Walker – Mallott transition asks for letters of resignation

Here’s an email that was sent from Bruce Botelho, the Walker-Mallott transition coordinator, to professionally exempt and partially exempt employees, requesting resignation letters to be delivered by next Friday, Nov. 28. As is pointed out by Botelho, the letters are customary in new administrations and acceptance is not automatic, As I understand it, however, the normal process is that the incoming governor makes the request of the incumbent to solicit such letters. For some reason, this wasn’t done here.

Here’s the letter:

Message from Bruce Botelho, Walker-Mallott Transition Coordinator:

On December 1, 2014, Governor-elect Bill Walker will be sworn into office.  Prior to and immediately after this date, he will be making personnel decisions concerning the staffing of Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Director, Deputy Director, Special Assistant and other professional level exempt and partially exempt positions in his administration.

A preliminary and customary step in the transition between administrations is the request for resignation letters. In keeping with that custom, I ask that you submit your resignation from state employment in writing to the address noted below by November 28, 2014.  Please make your resignation effective upon acceptance by the Walker-Mallott administration. Of course, no action on your letter will be taken before the transition.

Acceptance of your resignation will not be automatic and consideration will be given to your statement of interest (if any) in continuing in your current or another state position.  Please also include your e-mail and phone contact so that you can be reached to discuss your status directly.

We understand that transitions are a time of uncertainty and great personal stress.   We will endeavor to reach individual determinations on an expedited basis. Finally, we wish to express our appreciation for your service to the people of Alaska. We trust that you found it rewarding and that it will prove to be a solid foundation for your future endeavors.


113 thoughts on “Walker – Mallott transition asks for letters of resignation

  1. MM

    Leopard spots whatever. If you really think sending out brain teasers and throwing parties is what will fix CSSD then you are naive at best. Make no mistake about the current upheaval that is drastically changing the division. If you think Carol is the puppet master of this then you are sorely wrong and so far down the line of dogs pulling away that all you can see is the tail wagging in your face. CSSD has had a history of managers/supervisors getting to their position and keeping them by participating in and allowing unethical immoral behavior to thrive. Deb , Autumn , Christy, Mike, Fredericka, Rick. The last director loved rubbing the ladies butts and the ladies encouraged it and were rewarded with higher paying jobs. Rachel, Autumn, Fred, Deb, Christy, It took a mongoose, slippery and sly to kill the snake (John). For all that she benefitted from her relationship with John, once she was in a good position she set him up to topple him.

    Deb is a mongoose and if you want to be shed of the last of the tyrant micromanaging good ol boy clubbing vipers, she is who you need to do it.
    Fred has lost her sugar daddy, Autumn is now an equal with her benefactor, Mike. Deb has rewarded Christy already for her part in unseating John. Rick has been removed from being able to play with the girls any longer and finally we are moving forward beyond this daily drama.

    She has set the agency on a course that removes “the I’ll wash your back if you wash mine.” Mentality. Did she do it because she had a change of heart? Did she do it because she got tired of always having someone’s nasty ol hands up her skirt? Had she always been moving in this direction? I don’t know and personally don’t care, as long as she keeps us moving in the right direction. And we are moving in the right direction. Again if you want to kill a viper you don’t send a high energy bunny rabbit you send a quick cunning mongoose.

  2. Anonymous

    She is an evil person. How did she became a deputy director? She hates Native Americans and made fun of my weak knees. Glad I’m out of there. I always feel the place was curse. I don’t know who this Carol is but Deb Foley is EVIL. I hope the new adminstration gets rid of her fast.

  3. Chuck

    DHS appointees needs to be replaced. Medicaid expansion? Bad decision Mr Walker. What happened to being fiscally responsible? Nothing is free. I am disappointed. I voted for you, this is bad decision. Now I can’t wait to fire you.

  4. Fred

    I am willing to bet Alaska will be much better off once this done. I hope the transition team take these comments into account. Thanks for sharing Amanda. Happy for Bill and Byron.

  5. Curios

    Wonder who else needs to go… Heard Tepas was rehired and working at DPS. Domestic Violence Coordinator under Parnell now a pUblic safety director? … Be safe Alaska!

