lknew that Walker left his values at the door to make the unity ticket deal; however, I thought he had enough sense to reclaim his values, wine or lose, after the election. I thought he wanted to keep the special interests and lobbyists at bay – – he did niether. There are lobbyists on his transition team and special interests galore. The first day, they talked about fiscal responsibility. Too bad they didn’t think about that before spending a couple hundred thousand bringing special interests to town to lobby the new governor-elect on the state dime. Shameful. Is this what the next four years will be like?

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