  6. Anonymous

    Dianne Blumer made sure all Parnell supporters were hired, thus, the exponential increases.

    Gable gable 🙂

  7. Child support

    Deb Foley is an absolute abomination. I am an Alaskan Native and have worked CSSD for over 10 years. She hated me and everyone else with color. She complained I was too slow and claimed all natives are lazy. That place need someone with positive energy and passion for child support. Not Debra Foley.

    I’m sure she’s reading this and scaring everyone off at work. Not me. I Quit.

  8. Mark Ervice

    It has been a very long time since I have been energized by politics in AK. How long? Since I worked on Jay Hammond’s 1st primary for Gov. I am so hopeful for this administration. Giving a Senatorship to a complete carpetbagger who could only say the name ‘Obama’ over and over was heartbreakingly awful enough; to have more years of Parnell would have been searingly intolerable.

  9. Sally

    Keep Carol Beecher!!! Carol has been a breath of much needed fresh air to CSSD. She took a Division with poor morale and a lot of bad performers and has started to turn it around. Let her stay the course and the State will win in the end. She has cleaned out the non-workers who did nothing but complain, spread gossip and used LWOP to the extreme. She is addressing the bullies that were creating a hostile environment. The majority of us have been carrying the work of the non- performers for years with no appreciation. Now, our efforts are appreciated and recognized. The work environment has improved dramatically. Carol has an upbeat passion for her job that promotes positive energy to even the lowest pay grade. She routinely interacts with all staff and values their options and suggestions. Her actions are promoting increased collections for the Division through staff job satisfaction and trust. Turning a Division like CSSD around is very difficult task. Many have tried and failed, but Carol is doing it. Please let her continue to improve CSSD and the collections for the children of Alaska.

    As for Deputy Director Deb Foley, a leopard can’t change their spots. They can cover them for a bit, but spots are spots. She has acquired lots of unethical spots during her tenure with CSSD. Her familiarism with the former Director was very inappropriate. She took great pleasure in flaunting the mistakes of others and seeking punishment instead of trying to find ways to promote learning to help prevent the errors and improve
    the overall performance of the Division. Hard to believe she wants the best for the Division and the staff after her past actions. The spots will come out!

  10. Anonymous

    Wonder who led DOWLD’s exponential increases? I voted for Governor Walker. My vote was counted. We won. Hope comments here will be counted as well.

    Brighter future for all Alaskans. 🙂

  11. akmom

    Exactly, Doris! I saw the exponential increases in the commissioner’s office at DOLWD. I know other departments saw it as well. Particularly under Palin and then Parnell. It just needs to stop. We didn’t need all those people when I started. Why do you need them now?

  12. Anonymous

    So proud to have put my support with this team. History in the making. The only team that hears and feels the heartbeat of each Alaskan.

  13. Anonymous

    I would not want any change at Jodie. Heard they used Palins as their daily source of entertainment. Why do we want to change that?

  14. Anonymous

    DHS as the State’s largest department needs a Commissioner with administrative experience and understanding of our Alaskan culture.

    No to Obamacare please. Please no.

  15. Jodie

    With this new administration, I am hoping to see Joe Schmidt gone. DOC and DPS with new competent commissioners not high school buddies.

    As for Child Support and OCS, I hope the request won’t once again fall on deaf ears.

    The Palins have done so much damage in this State. Enough said.

  16. Doris

    Great things are coming, can’t wait to hear more! Thanks for sharing Amanda. Please help spread the word. We need names of all incompetent highly paid political appointees. Huge savings for the state. Do we really need 4 special assistants, 2 assistant commissioners and 2 deputy commissioners on top of having a commisoner in one department? Come on!

    I hope Bill & Byron’s team reading this.

  17. DB Cooper

    Clean house at AKDOR and the AGIA group. They have far too many master auditors over there sanctioning the endless flow of money to transcanada. Clean it up, especially those that palin brought in.

  18. W. Blower

    I would love to see additional names that Alaskans feel should be removed from office. We can’t be afraid anymore.

  19. LOL

    LOL you go akmom. That’s what I say. Too much drama. The sky is not falling. Go with the flow appointeed ones and exit with grace and pride. Suppressing our freedom of speech, is that even legal? Or should we cower in silence and choose respect the National Guard Way under Parnell and Nizich?

  20. akmom

    This seems like a lot of drama for a very standard request. I am a retired State employee. My first Administration was Sheffield. We had a string of one term governors. Asking for letters of resignation was common and “clean sweeps” were the norm. Change is a good thing for state government. It keeps employees sharp (at least the ones who can roll with change) and promotes new perspectives. I think that we have been moribund for some time now and need new blood. The sky surely will not fall based on my past experience.

    From my personal experience when I retired, my dept had one Commsioner, 1 deputy commissioner, 2 assistant Commissioners, and 2 Special Assistants under Parnell whereas prior administrations had only the commissioner and deputy commissioner positions. If that doesn’t say budget increase creep to you, then I don’t know what does.

    Oh, and Thayer is devisive and ineffective. Hope he goes. Although he will likely just return to a lobbyist position.

  21. E.B.

    Appointee a.k.a. Curtis Thayer. Yes, you’ve dealt with them. Your way or the highway. Now you support them?

  22. Potical appointee

    Appointee, there is no smoke without fire. Have you worked for OCS, DHS, OCS and DOL? Name one competent and honest soul.

    Time to take back Alaska.

  23. EB

    I don’t think it is small minded to want to see incompetent people go. Neither is wanting to express opinions and frustrations. It’s called freedom of speech.

  24. Not A Unity Fool

    The Walker/Mallott supporters that are commenting here are sadly unhappy, miserable, small-minded people. I guess unity means only us, whoever us is. In this case, people that will make the Parnell team loolk grand in a few months. The pooint is, all these people have families and bills to pay. They expect to lose their jobs because that is what politics dictates. Yes, Walker can bring his gang of incompetents in now so rejoice. However, a modicum of humility and an ounce of humility would go a long way. Congratulations to Bill Walker and his supporters. Best of luck with the steerage of state. This state is our home and your stewardship is important to our future. So when you gget finished celebrating the beating of the Parnell administration, laughing at those who will be losing their jobs and such……….well, I hope you guys accomplish more than I think you will. I can’t tell you how much I hope that I am wrong.

  25. joe blow

    How did this one topic get 82 replies when the usual has been 8 or 10? Methinks the Walker folks spread the word and are seeding the AstroTurf….

  26. Appointee

    I have to wonder how many of the naysayers here are disgruntled employees. Being a member of the executive team for any division is a very difficult task. Here, accusations of racism to sleeping with the boss. It’s all ridiculous. My hope is that the Walker administration examines each appointee for their qualifications and their ability to lead the divisions forward. Each of you specifically named here have my full support. I know most of you personally and those I don’t know, I’ve heard of or dealt with. You all do an amazing job. Good for you and good luck!

  27. DB

    I would like to nominate Carol Comeau as Commissioner of Education. She is bright and did so much for the Anchorage School District. Without her, the District would only half its money and far fewer employees.
    And while I’m at it, where is Hollis French? Is he going to be a new judge, while waiting to be the new attorney general (2 year mandatory wait)?

  28. John Miller

    These comments from Walker’s supporters sicken my stomach and speaks to the idiocy of his support. Why these people are so ill-informed and hateful is mind bongling. I’d love to see every exempt worker walk off the job on Monday at 12 noon. Then maybe Walker and his idiot followers would recognize the value of these good state workers. Many of these people are professionals. I suspect that even Walker will see that. Let’s hope he’s not as dumb as many of his supporters commenting here.

  29. Carol

    He’s off to a very good start. These people understand how this game is played. No news if you’re an exempt. Time to get those overalls.

  30. Jeff

    I hope he cleans house, so many incompetent appointees in the State government. Start with Commerce and Revenue. Start from dept heads to directors and deputy directors. Executive directors and special assistants making big bucks sitting on their ***.

  31. Kevin

    Cant wait to see the Parnell Administration Investigated and Sentenced for High Crimes committed by all the Administration Supporters Parnell should be in Federal Prison for Life With THayer

  32. Frankie

    Hooray! A new day is starting already. History keeps being made each day. Alaskans First!

    Proud of the hardworking supporters and voters. Congratulations Bill and Byron. United we stand.

  33. Rural AK

    Are you jealous of Lawrence Blood? Come now Melissa Taylor. You too need to be fired. Pack up.

    Go Walker! From the heart of Rural Alaska.

  34. Budget cuts

    New era. DOR, DOC and DCCED all of those political appointees need to be replaced from the commissioners, deputy’s, assistants and special assistants to directors and executive directors.

    Now we have people in office who actually care about what the people who live here want and need.

    Good bye CURTIS Thayer and Tanci!

  35. Jim

    Bill and Duane Mayes need to go. Please Governor Walker. Enough is enough. This time, Alaskans First before political toads.


    Sraitlaced, he did retained them for 2-3 months and then fired them at will. Only Nizich and Ruaro were retained.

  37. Straitlaced Radical

    I believe Parnell asked for resignations for everyone at Director level and above after the 2010 election, but not all others. He kept a fair number of px employees from Palin and Murkoswki era, and even some from Knowles admin I told.

  38. Vicki

    We finally have the best men for the job in office!!!

    Absolutely get rid of Carol and Deb.
    Excited for CSSD.

  39. Cindy

    I’m so excited to see what the future brings with Bill and Byron leading! Congratulations to two well deserving Alaskans!!

    Let go of the Palin haters. Let go of Deb and Carol. Child support is a mess already. Alaskans don’t need them.

  40. Kerry

    Passion has nothing to do with it. These people only want money, power and titles.

    I hope the new administration understands the need to remove these people from office.

  41. Queen

    I don’t like the Palins but I don’t agree with what the management has done to them either.
    child support is a cancer. Take them out of revenue and place them under DHS.

  42. Dana

    Fall— why? You want to replace Carol? Not happy being a manager and you want more? Sorry, Governor Walker Is a man of integrity and won’t be sleeping with you.

    I hope the new admistratrion take a look at what is important to Alaska. Families and kids.

    Get rid of Romero, Petty, Autumn, Mike, Carol and Deb Foley. Hire someone with passion and conviction to make a postive change. Rehire those people that left and made a change.

  43. E.B.

    Child support is place to get away from. Promotion is guaranteed to those who lies, cheats and hates the Palins.

    Formal hearing resolves nothing and hears nothing. Managers are promoted for sleeping with their boss. No education needed. This place and OCS are cold hearted b****

  44. LOL

    LOL the sky is definitely not falling.

    I feel those dramatic posts about retaining the political appointees are the appointees themselves. Give it up. You’ve been milking alaskans with your incompetence. You all know how this game is played. Exit with pride instead of fake tears in your eyes.

    Move on and forward Alaska.

  45. Duane Bannock

    I was once a Partially Exempt (PX) director that went through this process between the Murkowski and Palin administrations. I think it’s a good way for a new, incoming administration to have the opportunity to review and make their own choices i.e. “should I stay or should I go…?”

    The new Executive Branch is responsible for all bureaucratic activity, so I firmly support the process now being used and did find it a bit curious that candidate Bill Walker stated that he wouldn’t ask for mass resignations. I anxiously await the naming of the remainder of the Cabinet and expect to see many new Commissioners. In turn, these new Commissioners will likely be responsible for who is retained and who’s letters of resignation are accepted.

    Is it political? Of course it is. And I know of several good state employees that forgo the opportunity enter into the PX/XE ranks due to the uncertainty of the position. I fully understood that when I accepted my position, and even though I was officially retained, my time in the Palin administration ended at the request of the Commissioner (that’s code for : “You’re Fired!”) several months later.

    Elections do have consequences. Often times, those that the incumbent (Governor) surrounds themselves with reflect on the administration as a whole. In this recent election, I firmly believe that key members of the Parnell administration helped lead to his defeat; I hope that the Walker administration chooses to surround themselves with quality, civic minded professionals rather than simply making replacements based on political favor.

  46. LovinAK

    I love Emil Notti and Tara Jollie is a hard worker. Positve change for Alaska.

    Congrats Bill and Byron! Congrats Alaska 🙂

  47. Craig Lyon

    This is standard practice anytime a new executive comes into office, whether it is the president, a governor or a mayor. The sky is not falling.

  48. Think Twice

    Perhaps this is a sign of a Governor elect that has no idea what he is doing. Before you ask for Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Director, Deputy Director, Special Assistant and other professional level exempt and partially exempt positions to resign, you better think twice. Many of these positions are held by people who have been with these departments for years. Do we really want to risk eliminating the institutional knowledge and expertise that goes with these individuals? And who are you going to get to replace them? Departments such as Law, ADF&G, DNR, and Education etc. all require a specialized skill set. It would be wise to keep most the upper level staff of these departments in place, if not; you will see our new Governor attempt to govern with no proficiency within his administration. We call it capable “boots on the ground”.

  49. AK

    907! You said it right. Commerce is a hot mess from Susan Bell to all directors and executive directors. That place need to be cleaned up fast. Wasting state funds and covering up for the Parnell administration. Investigate Mungle, Anselm, Pawloski, Bittner, railroad, abc, regional – clean house is a must.

  50. LuvAlaska

    I would be extremely disappointed if these incompetent appointees are not removed from office. We can not have leeches and left overs serving Alaskans.

    It is a lot of work but it can be done. In God we trust.

  51. Jeffrey

    Well said shattered. Stop blaming Morris.

    Let’s all get to work. First thing first. Clean house. Investigate. Alaska first.

  52. Evergreen

    Shattered is right. It is not mean spirited to voice out the truth. Being fearless amidst the adversaries and these bullies a.k.a. Political appointees is justice and truth.

    Honesty is long overdue to Alaskans.

  53. LuvAlaska

    Congratulations! I am more hopeful and optimistic than I have been for years. I hope you are not overwhelmed by the huge job ahead. Pray.

    A good start will be to investigate the dishonest activities and cover ups of the Parnell administration.

    Take a look at child support and OCS. A long overhaul is needed. Hire people with the passion and conviction to make a positive change.

    God bless you both and God bless Alaska.

  54. Mikey

    I am a political appointee and work with lots appointees myself. Most of us if not all, doesn’t deserve the pay we received.

    This is more wonderful than anyone could have imagined. I’m ready for this change even it means termination on my part.

    Congratulations Bill & Byron! Alaska First!

  55. Alaska Pi

    I’m sorry. Your assertion does not follow unless you have a specific and narrow definition of “merit”.
    I would suggest one which may hold up to scrutiny as regards the criteria for judgment an administration adopts for planning its way of operating the executive functions for our state.

  56. Alaska Pi

    No- career employees in the actual departments, such as DOL attorneys – do not have to resign. Just political appointees .
    It is supposedly an important facet of Government that the executive branch have heads of departments directly answerable to the Gov/Pres so as to streamline the executive function.
    Each new administration has its own agendas/ ideas and is free to choose those who will make-it-so.
    § 24. Supervision

    Each principal department shall be under the supervision of the governor.
    § 25. Department Heads

    The head of each principal department shall be a single executive unless otherwise provided by law. He shall be appointed by the governor, subject to confirmation by a majority of the members of the legislature in joint session, and shall serve at the pleasure of the governor, except as otherwise provided in this article with respect to the secretary of state. The heads of all principal departments shall be citizens of the United States.
    internal page 89-90, pdf page 103-104

    Article III
    Section 24 specifies that each department
    is supervised by the governor, and, by making the tenure of
    department heads dependent upon “the pleasure of the governor,”
    the present section gives the
    governor the means to make that
    supervision effective. In removing
    a department
    head, the governor does not, for example, have to
    show cause (such as incompetence, neglect
    of duty, or moral turpitude)
    or provide a public hearing, nor may
    the legislature impose conditions on
    the removal of department
    heads. (However, it may do so on the removal
    of certain commission members, as authorized in
    Section 26.)


  57. Jon K

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think the custom is to ask for every exempt and partially exempt employee for their resignation. This includes a ton of people – I think it means every lawyer at the Dept of Law must resign.

  58. Lynn Willis

    If everyone must resign how can individual merit be a serious consideration? I would suggest the answer is rather obvious.

  59. Crude is Rude - Gas is gold

    Today’s Juneau Empire reports Karen Rehfeld is retiring …

    Here’s a useful retrospective…

    Click on my nickname to see a 40minute video of Karen Rehfeld in 2011 discussing Parnell’s budget…

    Karen Rehfeld, Director of Office of Management and Budget for the State of Alaska discusses the 2011 budget for the State of Alaska as presented by the Honorable Sean Parnell, Governor of Alaska.

    …what can we learn from comparing the details of the administrative rhetoric in contrast to the events of the past few years ??

    good suggestions are useful input from everybody,
    good governance is knowing how to make those good suggestions work.

  60. Alaska Pi

    Please expand/define what your concerns are here as regards what/whose merit you think is being ignored to “simply grant political spoils to the victors”.
    Without a more solid form this is just silliness.

  61. Lynn Willis

    If you are familiar with the game “Jenga” the object is to remove individual blocks, one at a time, from a tower of similar blocks with the loser being the player who cannot remove the final block without the tower collapsing. I suggest that is an apt analogy to what Bill Walker now faces in balancing the state budget.
    Imagine a “Jenga” tower representing a 6.8 billion dollar state budget. This is the state budget which supports the state economy to a large degree. Each block in the tower represents one hundred million dollars of state budget funds; therefore, ten blocks would then represent one thousand million, or one billion dollars (10 blocks x $100 million/block = $1000 million = $1 billion). A 6.8 billion dollar “tower” would contain sixty-eight blocks.
    Now Bill Walker and his few supporters in the legislature will play “Jenga” with the rest of the legislature. The Governor Walker side needs to remove between twenty and thirty blocks of these blocks (representing approximately 2 to 3 billion dollars) from the tower to have spending equal revenue yet without collapsing the tower. Also, remember, this removal alone would not replenish our savings.
    That will be a challenging game to play especially when your political opponents are nudging the table.

  62. Alaska Pi

    Oh please. While the form of this request-for-resignations may be different, the substance is not.
    It is normal for new governors to fill exempt and partially exempt positions with their own choices – choices which may or may not include those who held those positions under the previous administration.
    There is no apparent divisive or vindictive language in the letter. Folks are not automatically precluded from applying to work for the new administration. They may not stand a chance of finding a political appointment in the new administration but they aren’t banned for crying out loud.

  63. Lynn Willis

    I had hoped for a time that perhaps we were now beyond observing this “custom” of ignoring merit to simply grant political spoils to the victors. Since the Governor can dismiss these folks at will, what is the point of this exercise other than to promulgate the divisiveness of the two party system? I feel I would be better served as a citizen by a competent appointee rather than by a loyal toady.
    Now that the oil revenue bubble is about to burst and the predictable political backlash is poised to occur, I wonder if some of the most capable would not accept one of these appointed positions since their employment future so directly hinges on the political future of the one who appointed them.

  64. Garand Fellow

    I cannot recall a new administration beginning in such a divisive and vindictive manner. In one respect it is especially surprising given that Bill Walker is a life-long Republican who shares all Alaska Republican values so far as I know. Is that why it is so divisive and vindictive?

    This is also a markedly indecisive beginning in that each day something happens that Bill Walker is on record in saying it would not happen. Oh well, looking for the bright side I will opine that since this is happening at a time when the annual operating deficit might be as much as $4 billion the divisiveness, vindictiveness and indecisiveness will not cost as much as it would if instead there was a $4 billion operating surplus this year.

    There will come a time – not that far off perhaps – when people will say this gubernatorial election outcome cost us the gasline. I do not believe there can be a gasline. Whether or not you agree, you must certainly agree this will be a wild 4 years!

  65. 907 Pride

    Commerce and Economic Development needs to be gutted – Commissioner Bell and anyone that currently works for her.

    I’ve seen her staff including directors waste state funds for their own use in addition to conducting themselves inappropriately and misrepresenting our fine country.

    There is not one single good seed in that division!

  66. Budget Minded

    Speaking of Commerce, Maybe ACTING director Lawrence Blood can now stop traveling and holding out in hotels. He’s spent more state money on airfare than Curtis Thayer has for his monthly food bill.

  67. Shattered

    I don’t think it is mean spirited to want to see incompetent people go away.

    There is a small minority of these appointees that got their jobs based on their ability and performance. But most are leaches that have been feeding at the trough and doing the State a great disservice.

    Further more, I don’t think that the Walker administration is responsible for these posts. I suspect that most are like myself who have witnessed this poor excuse for management and want to see them removed from office.

  68. Hearts

    Happy to see Emil Notti and Tara Jollie as part of the team.

    Great choices. Alaska First.

    Congrats Governor Walker. Hard fought but very deserving. God bless you and Alaska.

  69. Alaska First

    The future is bright!! Alaska First!!

    Good riddance Nizich and Ruaro! Take Out Cindy Sims and Leighow too.

    Congratulations Bill and Byron!

  70. Morris

    Somewhat surprised at the mean spirited tone of many of these comments. This truly is the administration of hate. This type of governance isn’t going to end well.

  71. Andrew

    Paula Pawlowski is a waste of space. Did she ever held a real job prior to being appointed?

    Congratulations, Governor Walker!

  72. Andrew

    She is a waste of space. Did she ever held a real job prior to being appointed?

    Congratulations, Governor Walker!

  73. Andrew

    Shattered, you are correct. It’s time for them to go. Most of them don’t deserve the 6 figures they earned. I would say 99%.

    They were appointed cronies and doesn’t have the heart for Alaska. They love the titles and the power but not the people nor the state they are supposed to serve.

    Yes, this is a great start! Thank you Governor Walker.

  74. Jodie

    Deb Foley is ****! . Get rid of her. She hates the native Alaskans!!!

    We don’t need racist in this new admistratrion.

    Congratulations, Governor Walker!

  75. Sam

    Clean house. Get rid of every person in the Governor’s office. NO ONE should be left behind. Get rid of all snakes. Fradley, Leighow, Tepas, Sims ….

    Get rid of Susan Bell and Joe Schidmt!! Good bye BALASH! Good bye CURTIS THAYER!!!

  76. Tim

    It is time for Alaska to rise as one and take back ownership of oil reserves from the big three oil corporations. Get rid of all the Pawlowski’s!

  77. Shattered

    Don’t feel too bad Gizmo. The majority are political appointees that are unable to do their jobs and still earn six figures. I’ve worked with most of them and very few are worth their salt. A purge has been in order for a very long time.

    I do hope the few that have value are retained. But that is a very small minority.

  78. Sparrow

    Congratulations and thank you Governor Walker for beating Parnell! We need new administration who would think first of Alaska. Get rid of Directors (Kevin Anselm and Jeanne Mungle) whose motives are selfish and vindictive. They act like kids and always having tantrums. Director Anselm shows demeanor but actually a snake. Paula Pawlowski of Serve Alaska campaigning for Parnell under state time. Watch out for these three!!!

  79. Northern Lights

    Congratulations to the winning team!

    Time to get rid of this rotten administration. Some claimed they have the experience but did not show management skill at all. Commerce Admin Services Director Jeanne Mungle and Banking & Securities Kevin Anselm should go out! They are an embarrassment and they don’t deserve to be retained.

    Thank you

  80. Evergreen

    They signed up for this position. They know the rules. They are exempt for a reason. Exempt from protection. Time for change.

    Congratulations Governor Walker and God bless you, Alaska and all Alaskans.

  81. Evergreen

    I agree. Like Paula Pawloski. 24/7 campaigning against Walker/Mallot to save her a**. Get rid of her fast!

  82. Volunteer

    I can’t wait to see a real person with a heart for service and volunteerism lead Serve Alaska. Good bye Paula Pawloski and your selfish political agendas.

  83. Hearts

    This is good. Change is good. We need a total transformation in Child Support Services Division. That place needs exorcism from evil people.

    Congratulations Governor Walker!

  84. Katmai fan

    Wasn’t it included here that the resignation requests would not occur? Changing his mind already?

    At least those who are not retained appear to be eligible for unemployment benefits.
    “Example: A claimant chose to sign a letter of resignation rather than be discharged. He had no choice of remaining in that job, so the Tribunal held the separation to be a discharge. (97 2254, October 31, 1997)”

  85. Gizmo

    Ouch. I feel bad for those state workers asked for their resignations. Many of them are professionals and hopefully will be kept. Those there because of politics alone should go. My heart goes out to them and their families as they face the uncertainty and stress associated with not knowing if they’ll have a job a week or two from now as we begin to celebrate the holiday season. Good luck to all.

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